Great free gig from "The Next Big Thing"


Gen 12 2009, 19:38

Mon 12 Jan – White Lies

Just got back from this great free gig which despite being in HMV's basement benefited from some of the best sound quality I've heard in Manchester(!). 6 songs, all of them crackers but a new band so I only know the titles to the singles Death and To Lose My Life.

The lead singer was great and could sing well live, with the rest of the band also into their performance. Funniest moment was the bloke in the crowd shouting "They all sound the same" at the start of the fifth song, which then turned out to be the one that sounded least like all the others.

My only disappointment was that they didnt play From the Stars, a strange omission as this is the song everyone knows due to it being the free song of the week on iTunes two weeks ago.

So... my first gig of the year and an excellent start - here's to seeing them again on the NME Awards Tour in February!


  • FiannaHornby

    Hello! The other songs were Unfinished Buisness, E.S.T, The Price of Love, and Nothing to Give They were wonderful! Best new band in a very very long time

    Gen 13 2009, 11:30
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