• Vote for January's "Artist Of The Month"

    Dic 17 2005, 3:27

    My vote is for 'Girls Aloud'. 'Chemistry' has completely taken over me in less than a month.

    What's your choice?. =)
  • Your favorite album ever.

    Dic 2 2005, 15:41

    Mine would be the flawless 'Butterfly' by the lovely Mariah Carey.

    What's your favorite album ever?.
  • Pop Vixen's "Forgotten Gems"

    Nov 13 2005, 20:17

    My personal Top 5 would be ::

    01. Rachel Stevens - Come And Get It
    // It's already a certified flop, and there's no chance in hell that it will be revived with the release of 'Nothing Good About This Goodbye'.

    02. Kylie Minogue - Let's Get To It
    // Fantastic RnB Gem that got overlooked by the mainstream public,mainly thanks to Kylie's 'fading' media profile back in 1991.

    03. Dannii - Girl
    // Delicious pop record, shamefully ignored just because Dannii was only seen as a washed up hooker.

    04. Annie - Anniemal
    // 2 Copies sold and counting.

    05. Mariah Carey - Glitter
    // The fabulous soundtrack of "That" movie. Enough Said.

    06. Holly Valance - State Of Mind
    07. Angel City - Love Me Right
    08. Lene - Play With Me
    09. Toni Braxton - More Than A Woman
    10. Geri Halliwell - Passion

    Feel free to add your favorite 'overlooked' albums to the list =).
  • Pop Vixen's "Singles Of The Week" (Nov. 07, 2005)

    Nov 11 2005, 14:08

    Pop Vixen certify these singles as pure brilliance ::

    Bananarama - Look On The Floor
    Basement Jaxx - Flylife
    Jamiroquai - (Don't) Give Hate A Chance
    Madonna - Hung Up
    Uniting Nations & Laura More - Ai No Corrida

    If you bought any of these releases, be proud of yourself - Not anyone can have an impecable taste in music.

    Pop Vixen xx