• The Sacred Worlds and Songs Divine Tour

    Dic 20 2010, 17:10

    Sun 19 Dec – Blind Guardian, Holy Grail, Seven Kingdoms

    Went to this last night.

    It was my first time hearing Seven Kingdoms and hell, now I listen to them! They played excellently and the female vocalist was amazing. She really got everybody energized and headbanging. Hell, most of the band were headbanging in sync at one point! They played really badass and catchy melodic songs from their recent self-titled album. Seven Kingdoms was truly an EPIC song. It was a treat to come home and listen to their album reminiscing over the songs they played live.

    Next was Holy Grail, easily one of my favorite bands. James Paul Luna is pretty much one of my favorite vocalists, too! They played flawlessly with some of my favorite songs by them. I can happily say I was singing along and headbanging to them the whole time. When they started to play My Last Attack, it was my first experience in the pit. I wasn't planning on going in, but James could get anyone excited to do something! They also played a new song called For All Eternity, you can find some YouTube videos of it.

    Finally, Blind Guardian. Unfortunately, I had to leave only TWO SONGS into their set before I had to leave. I went with my sister (lolnofriends) and we had to leave seeing as how it was getting late and the next day was Monday. The only songs I got to see were Sacred Worlds and Welcome To Dying. I was definitely disappointed for not being able to see more of them, but I mainly came for Holy Grail and they did amazingly.

    This begs the question...

  • Megadeth - Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary Tour Review

    Mar 23 2010, 23:11

    Sun 21 Mar – Megadeth "Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary Tour"

    Exodus, Testament, and Megadeth.

    First off was Exodus. They played the classics such as Bonded By Blood, Toxic Waltz, and A Lesson in Violence. Rob Dukes actually wasn't that bad. It was hilarious because he told everyone to start a circle pit at least 15 times but no-one did anything.

    Onto Testament, not being a big fan, they weren't spectacular to me. But, they did play a great show. They played a lot of songs from The Legacy which is a great thing and the performances were all great.

    And, finally, Megadeth. Megadeth were fucking awesome. Seeing David Ellefson for the first time was awesome and especially seeing him play Dawn Patrol. Every member was tremendous. Shawn Drover was playing on a sweet ass drum tower. Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick were shredding the fuck out of the guitars. Mustaine was using his Flying V guitar with Rust in Peace skin.
    To be honest, It sounded like it was straight off the album.

    I had to leave early (thankfully after they finished Rust In Peace) seeing as how I'm just a little kid.