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Dic 26 2007, 17:46

This took forever to be finished. I was never really pleased with the list and quite possibly I won't be with this one tomorrow ;P
Don't complain about language problems.
But please comment, this took a lot of time to be done.

Anyways, start the show

Best EP:
Anime Fire
Where The Wolves Fear To Tread
Stumbled over them by coincidence, but loved them right away. Can't wait for an album.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Colon The Soundtrack

Soundtracks never show up in my lists, but this needs to be mentioned. Most of the songs lyrics refer to the show or the movie, witch makes it even more funnier; f.e. Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife:
"Don't talk, watch!
Don't talk, watch!
You came here. Watch it.
Don't like it? Walk out.
We still have all your ****ing money.

Do not nudge, kick or jiggle the seat in front of you.
I'm sitting there!
I am everywhere at once
and I will cut you up.

Great music, great show (sadly Youtube deleted almost all episodes).
Highlights: All.

Limbo Messiah

Most fans were disappointed about this album. I'm not really. I just think it's not as good as Smack Smash. It's decent, not better, not worse. Some of their best songs and some of their worst, all on this half hour. But somehow unaffecting.
As I Please, Sharp, Cool & Collected, Bad Brain, E-G-O

Haste the Day
Pressure The Hinges

An Album full of great songs, but they should've taken less songs onto the final record, because the more songs you hear, the more you think, they all sound the same, and those great choruses (esp. in the first half of the album) don't really deserve that. But the new singer is great imho. If they work on their songwriting skills for the next record we can expect big things.
Pressure the Hinges, The Minor Prophets, White Collar

Arrivals & Departures

I think everyone knows at least one song of them. Probably everyone knows someone who likes at least a song of them. To keep it short: I liked Discovering the Waterfront, and I think this album is just as good. But still a little to generic. Generic on a high level of course, every song has at least one great part. If You Could See Into My Soul is undoubtly the best track on the album, it even stands out too much imho, also I never listen to this album for a long term.
Sound of the Sun, If You Could See Into My Soul, Still Dreaming, True Romance

Lead Sails Paper Anchor

Atreyu never were Metalcore to me. And now they sure should be to no one anymore. LSPA too me is just as good as the albums before. Not better. Not worse. But high fives to them for changing the course a little bit, trying something new. Nothing more to say.
When Two Are One, Slow Burn, Blow, Lead Sail (And A Paper Anchor)

Good Charlotte
Good Morning Revival

Yeah, Good Charlotte. My youth commitment. Yes, Keep Your Hands Off My Girl sucks ass, so I was anxious about this album but they play some great Pop Rock again. Better than most songs you hear today and not generic imho. They always find new ways to their style of music, which to me shows good musicianship.
The River (feat. M. Shadows and Synyster Gates), Dance Floor Anthem, Broken Hearts Parade

Idiot Pilot

I got into them just some few moths ago but fell in love with the sound right away. Two guys, a lot of samples and no genre restrictions, nice. Their singer is their life insurance, though. He sometimes copys the style of Matthew Bellamy (Muse) but also knows how to create his own style. The problem with this album to me is that 2 songs suck. Cruel World Enterprise and Theme From The Pit. They spoil it for me. Sadly.
Last Chance, In Record Shape, Good Luck, Planted In The Dark

Funeral for a Friend Tales Don't Tell Themelves
Paramore RIOT!

Shared 44th place, because I honestly think those 2 records are exactly even. Not when it comes to the music (of course they don't sound the same), but it's quality. Both albums have songs that stick out, both have songs that are fillers. Still very good records though.
Into Oblivion (Reunion), All Hands On Deck Part 1 : Raise The Sail, All Hands on Deck Part 2: Open Water, The Sweetest Wave

For A Pessmist I'm Pretty Optimistic, Misery Business, Let the Flames Begin, Fences

The Agony Scene
Get Damned

The sound they have on this record somehow reminds me of Evergreen Terrace. But there's only one song with clean vocals. Good decision, makes them sound less generic. The only weakness of this album is that most songs sound too much alike. However, it's not the disappointment as most say.
Barburner, dances with devils, Rapture, Old Scratch

Lights Out

Yes, it was a good year for Pop Rock. Sugarcult started it for me. Simple, yet somehow addicting songs who stay in your mind and make you feel good. This is kind of a blueprint for pop rock to me.
Dead Living, Riot, The Investigation, Hiatus

War Stories

Even the intro is amazing, it drags you right into the mood of this album. UNKLE are 2 guys from England (1 producer, 1 DJ) who feature a lot of guest singers on this album. My favourite tracks are the ones with Ian Astbury The Cult, but a whole album of UNKLE with him singing would in some ways be great, in some ways not. Because this album lives from its diversity, you never know what happens next, what the next song will sound like; but there's still a red line anytime. 2nd best UK release this year.
Chemistry, Keys to the Kingdom, Burn My Shadow, Broken, When Things Explode

Marrow Of A Bone

Will it Blend? All different types of popular Rock and Metal music, with Japanese vocals and a lot of times you caught yourself thinking "oh, that sounds like..."? Yes it does. This album sounds as dark as its cover is. The Louder, faster songs are in the first and last third of the album, the middle is mid-tempo songs which create a lot of atmosphere. They sure are great songwriters, no song really sounds like the other. And they know how to play with the listeners feelings. A very good album, but I somehow miss a song that sticks out of the rest, which would make it almost a masterpiece.
LIE BURIED WITH A VENGEANCE, GRIEF, Ryoujoku No Ame, Namamekashiki Ansoku, Tomadoi ni Hohoemi, THE DEEPER VILENESS

The Dear Hunter
Act II: The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading

There it is, the first album of former The Receiving End of Sirens gutarist and singer Casey Crescenzo's new band. Thieir first effort the Act I: The Lake South, The River North EP was already great so I was exited about this one. And it's even better. It's problem is just way to easily noticable, that this is two EPs squeesed together on one album. It's ok for them to do this, since it's the sequel of a story, but less tracks would have made this a standout album. 76 Minutes is just way too long. Another idea would have been to release it like Thrice did with The Alchemy Index: Vols. I & II - Fire & Water, two different CDs, that imho would have been the perfect solution. What saves this album from getting the listeners bored is the great songwriting, Casey's voice, all those different instruments and of course the good tracks on it, and yes on 76 minutes playtime there is a lot time for good songs. And to me there are no fillers. I especially would like to highlight the "The Bitter Suite" Trio.
The Procession, The Church And The Dime, The Bitter Suite 1 and 2: Meeting Ms. Leading and Through The Dime, The Bitter Suite 3: Embrace, Blood Of The Rose, Red Hands, Where the Road Parts, Dear Ms. Leading

The Last Kind Words

Dez Fafara just can't stop. He is a walking spitfire. Good that he found such great musicians to plar with him. For me as a drummer I need to point the finger at John Boecklin. He just hits his drums relentless. No stopping, always good for the song, always ricght in the face. The Last Kind Words is just a great metalcore album, with great songs (45 minutes of pure mosh), no slowing down from the first second. The good production just helps you blast your speakers away.
Not All Who Wander Are Lost, Horn Of Betrayal, Head On To Heartache (Let Them Rot), The Axe Shall Fall


Anberlin continue where they left off on Never Take Friendship Personal, but this time they are more straight forward, more rocking. Of course they still know how to write good acoustic songs and still show it, but not as often as they did before, which to me is definately a good thing. Other than that they haven't changed much, just perfectionised (is that a word?) their sound to the fullest. Had a good summer (though it was not really what I call summer) with it.
Godspeed, There Is No Mathematics To Love And Loss, Reclusion, (*Fin)

Paper Walls

Yellowcard stray off their sound they had on Lights & Sounds, back to more punk influenced songs. Who liked their old stuff will like this for sure, because the songs are simply great. They always had talent to write feel good songs with some kind of melancholy in them, which makes them interesting, the songwriting is good in many ways. Also I just have to mention their drummer Longineu Parsons III, it's hard for drummers to be original when playeing punk but he does a great job as usual.
The Takedown, Keeper, Afraid, Dear Bobbie, Paper Walls

Black Light Burns
Cruel Melody

Youth Commitment pt.2 ;). Wes Borland finally got a record deal for his band. Other great musicians (who of course happen to be friends of Wes ;P), such as Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails) and Josh Freese (You name it, he played it^^ A Perfect Circle) worked with Wes on ths record. Interesting to me is, that I Have a Need originally was instrumentally written for Limp Bizkit's The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1), but then was turned down by Limp Bizkit, and still features Sam Rivers on Bass. Somehow interesting^^. The soud of Black Light Burns can be described as Nine Inch Nails songs who are not as vulnerable and with more balls. Wes Borland is also singing, and the question is, why we haven't heard that before, it sounds great. So do all effects used on this record. All electronics make sense and have a unique sound. I don't think I have to mention, that Borland still has his own style of playing guitar, I can never hear enough of that. Great debut, exited what's there to come for Wes (I'd also be happy if he'd rejoin Limp Bizkit again, but that won't happen).
Animal, The Mark, 4 Walls, Stop a Bullet, I Am Where It Takes Me Feat. Johnette Napolitano, Iodine Sky

Serpent Smiles & Killer Eyes

Hatesphere like this is no more, what makes it even sadder is, that this album is not as good as The Sickness Within. But I wasn't expecting this to happen anyways. Don't think of this as a bad or boring album now, no other bands would kill to make such a record, but I just can't seem to get over the fact, that this probably will be their last album I'll like... It has all Hatesphere trademarks (and to me Bredahl is definately one of them and irreplacable) and exept for Drinking With The King Of The Dead they are all on the same high level. This is 1000 tons Danish Dynamite. RIP.
(If you want to hear their new vocalist, you can do it here (they start playing at 5:45).
Damned Below Judas, Forever War, Floating, Let Them Hate

Orchestra of Wolves

Warner paid a million bucks to sign them. Smart move. Finally a good Hardcore band from the UK. And if you haven't known they're from the UK, they make you know. This is Rock 'n' Roll drenched Hardcore wrapped in the Union Jack. The voice of Frank Carter was made to be for a HC vocalist. He gives his all, you always think he's about to collapse (Orchestra of Wolves). I need to see them live for sure, since they know no limitations on stage. Carter even cracked his skull on stage one but finished the song. Best UK album of '07.
In the Belly of a Shark, Six Years, Rolling With the Punches, Will Someone Shoot That Fucking Snake, Orchestra of Wolves

From Autumn To Ashes
Holding A Wolf By The Ears

"On the might of kings and captains (Never be Loved, never be Loved); On the eyes of midnight watchmen (Never be Loved, never be Loved)!" Now that's a good way to start an album. I don't like any other album of them (exept some songs off Too Bad You're Beautiful), but this one got me first second. I like Francis Mark's screaming way more, than te old, because it transmits the agression of the lyrics way better. Speaking of it, the lyrics are another outstanding thing on this album. Good change, keep it up.
Deth Kult Social Club, Delusions of Grandeur, Everything I Need, Love It or Left It, A Goat In Sheep's Rosary

Foo Fighters
Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace

Dave Grohl is god. In some way. I don't know an album featuring him, that is not good. Although his best work was not with the Foos (Songs for the Deaf), they never disappoint me. I don't know how they are able to always write songs I can relate to at the time they're released. And that to me is almost the whole point. Sure there are tons of bands out there sounding like them, also writing good songs, but the Foos are special. Maybe that's just pt 3 of my youth commitment. But I don't think so. The music speaks for itself. And I can't get enough of it.
The Pretender, Let It Die, Stranger Things Have Happened, The Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners, Home


Speaking of (ex-)drummers, here's another one for the hall of fame: Andols Herrick. A fucking beast on the skins. Good that he's back, Kevin Talley is also great, but Herrick is Herrick. He's the one resurrecting, and does it at full speed. Chimaira never sounded so fresh and eclectic. This is nonstop Chimaira at their best so far. The only track that stops a bit is Killing The Beast, it's just boring, but past that there is much to hear that is worthy to bang your head to. But not only Herrick shows great performance on this record, they are all at their best. Also they improved the songwirting a lot. Who expected something like Six to be written by them? Listen and enjoy.
Resurrection, Pleasure In Pain, Six, End It All, Empire

Jimmy Eat World
Chase This Light

Futures remains my favourite Jimmy Eat World album, but this one is no disappointment, it's just a change in direction. Futures was a rather dark, introverted album, this one is more of a feelgood album. All those background singalongs, all those choruses are meant to lift you up. This band surely has fun making music, you head it on every song. And within audio rainbow you find Gotta Be Somebody's Blues, to make sure you know that Jimmy Eat World still know how to write darker songs. Lyrics are good as always on all songs. I am exited about the next record, this band sure still has a lot to say, you can feel it.
Big Casino, Let It Happen, Gotta Be Somebody's Blues, Firefight, Dizzy

Envy on the Coast
Lucy Gray

"This is an actual case of the truth". With smart, catchy songwriting, good lyrics and a great voice, they caught my ears. I'll keep it short and simple on this one: This is the best debut of '07.
Sugar Skulls, Artist and Repertoire, Vultures, If God Smokes Cheap Cigars, Lapse

Modern Life Is War
Midnight In America

Speaking of truth, Jeffrey Eaton is not afraid to tell us his version of it. And you listen. You must. This is intelligent Hardcore music with a meaning. 11 songs, eleven stories, all relateable. He sings of life, losing, depression and fear, but does it in a way that's pushing you, not dragging you down. This is Hardcore, this is the best Hc album of the year with one of the best HC ever to be written (Midnight In America).
Stagger Lee, Big City Dream, Night Shift at the Potato Factory, Humble Streets, Midnight In America

Senses Fail
Still Searching

Progression. A big word for musicians. Senses Fail sure did progress with this record, in every way. Songwriting, singing, instrument skills, lyrics. Improving all that is important means doing a lot of things right, Senses Fail are. Especially the lyrics seem to be a lot more personal and heartfelt. These guys know all about the loud/quiet game and they use it almost in perfection. I also did not expect guitar solos and doublebass, but fortunately they appear.
Bonecrusher, Shark Attack, Still Searching, Every Day Is A Struggle / Cinco De Mayo (bonus track)

Poison the Well

I haven't heard Poison the Well before, so Letter Thing was the first song I heard of them. I was literally blown away. This is another record that just doesn't let go. It's a loud, dark and rough album witch makes you visit places in your head you never even knew of. The strange, sometimes confusing lyrics just intensify that ("So tell me again how it felt to give yourself to the scum; in the beautiful machine where we made love; green and brown influence had a hold of you, was there pleasure in your mind..."). Another highlight of the album are all the instruments used (Synthesizer, Banjo, Trumpets, Wurlitzer, Guitars, Mandolin, Horns, Bass, Drums). Most of them were played by founding member, guitarist and songwriter Ryan Primack. Get blown away.
Letter Thing, Breathing's For The Birds, Nagaina, Prematurito El Baby, Riverside

Chasing Victory

Once more Rock 'n' Roll fueled Screamo. Chasing Victory called it a day a couple of months ago, shortly after this album reached me. And that pissed me off, because this is great music. I have to highlight two things: The southern rock influenced guitar riffing, and mostly their singer. He is fantastic, it's a perfect voice for this style of music to me. It's very hard to pick highlights, all songs have a great chorus, they all have a riff that sticks in your head. Also they tried to be competition for Meat Loaf since all song have a 2nd name in brackets ;P I can't come up with more to say about this. Listen to it if you haven't already I will miss them.
Chemicals (King of the Carp), Fiends (Selling Out Ain't Easy), Queens (The Skeleton Key To A Skeleton), Brides (The Groom of St. Albany), Barbarians (Crackle Rotcha Tee Thout)

Mors Principium Est
Liberation = termination

I don't even know how I found out about them, but I'm glad I did. This Album is MeloDeath how it is supposed to be: Fast, technically, relentless, melodic, heavy, with flaming solos, great. After a tiny intro the doublebass sets in, and there's no exit from there. Some interludes allow you a little time to breathe, but that's about it. The Opressed Will Rise is somehow a MeloDeath blueprint you must hear, so is The animal within, I've never heard anything like this track before, a synth melody within a MeloDeath song. But it works perfect. This album is 37 minutes long, I love every single one of them.
The oppressed will rise, The animal within, Finality, Cleansing rain, It is done, Terminal liberation

The Chariot
The Fiancée

I didn't like Everything Is Alive, Everything is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead, and Nothing Is Bleeding, or maybe I did not give it enough listens, anyways, ever since I heard the first demo for this album entitled "Elvish Presley" (now And Shot Each Other), I knew this would be great. And it is. They don't even need an half an hour for 10 tracks, each one being a direct hit in the face, exept for The Trumpet, which is suprisingly a choir track. Despite the fact, that all lyrics are religious, you can still love some parts of them even as atheist (like I am). You won't understand the most of it anyways ;P On a sidenote Then Came To Kill features Hayley Williams of Paramore on guest vocals, and the artwork is great.
Back To Back, They Drew Their Swords, And Shot Each Other, The Deaf Policemen, Then Came To Kill

Parkway Drive

Australias no.1 metal export strikes again. Adam D was once again hired to be producer and they did not change much on their sound. It's just tighter and more technical. But that's enough of a change for me, it sounds great, especially the wierd sounds they tried to make with their guitars and the solos. They can shred for sure^^. I would not want to play against them on Guitar Hero xD. If you want fast, technical, right in your face metalcore - this is yours.
The Sirens' Song, Boneyards, Breaking Point, Dead Man's Chest, Horizons

Nevea Tears
Run With The Hunted

I do not know their debut Do I Have to Tell You Why I Love You?, so they were new to me. Nevea Tears play metalcore but actually manage to create a sound that I have never heard before. That is mainly caused by the synth & loop sound effects, Hardcore gang shouts, complex song stuctures and the voices of John Morello (throat) & Greg Gillis (guitar and vocals). Run With The Hunted starts off with it's three heaviest songs, which is confusing the first times you listen to it but it makes all sense. Tunnel Vision is the first track with a clean chorus, but makes the transition easy. Track 5 Run With The Hunted then is the first song with mostly clean vocals. From there you go through different emotions and sounds, this album is a real travel for the ears. With thirteen tracks plus a wierd hidden track you get a lot value for the money. No track sucks. It's worth it all.
To Hell With This, Run With The Hunted, Make Like A Tree and Get The Fuck Outta Here, Revolution Minus R, Chasing A Dead Scene

The Bled
Silent Treatment

Pass The Flask is a monster that haunts The Bled. Every record they make will be compared to it. To most Found In The Flood did not pass the test. So how about Silent Treatment? I can't tell how most others think, but to me, this one passed the test easily. I think it's better than Pass The Flask. And that's all I need to say.
Shadetree Mechanics, You Should Be Ashamed of Myself, Asleep On The Front Lines, Starving Artiste, Breathing Room Barricades

Dimmu Borgir
In Sorte Diaboli

Oh yes, I've been awaiting this. After they got a lot of acclaim for Death Cult Armageddon (of course I liked it too) it was exiting to see where they're heading. And they don't stop exiting me. A big plus is, that I love Hellhammers drumming, so that member change was really an improvement (listen to The Chosen Legacy and you'll know what I mean). Every song grooves a lot, you hear that they worked very long on each song, the production is very good. This time they have way less orchestral sounds, they focused the sound on the guitars but still it all fits together, whitch can be quite a challenge when writing a concept album. Shagrath and Vortex still show that they were able to improve their vocal skills, everything seems to be right the way it should. The only letdown is the playtime. I need more than 36 minutes!
The Serpentine Offering, The Chosen Legacy, The Sacrilegious Scorn, The Fundamental Alienation

Circa Survive
On Letting Go

With their sophomore album Circa Survive manage it to show that they can make an even better album than 2005 released Juturna. They are just even more well attuned, each instrument helps the song and has their remarkable sound, the guitars are still tuned in a way like I've never heard and the drummer still suffers from a heartbeat rhythm disorder ;D. Of course Anthony Green still has his unique ooften described as almost female sounding voice. To me, they couldn't have done any better than they did with this album. It still somehow sounds like Juturna, but somehow it doesn't sound the same. The most remarkable improvement are the lyrics. Now you know why Green left Saosin for this band, he could have never written lyrics such as those with them. They are all full of metaphors and stories (read here: http://www.circasurvive.com/creation/?p=125). My favourite one is:"the damage revealed the cost, And it wasn’t worth it, but they’ll never know; To keep in mind the line that separates idols, If the world is a dream and nothing is worth it, Unless you have a god. (We’re all going to hell) But we wont be saved we’ll live as slaves to love What god takes away, let’s refill all your holes with mud “Purchase your tickets; I’m kicking your crosses down”"
The Greatest Lie, The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose, Semi Constructive Criticism, Kicking Your Crosses Down, Carry Us Away

Evergreen Terrace

Wolfbiker bitch! That is the motto they've given for this album. It's supposed to mean :Wolfbiker means: Don't let anyone tell you how to live your life. If you feel that way then start acting that way and become a Wolfbiker. It also means that when this world ends werewolves will take over and rule the underground on motorcycles."". And that fits. Besides the great music that gave me something to relate to as cheesy as it sounds, that's just the truth. Evergreen Terrace already knew on their previous releases how to mix punk, hardcore and metal into one unique sound, that sets them apart from those other millions of metalcore bands out there. With this one they've outdone themselves, every song is a killer, especially Chaney Can't Quite Riff Like Helmet's Page Hamilton and Rip This! are two of the best songs to be released this year. It's outstanding how much better the new drummer fits in their sound. Also the voice of guitarist Craig Chaney needs to be mentioned. He has such a great voice and it fits with the screaming voice of Andrew Carey. Amazing record, I never expected them to become this good.
Wolfbiker, Chaney Can't Quite Riff Like Helmet's Page Hamilton, Rip This!, Starter, The Damned

Black Earth Tiger

After their masterpiece debut Soundtrack To A Headrush I was exitted about this one, and after the first listens I was disappointed. It's way different from Soundtrack To A Headrush, which sounded more like The Bronx; this one sounds more like The Deftones. It's their luck, that the Deftones are one of my alltime favourite bands, if not THE. After foretting the thought of a second Soundtrack To A Headrush sounding album I began to like this one. It's an dark atmosphere creating bastard, with earworm melodies and riffs. Matt Breen is the shining star on the sky of this black earth, singing like a mixture between Billy Corgan, Chino Moreno and Dave Grohl, and he wrote good lyrics, too. I was suprised that this album is just as addictive as their first. You can definately hear, that they put a lot of effort into this. Everytime I hear Whiteflag and Whiteflag (Reprise) as opening and closing track I have no further questions. All killer, no filler, it's tough to pick highlights. This is fucking great music.
Anathamatics, My Antapex, Scenotaph, Phobos, Whiteflag (Reprise)

As I Lay Dying
An Ocean Between Us

One of the most anticipated metal albums this year, maybe even the most. In order to seperate their sound from 10000+ other metalcore bands As I Lay Dying managed to change their sound slightly, add a little more thrash and more clean sung melodies to it all and somehow still sound the same (in a good way). With again another bassist who also sings. I think this is the best way they coul've head. With more melodies and more shredding they got it all now. And just so, they've written some of their best songs. The fact, that they've written such good songs (as Comfort Betrays is, 2:50 of breakdowns & solos, damn sweet) proofs that I'm right ;). Also the production is the bomb. I fuckin in love the drum sound; btw Jordan Mancino still is a killer. The question is how the next record will be sounding. Either they're focusing on more thrash (I hope so) or on more melodies, I don't think they make the same album twice.
Nothing Left, An Ocean Between Us, Comfort Betrays, Bury Us All, Wrath Upon Ourselves

Arch Enemy
Rise of the Tyrant

This is already their seventh full studio record, the fourth with Angela Gossow on vocals. On this album she has neglected almost all types of effects on her voice, which was a good call, it's great for the sound of the whole record. The whole sound package is way more direct this time, obviously they're done with the sterile machine theme they had on Doomsday Machine. But anyways, Arch Enemy is Arch Enemy. With the Amott brothers back together, you can't go wrong. Flaming solos, great sounds & rhythms as usual. Not to forget Daniel Erlandsson, he's one of the best around for this type of metal. No change in the sound, it was simply not needed. With Arch Enemy you get what you expect and it's worth the money. Arch Enemy is Arch Enemy is Arch Enemy is fantastic.
Blood On Your Hands, The Last Enemy, I Will Live Again, Rise Of The Tyrant, Vultures


If I had to describe this album to anyone who doesn't know it (which I might have to now), I'd describe it as: Progressive, loud, genre breaking, atmospheríc, intelligent, technically, agressive, complex and catchy. A whole lot of adjectives thrown at you - a whole lot different ones, but they all match. Before this THE END played a much more Math-/Chaoscore type of metal, I only know some few songs of. With this they managed to get references from Tool to As Cities Burn, from Darkest Hour to Meshuggah or from The Locust to 30 Seconds to Mars. That alone shows the diversity of styles the band plays with on this record. The miracle is, that this all together equals one hell of a good album. What sets the icing on the cake is the great artwork, though I don't know for sure if it's supposed to mean something ;P
The Never Ever Aftermath, Animals, My Abyss, In Distress, And Always...

As Cities Burn
Come Now Sleep

As Cities Burn were about to call it quits. Actually they did. But short after this was announced, they announced to continue. Now with guitarist Cody Bonnette taking over full vocal duties. He previously only sang the clean vocal parts, and therefore are almost no screamed parts on ths record. The guitar parts did not suffer from this in anyway, they still are As Cities Burn's ornament. If you ask me the band must've heard a lot of [Brand New's The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me,since it somehow sounds alike, creating the same mood. But anyhow they did a good job.
Empire, The Hoard, This Is It, This Is It, Tides, Timothy

The Alchemy Index: Vols I & II/Fire & Water

Thrice always try to reinvent themselves with each new record. So far Vheissu, their last output marked their most drastic change. With The Alchemy Index: Vols. I & II - Fire & Water, and Parts III & IV to follow it seems like this is about to take the cake, since they reinvent themselves 4 times on two releases, each CD musically and lyrically bound to fit an element. Part I is made to be the "Fire". And it starts to fire from all cannons. Firebreather is a dry, grooving, loud piece of Thrice at their best. And from there the fire marches intensely. Vol. II - Water is of course the opposite, more quiet and atmospheric with a lot of loop & synth sounds. It drags you to the bottom of the oceans. The diversity of the sounds created on both CDs show how to be a real artist these days and still make great music. Dustin Kensrue is the perfect man to sing this, because he sounds good whatever he does. And also he is a great lyricist, it's tough to come up with god lyrics for concept albums such as these.
Firebreather, Burn The Fleet, Digital Sea, Open Water, The Whaler


Curses was produced by Matt Bayles, known for his work with Norma Jean, Mastodon and Botch (Epitaph lets everyone know by a fat sticker on the front), and he did a good job creating a clean, but also rough sound, it sounds very live and direct. It's perfect for this band. The guitar tuning is another highlight for me. I love the sound. But I never thought, that this Album would end up this high, however it simply doesn't grow old to me. Which is suprising, since Vanna play metalcore. I don't know what it is, but something must be about them, that I just can' get enough of. Maybe it's their Mathcore edge they add to their sound. It might also be possible that I love, that Vanna are not a flushed out Metalcore band, they are thoroughly brutal, mostly because of Chris Preece's rough nagging voice. The problem most others have with this record is, that Evan Pharmakis, their guitarist also sings, although he surely can. It's true that Vanna are mostly on their best when there is no singing but the contrast it creates and the fact that it sounds good would make me miss it if it wasn't there. Maybe just less songs with singing for the next record. Then they might get into the Top 5. Who knows.
The Alarm, The Vanishing Orchestra, The Things He Carried, Country Boys... Goddamn, We Ate The Horse You Rode In On

The Black Dahlia Murder

Third strike by Detroits finest export that is not a car. The Cover Art (designed by Kristian Wåhlin) is suppoded to make sure everybody knows, that this is a death metal album. And who calls this metalcore is wrong for sure. Whatever it is, it's fucking awesome and addictive. Brian Eschbach must have had too much time practicing on guitar (he also is a guitar hero master), he shreds like a god. The solos are awesome. I think he could even write a death metal song on an acoustic guitar. Trevor Strnad also shows off his unique syle of screaming & growling. I was afraid that they might release something not so good this time, but they've proven me wrong totally.
Everything Went Black, Nocturnal, Deathmask Divine, Climactic Degradation, Warborn

Calico System
Outside Are the Vultures

Calico System called it a day a few weeks after this CD was released, because they were burned out and frustrated, that their label Eulogy did not promote this album enough. In fact this is only available via internet. Even an announced farewell tour did not happen. Very sad thing. So what's to say about this album? It's a fucking beast. From the very first second of the intro to the last second, it's all great. This is metalcore to the fullest. And as you can see, this album to me is better than Parkway Drive's or As I Lay Dying's new records. Calico System did suprise me. They perfectionised their sound, mostly their guitars. They now sound fucking deep, brutal, krank. I could hear 100 records with the guitars sounding like this. I just love it. The Songs all match, sometimes even fade into eachother which makes this album seem like one piece. Their songwriting skills are another thing they improved a lot (Lick the Sun). I don't know what else to write, I was speechless since the first time I heard it, so I close it with a lyric quote: "The Choice Is Mine, To Live Or Die" RIP.
The Rising Tide, Lick the Sun, Unlocking the Mavrik, Devil's Affair, Molotov Cocktail Fireflies

Machine Head
The Blackening

I'm sure there is no questioning about the majesty that this album is. Give Me More.

Between the Buried and Me

With Alaska they've proven, that they are continuously getting better. But could it get any better? Yes it could. Colors is an even more conclusive album, it has more of everything. 8 songs, 64 minutes. Everything makes sense, even the country part in Ants of the Sky somehow. They have nothing left to prove after this one. It will be interesting to see if they still are able to progress after this one and make an even better album. That would be insane.

August Burns Red

There you go. Say goodbye to your ears. You just can't help yourself but have to listen to this LOUD! This is a 48 minute long breakdown, no song is even close to not being genius and Matt Greiner has made himself the best drummer in metalcore. Those rhythm patterns, blastbeats, fills and all else he does here is making me drool like Homer Simpson when he sees a donut. Yet again, just as for every new album they have a new vocalist. Jake Luhrs is his name and he is better than every vocalist they had before. He has a wider range, from deepest growls to highest screams and can accentuate the lyrics better. The lyrics are also another step forward, if you (I) read past the too obviously biblical inspired lines. Last but not least to the guitarwork. As mentioned earlier, this is one 48 minute breakdown feast, but the guitars do not play one slow riff all the time, don't worry. It's highly technical, especially keeping up with the rhythms Greiner blasts continuously. Add this all and let Tue Madsen (Dark Tranquility, The Haunted, Mnemic) take over on producing, mixing and mastering, and you have a new masterpiece.
The Truth of a Liar, Up Against the Ropes, Composure, The Eleventh Hour, The Balance, An American Dream

Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

Don't trashcomment here, in Germany it was released on 01/19/2007. With all the demos for this album appearing on the internet shortly after being recorded, they had a tough time creating some new songs, since it would have been stupid to record and release an album everyone already knows, even though most demos were fantastic. Aswell they were challenged to make the outcome of this better than the demos. And the outcome of this is purely amazing. I remember when I first heard Sowing Season (Yeah) on their Myspace. I was just sitting there, thinking "wow". This is a desperate, dark, heartfelt, intelligent, honest and a lot adjectives more record. It's hard to believe that this is the same band, that recorded Your Favourite Weapon. Brand New have perfectionised the loud/quiet game. A highly influential record, lyrically and musically, that can mean a lot. To me it does.
Sowing Season (Yeah), Millstone, Degausser, You Won't Know, Not the Sun, Luca

Every Time I Die
The Big Dirty

Best. Metalcore. Album. 2007. Everytime I Die have done it again. This is their best album so far, it was a close one, it would have been worth of 1st place aswell. Do I really need to say more?

The Receiving End of Sirens
The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi

This album means a lot to me, probably this is why it is on 1, but it could mean nothing to me and it would probably still be in the top 10. Everything is right about this record. The artwork, the concept, the lyrics, the songs. With now shruknen down to two singers left, the vocals feel even more dynamic, aswell they sound not so chaotic anymore, there are no three different choruses sung at the same time. Anyways you still will have a long time of getting it all, you'll hear something you did not hear before with every listen. I don't know any other band that sounds like them. And with the fact in mind, that this is only their sophomore album, I expect big things too happen. Until then I will have this.


  • Disgrace

    Respekt, dass du dir so viel Mühe gegeben hast =]

    Dic 26 2007, 18:31
  • salmonsson_

    Great job man, I could never have done that =) And The Devil and God might be one of the best albums ever if you ask me. I'm not really into the heavier stuff on the list so I think it should be number one if you consider it released this year ;)

    Dic 26 2007, 23:14
  • Ey3con

    I love the fact you included Thrice into your list at #10. Good job with this.

    Dic 27 2007, 7:07
  • bleakstk

    amazing to see TREOS at number one, i agree with everything you say about it, it's also no 1 for me too

    Dic 28 2007, 21:07
  • spectre1982

    Nice list. You put a lot of effort into your write-ups and you've inspired me to check out a handful of these. In particular the TREOS album. People keep saying how much better and different it is compared to the last. Also, I didn't even know Emmanuel had a release this year. My favorite album of 2007 was Kaddisfly's Set Sail the Prairie. Did you happen to hear that? It seems to be in line with the rest of your favorites. PS, for some reasons, probably the massive amount of links in your journal, my browser had a really hard time opening and reading this.

    Dic 30 2007, 16:29
  • gooodnight_

    nice list, though I don't agree with some of the placings (for me Versions was in my Top 10 easily, Vanna, Nevea Tears, Chasing Victory and especially Parkway Drive I really dislike) but good call with placing TREOS as your No. 1 record. I love the Depeche Mode influences appearing through the album and they took a huge concept (Johannes Kaplan isn't exactly something most mid-20s men and women would enjoy) and produced a very unique take on it.

    Ott 25 2008, 0:44
  • Vader13

    Yeah, I'd rank Versions higher now. But I have to say I wouldn't change that much after all.

    Lug 27 2009, 20:29
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