2010 Albums List & Ratings


Mar 2 2011, 19:38

Got this done late and still have plenty of albums to add to the list. Anything without a rating I need to give another listen or two in order to properly rate it. As always, comments are welcome and encouraged no matter how you feel about this list. Ratings aren't final and will probably change each time I go over this, but they give a good glance at how I feel about the album.

A Forest of Stars - Opportunistic Thieves of Spring (black metal) 5.25/10
A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Autumn, Again (shoegaze) 6.5
Across Tundras - Old World Wanderer (stoner rock/metal) 7/10
Aeon - Path of Fire (death metal) 5/10
Alaska In Winter - Space Eagle (indie/electropop) 7.5/10
Alcest - Écailles de Lune (shoegaze) 6/10
Alcoholic Faith Mission - Let This Be the Last Night We Care (indie rock/pop) 9/10
Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté - Ali and Toumani (african folk)
Amusement Parks On Fire - Road Eyes (shoegaze) 8/10
Anathema - We're Here Because We're Here (prog rock) 6/10
Apollo Brown - The Reset (hip-hop) 6.5/10
Asteroid - II (stoner metal/rock) 6.25/10
Bastard Priest - Under the Hammer of Destruction (death metal) 8.25/10
Black Milk - Album of the Year (hip-hop) 5.5/10
Black Rainbows - Carmina Diabolo (stoner rock/metal) 7/10
Black Sun Aeon - Routa (death metal) 4/10
Black Witchery - Inferno of Sacred Destruction (black metal) 7.5/10
Blood of Kingu - Sun in the House of the Scorpion (black metal) 7/10
Blue Sky Black Death - Third Party (shoegaze) 9.25/10
Bongripper - Satan Worshipping Doom (sludge/doom metal) 7.75/10
Celeste - Morte(s) Nee(s) (screamo) 8/10
Christian Mistress - Agony and Opium (heavy metal) 7.5
Chronic Decay - Justify Your Existence (death metal) 6.5/10
Coffinworm - When All Became None (sludge metal) 7.25/10
Cold Body Radiation - The Great White Emptiness (post-rock/black metal) 3/10
Coyote Clean Up - Downhill Exxxpress (dream pop) 6.75/10
Crippled Black Phoenix - I, Vigilante (post-rock) 6.5/10
Dangers - Messy, Isn't It? (hardcore) 7.5/10
Danny Brown - The Hybrid (hip-hop) 8.5/10
Dark Tranquillity - We Are the Void (melodic death metal) 4.5/10
Dark Tribe - Archaic Visions (black metal) 7.75/10
Darkthrone - Circle the Wagons (black metal) 6/20
Dax Riggs - Say Goodnight to the World (blues/singer-songwriter) 5/10
Debaser - Peerless (hip-hop) 7.75/10
Defeated Sanity - Chapters of Repugnance (death metal) 7.75/10
Demonic Death Judge - Kneel (sludge/stoner metal) 8/10
Dessa - A Badly Broken Code (hip hop) 5.5/10
Diabolic - Liar & a Thief (hip hop) 8.25/10
Digital Mystikz - Return II Space (dubstep) 7.5/10
Dinosaur Feathers - Fantasy Memorial (indie pop) 7/10
Disemballerina - Disemballerina (acoustic) 7.25/10
Drudkh - Handful of Stars (black metal) 6.5/10
Electric Wizard - Black Masses (stoner/doom metal) 8/10
Enforcer - Diamonds (heavy metal) 7.5/10
Envy - Recitation (post-rock/screamo) 5.25/10
Ethereal Blue - Essays in Rhyme on Passion & Ethics (prog/death metal) 5/10
Fifty Foot Woman - s/t (stoner metal) 8/10
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Mafia (death metal) 5/10
Force of Darkness - Darkness Revelation (black/thrash metal) 7.25/10
Fucked Up - David's Plan (hardcore) 7/10
Fucked Up - Year of the Ox (hardcore) 7.5/10
Ghastly City Sleep - Moondrifts (post-rock/shoegaze) 4/10
Ghost - Opus Eponymous (hard rock/heavy metal) 8.25/10
Gozu - Locust Season (stoner rock/metal) 7.75/10
Grieves - The Confessions of Mr. Modest (hip-hop) 7.75/10
Hail of Bullets - On Divine Winds (death metal) 7.5/10
Have a Nice Life - Time of Land (shoegaze) 7/10
Heaven in Her Arms - Paraselene (screamo) 7.25/10
Hell Razah - Heaven Razah (hip-hop) 6.5/10
Highspire - Aquatic (shoegaze) 6.5/10
Hooded Menace - Never Cross the Dead (death/doom metal) 7/10
Hour of Penance - Paradogma (death metal) 7.75/10
How to Destroy Angels - How to Destroy Angels (electropop) 7.25/10
Ihsahn - After (prog metal) 4.5/10
Ikuinen Kaamos - Fall of Icons (prog death metal) 4/10
Immolation - Majesty and Decay (death metal) 7.5/10
In Mourning - Monolith (prog death metal) 4.5/10
In Vain - Manta (prog death metal) 4.5/10
Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm (black metal) 8/10
Integrity - The Blackest Curse (hardcore/metalcore) 8/10
IROTTO+/Shelling (Split) - Before Time Melts (shoegaze) 7.5/10
Joanna Newsom - Have One on Me (singer-songwriter/folk) 6/10
Josiah - Procession (stoner rock/metal) (7.75/10
Kno - Death is Silent (hip-hop) 8.25/10
Kylesa - Spiral Shadow (sludge metal) 5.25/10
Kyte - Dead Waves (shoegaze) 8.75/10
La Dispute/Touche Amore - The Worth of the World/Searching for a Pulse (post-hardcore) 7/10
La Maschera di Cera - Petali Di Fuoco (prog rock) 3.5/10
Laethora - The Light in Which We All Burn (death metal) 4/10
Low Gravity - Low Gravity (stoner rock/metal)
Ludicra - The Tenant (black metal) 5/10
Lyrics Born - As U Were (hip hop) 3/10
Malory - Pearl Driver (shoegaze) 8/.2510
Maniac Butcher - Masakr (black metal) 7/10
Marco Polo - The Stupendous Adventures of Marco Polo (hip-hop) 7.25/10
Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx - The Exxecution (hip hop) 7/10
Melvins - The Bride Screamed Murder (stoner rock0 6.5/10
Natural Snow Buildings - The Centauri Agent (post-rock/ambient/drone) 6/10
Negura Bunget - Maiestrit (black metal) 7.75/10
Negura Bunget - Vîrstele Pamîntului (black metal) 7/10
Off With Their Heads - In Desolation (pop punk) 4.25/10
OFWGKTA - Radical (hip-hop) 4.5/10
Olde Growth - Olde Growth (stoner rock/metal) 6/10
Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR (prog metal) 4/10
Overkill - Ironbound (thrash metal) 7.5/10
PackFM - I F***ing Hate Rappers (hip-hop) 7.5/10
Qwel & Maker - Owl (hip-hop) 6.75/10
Reflection Eternal - Revolutions Per Minute (hip-hop) 4.5/10
Rhyme Asylum - Solitary Confinement (hip-hop) 8/10
Roc Marciano - Marcberg (hip-hop) 7.5/10
Rome - Nos Chants Perdus (neofolk) 7.75/10
Rusko- O.M.G.! (dubstep) 4.75/10
Sadistik & Kid Called Computer - The Art of Dying (hip-hop) 8.5/10
Sahara Surfers - Space Trip on a Paper Plane (stoner rock/metal) 7.25/10
Samsara Blues Experiment - Long Distance Trip (stoner rock) 7.5/10
School of Seven Bells - Disconnect From Desire (shoegaze) 8.5/10
Scuba - Triangulation (dupstep) 5/10
Secret Knives - Affection (shoegaze) 6.5/10
Seventh Wonder - The Great Escape (prog metal) 6/10
Slough Feg - The Animal Spirits (heavy metal) 7.5/10
Smoke or Fire - The Speakeasy (pop punk) 5.5/10
Snowgoons - Kraftwerk (hip-hop) 6.75/10
Solefald - Norrøn Livskunst (prog metal) 5.5/10
Stargazer - A Great Work of Ages (death metal) 6/10
Starkey - Ear Drums and Black Holes (dubstep) 5.25/10
Starkweather - This Sheltering Night (metalcore) 7/10
Steelwing - Lord of the Wasteland (heavy metal) 6.75/10
Stonebride - Summon the Waves (stoner rock/metal) 7.5/10
Stonehelm - Stonehelm (stoner rock/metal) 6/10
Suma - Ashes (stoner rock/metal) 6.5/10
Sungrazer - Sungrazer (stoner rock/metal) 6.5/10
The Austerity Program - Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn (noise rock) 6/10
The Best Pessimist - To Whom it May Concern (post-rock) 7.5/10
The Blood of Heroes - The Blood of Heroes (industrial) 7.5/10
The Body - All the Waters of the Earth Shall Turn to Blood (sludge metal) 6/10
The Golden Filter - Voluspa (electropop) 7/10
The Kings of Frog Island - III (stoner rock/metal) 4.5/10
The Ocean - Heliocentric (sludge metal) 4/10
The Pineapple Thief - Someone Here is Missing (prog rock) 6.5/10
The Q4 - Sound Surroundings (hip-hop) 7/10
The Sword - Warp Riders (stoner rock/metal) 7.5/10
The Unwinding Hours - s/t (post-rock) 6/10
The Weepies - Be My Thrill (indie pop/folk) 8.5/10
Titus Andronicus - The Monitor (indie rock) 5/10
Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight - Acoustic Sessions (stoner rock/acoustic) 6/25/10
Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones (black/doom metal) 7.5/10
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk - Epic (shoegaze/ambient) 7.75/10
Von Goat - Septic Illumination (black metal) 8/10
Weapon - From the Devils Tomb (death metal) 8.25/10
White Wizzard - Over the Top (heavy metal) 7.25/10
Wino - Adrift (acoustic/stoner rock) 7/10
Zbogom, Ajda - Statika (post-rock) 6.5/10
Zoroaster - Matador (doom metal) 6.75/10
Züül - Out of Time (heavy metal) 7/10


  • belsen44

    Take your time with Inquisition.its well worth it.although i liked it on first spin

    Mar 3 2011, 7:19
  • domelius

    Thank you for Fifty Foot Woman's high rating \m/

    Mar 12 2011, 8:52
  • Mrozikos667

    Nice list here, though some ratings are... well, [i]wrong[/i] ;). Especially In Mourning and Kylesa.

    Mar 31 2011, 15:34
  • belsen44

    @Mronikoz667...How can someones personal opinion/taste be wrong.

    Mar 31 2011, 23:08
  • GisforGangsta

    I'd have to agree with him really, Kylesa had a few good tunes but that album was pretty boring. 5.25 sounds right. Just out of interest though, I would like to know your rating for Low Gravity's EP :p

    Apr 21 2011, 16:04
  • r1Co

    why do you listen to so many albums which are obviously out of your wheelhouse? I don't care about the low ratings of some albums I personally find quite enjoyable but I wonder how you pick albums to listen to? I myself usually try to inform myself a lot better before picking up some random album. that way I hardly ever rate an album below 7/10. I want to know beforehand if the band would be interesting for me and if it doesn't sound interesting for my taste I won't even listen to it at all (instead of just listen to it once and give it a rating below 4/10)

    Lug 7 2011, 10:20
  • Derek-H

    ↑ Pretty much this. You're obviously entitled to your own opinions and scores, but based off of this journal [and your 2011] entry, I get the impression that you're reviewing a lot of albums based off of hype or "what's in", without bothering to research the band or genre. Some shockingly low scores on incredible material, too, but I suppose that's what happens when you don't fully sit down with a record for more than a full listen or two. Not trying to make a scene, here - just seems like you're wasting a lot of your time and bandwidth.

    Lug 8 2011, 22:55
  • VirusOfLife92

    There isn't a genre I don't enjoy. I don't rate albums based on their genre or as some way to take a stab at their fanbase. If you like crappy albums then good for you, but don't go bitching about it on a year old journal with ridiculous claims about someone you don't even know. Grow a pair and stop being so thin skinned you pansies

    Lug 11 2011, 9:05
  • VirusOfLife92

    Plus if every album you listen to you'd give a 7/10 at least, then you've got some really low standards. You can be blissfully ignorant about music quality all you want but don't complain to me about it

    Lug 11 2011, 9:07
  • Derek-H

    ↑ You seem to be a little upset. Would you like to talk about it?

    Lug 11 2011, 10:26
  • Derek-H

    "If you like crappy albums then good for you" - that's a bit of an absurd claim, sir. Opinions are opinions, like I stated, and we're each entitled to our own. But it's tough to take yours seriously... when you "review" an album that you've only listened to once. That's more "blissfully ignorant about music quality" than any plush review.

    Lug 11 2011, 10:35
  • VirusOfLife92

    Someone not scrobbling something doesn't mean they haven't listened to it. Common sense dictates there are other means of listening to albums, but common sense isn't one of your best qualities it seems.

    Lug 11 2011, 19:31
  • Derek-H

    ↑ Well, yeah, I get that. But as I stated on your shoutbox: you clearly have no idea what you're talking about, with your reviews. The lack of scrobbles simply compliments this logic. Common sense, indeed!

    Lug 12 2011, 0:51
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