• Joanna and friends at VAriety PLayhouse

    Mar 29 2010, 18:47

    Fri 26 Mar – Joanna Newsom
    they begin with a warning against passing out
    and a strong encouraging for hydration.
    In California ignites the pleasure for the evening
    then she introduces the band as I recall there is a percussionist with a full kit at stage right moving left to the piano and Joanna herself (currently seated at her harp)
    followed by a trombone and two violins who also lend their vocal capabilities sporadically throughout the performance and at stage left sits the arranger from the new triple album armed himself with a guitar a recorder and a banjo and jaw harp
    when he brings in the banjo it is quite subtle and far more than appropriate The book of Right On might be two or three songs into the presentation which further illuminates the pleasure enrapturing audience the Trombone is an infused glory which brings an astounding joy inflammatory writ the intro and outro to DADDY LONG LEGS is something die to of or for
    Thank you