• Part 13 - two bands

    Ago 12 2009, 21:12

    Mark Feldman, Uri Caine, Greg Cohen, Joey Baron is a quartet who recently released one album for Tzadik (all musicians worked with John Zorn on his various projects). They play a combination of jazz and jewish music. Songs are mostly slower to mid-tempo but there are a few faster ones (bebop style). "Secrets" is a beautifull album recommended for any lover of instrumental music or jazz.

    Ryoji Ikeda is a Japanese electronic musician. I heard only three albums and my favorite is Dataplex. The songs consists of glitches, soft bleeps, crackling and popping sounds and ocasional high frequency tones. The album can be classified as noise but it's very calm, even relaxing. Dataplex is a very interesting album for fans of experimental electronic.
  • Part 12

    Ago 11 2009, 21:33

    Aidan Baker & Time Hecker is a collaboration between Aidan Baker (of Nadja) and noise artist Tim Hecker. Their music can be described as ambient noise. They create a feeling of distant places and landscapes. Atmosphere on the album is somewhat dark and cold so sometimes you have a feeling of landscapes in the night covered with snow. Fantasma-parastasie is a very nice album for ambient lovers.

    Made Out Of Babies is an American rock/metal band. They started out as a hardcore band but their third and last (and best imo) album doesn't have a lot of hardcore influence. The music is decent but what I like most about this band is their vocalist, Julie Christmas, who is one of my favorite female singers. She can scream, yell and howl like a mad(wo)man and her clean voice is very creepy, like listening to a lunatic talking (and weird lyrics add to the atmosphere). Therir last album, The Ruiner, is an excellent album for those interested in unusual vocals.
  • Even more bands

    Ago 8 2009, 20:12

    35007 is a Dutch ambient rock band. They released four albums. First two were a combination of stoner, space and psychedelic rock. The last two albums dropped the stoner influence and are more oriented towards instrumental ambient intersected with space rock parts. 35007 are a very good band for lovers of spacey/ambient rock.

    Catapilla was a British progressive rock band. They released only two albums of which I only heard Changes (the last one). Their music is a jazz rock combination played mid-tempo with a lot of saxophone. They have a female singer whose ethereal voice, together with music, creates a calm atmosphere which is best suited for evenings. Catapilla is a very interesting band recommended for prog fans.

    glass orchestra toronto is an orchestra which uses only glass instruments. I've only heard their album "Live in Frankfurt". It consists of two long compositions and glass instruments make them sound mistical, almost otherworldly. Glass Orcestra Toronto are a unique and unusual band worth checking out.
  • Lesser known bands part 10

    Ago 5 2009, 20:08

    Two more bands for today:

    God is a band from UK mixing industrial rock with free jazz. Their music can be chaotic and it can also be rather calm (almost doomy), sometimes it's more on the free jazz side, other times it's more like hard rock. I think their best album is Loco with a slightly darker atmosphere, abrasive sound and a good balance between indutrial rock and free jazz.

    Acoustic Ladyland is a UK experimantal rock band. I've only heard their latest album "Living with a tiger". The music is some sort of prog/math rock with a lot of saxophone and no vocals. Songs last 3-5 minutes and are very energetic (sometimes sounding punkish). All in all, Acoustic ladyland is very interesting band for lovers of experimental music.
  • Cr@p

    Ago 2 2009, 21:17

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  • Part 9

    Lug 31 2009, 21:33

    Limbus 4 was formed when Limbus 3 added a fourth member in 1970. Their only album, Mandalas, is similar to the Limbus 3 album, but it's somewhat less avantgarde and has more melody. Album structure is the same; four tracks two long and two short. The fourth and longest track is percussion based with a slight indian feel to it and ocasional avatgarde interludes. If you liked Limbus 3, you will like Limbus 4.
  • Part 8 (The fat cat)

    Lug 30 2009, 21:33

    Three bands for today.

    The Cosmic Jokers was a German Krautrock band (name of the band is "The cosmic jokers" not "Cosmic jokers"). They play a great mix of krautrock and psychedelic music creating excellent spacey atmosphere. Some songs are calmer, others are more up-tempo and all of them are instrumental with ocasional brief vocal parts. First two albums are a superb example of kosmische musik and are a must for all kraut/space rock fans.

    Flower Travellin' Band were a Japanese rock band. Their songs alter between more straightforward rock and psychedelic rock. Their music is usually slower, repetitive and hypnotic but there are some parts which are more energetic, and there are a few parts which remind me of Black Sabbath. Albums Satori and Made in Japan are recommended as great examples of Japanese psychedelic music.

    Limbus 3 was a German trio playing avatgarde music. Their only album consists of four tracks of improvisational atonal music sounding like Stockhausen's compositions. They remind me a bit of Kluster but they don't have Kluster's dark atmosphere. If you are a fan of Kluster or just like messed up music Limbus 3 might be for you.
  • Part 7

    Lug 29 2009, 21:21

    Damn, it's already been 8 days since I started writing this. Last two weeks I've been mostly listening to free jazz and krautrock so my posts reflect this.

    Zabba Lindner & Carsten Bohn is a collaboration of two German drummers. Their only album really is a firework of percussion. Five songs of mostly tribal and military drumming played on various percussive instruments. The only non-drumming parts are a piano intro on track 4 and piano outro on track 5. Vollbedienung of percussion is a very good album for lovers of seventies music.

    Kluster was a German trio playing experimental electronic music. Their music is a combination of dark ambient, industrial and avantgarde. As far as I've been able to find out, Kluster was among the first bands (if not the first) to play industrial and dark ambient music (since they were founded in 1969 and started recording music the same year). Their albums are difficult for listetning since songs are often minimal, atonal, bleak and improvised on guitars, drums and various sound processing devices. If this sounds like your cup of tea, get Kluster.
  • Part 6

    Lug 27 2009, 21:30

    Space Explosion was a krautrock supergroup that released only a self titled album in 1998. Their sound varies from krautrock to ambient to avantagarde (and sometimes noise). They use a lot of effects and create a dark, somteimes spacey, atmosphere. Space explosion is a fine album for lovers of strange music.
  • Lesser known bands part 739380 (or is it part 5?)

    Lug 26 2009, 21:30

    Todays winners are:

    Dieter Moebius is a German/Swiss experimental/krautrock/ambient/electronic musician. He played in many bands including K(C)luster, Harmonia, Liliental and had several solo releases (so he cannot really be called "lesser known"). His only solo album I heard is Blotch from '99. It consists of seven electronic instrumental tracks with a constant beat in the background and various synth effects that create a cold and robotic sound, sometimes bordering with industrial. The whole thing kinda reminds me of The Terminator. All in all Blotch is a very good album worth listening, especially for those who like darker electronics.

    Eruption was a German band founded by Conrad Schnitzler and they released only one (self-titled) album. It's avantgarde dark sound reminds me of Kluster a bit (the difference is that Eruption is much creepier). Some of the tracks, like track 4, make me feel like I'm in a haunted castle. Eruption is a pretty good album for those interested in dark ambient or development of krautrock. They've disbanded a long time ago and their album is out of print so you can download it [url=http://[spam nofollow=yes] (Note: I did not upload this album)

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