Part 12


Ago 11 2009, 21:33

Aidan Baker & Time Hecker is a collaboration between Aidan Baker (of Nadja) and noise artist Tim Hecker. Their music can be described as ambient noise. They create a feeling of distant places and landscapes. Atmosphere on the album is somewhat dark and cold so sometimes you have a feeling of landscapes in the night covered with snow. Fantasma-parastasie is a very nice album for ambient lovers.

Made Out of Babies is an American rock/metal band. They started out as a hardcore band but their third and last (and best imo) album doesn't have a lot of hardcore influence. The music is decent but what I like most about this band is their vocalist, Julie Christmas, who is one of my favorite female singers. She can scream, yell and howl like a mad(wo)man and her clean voice is very creepy, like listening to a lunatic talking (and weird lyrics add to the atmosphere). Therir last album, The Ruiner, is an excellent album for those interested in unusual vocals.


  • Doorchaser

    Tim Hecker is the best!!!

    Ago 12 2009, 11:20
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