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Giu 25 2010, 6:33

Hi everyone,
in football times with annoying one-tone music from South Africa we are even happier to share some universal musical variety with you guys!

out today: ‘Echte Übersee Records Vol. 4’
starting today: Abuela Coca (URG) European Tour
already over: European Tour of Rocola Bacalao (ECU)
in July: Wisecräcker (GER) go USA
coming soon: Doctor Krapula (COL) ‘Sagrado Corazón
first time in Germany in July: La Zurda (ARG)
booking this fall Herbst: Doctor Krapula (COL) and Profetas (COL)
always up to date: tourdates as if there’s no tomorrow!

Hasta siempre

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The closer look at the headlines:

+++out today: ‘Echte Übersee Records Vol. 4’+++

We like to stay down to earth and moderate so we've chosen this opening sentence for the info that you can sure take as a promis: Here comes the best compilation on the entire face of the earth! Listen for yourself and get the CD for a sensationally low price at the record dealer of your choice: 6 EUR for 22 songs by 22 bands from 13 countries!
Lots of links where you can listen and/or order on: www.uebersee-records.net
01. Doktor Krápula (Colombia) - Mister Danger (03:18)
02. RoCola Bacalao (Ecuador) - Condominio de CartóN (03:36)
03. Karamelo Santo (Argentina) - Hoy (03:27)
04. No Te Va Gustar (Uruguay) - Esta Plaga (02:54)
05. Wisecräcker (Germany) - Perfume de Gardenias (02:41)
06. Móveis Coloniais de Acaju (Brazil) - Descomplica (03:51)
07. Square (Sweden) - Maybe come on (02:53)
08. Rantanplan (Germany) - Comandante (02:04)
09. Un Kuartito (Argentina) - A Vos Te Aviso (03:21)
10. Profetas (Colombia) - Juntos (03:19)
11. La Banda Skalavera (USA) - Sistema Perdido (03:32)
12. Ska'n'ska (Sweden) - FRA (03:45)
13. Carmina Burana (Argentina) - El Chango del Místico (02:12)
14. La Papa Verde (feat. Bierbaron) (Germany) - Kolonia (03:48)
15. Sonora de Llegar (Chile) - Vicio (02:46)
16. Smooth Lee (Belgium) - Miracle (02:38)
17. Piquete de ojos (Argentina) - Hasta siempre Comandante (03:27)
18. Radio Ska (Brazil) - Rude e Maria (02:27)
19. Los Tres Puntos (France) - Le Mouvement (03:24)
20. Oferta Especial (Spain) - Otro Día más (04:03)
21. Los Kung Fu Monkeys (Mexico) - Lobo Hombre en Paris (03:24)
22. Panteón Rococó (Mexico) - La Distancia (04:26)

+++ starting today: ABUELA COCA (URG) European Tour +++

ABUELA COCA from Montevideo are starting their fourth tour throughout Europe at the Afrika Karibik Fest in Oettingen, Germany today and they’ll keep on playing all over the continent until July 17th!
For all tourdates check www.uebersee-records.net

+++ already over: European Tour of ROCOLA BACALAO (ECU)+++

Even while the guys from ROCOLA BACALAO had been busy playing great shows all over Europe and travelling from Spain to Northern Germany they had already managed to cut a nice video - fantastic! Now, that they’re back in Ecuador you can count on more videos coming up soon.
Take a look at it right here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvipGTVKiTs

+++ in July: WISECRÄCKER (GER) go USA+++

The 3rd US-tour of Germany’s most international Ska Band is quite a treat. Their bags are packed and they’re gonna roll all over the Western US and Mexico from July 8th - 25th. Just in time for Force Attack in Northern Germany.

+++ coming soon: DOCTOR KRAPULA (COL) ‘Sagrado Corazón’+++

The first song on the compialtion is really an opener that makes you want more! Well, no problem at all. The doctors from Columbia are going to release their latest album ‘Sagrado Corazón‘ UER047 with us soon. More info and their first European tour coming up soon!

+++ first time in Germany in July: La Zurda (ARG)+++

The Argentineans from La Zurda have had a gentle sense for fine Mestizo from day one. Now, we’ve managed to get them to play some shows in Germany for the first time from the 16th – 21st of July. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can make it to one of the rare shows - tourdates on: www.uebersee-records.net

+++ booking this fall Herbst: Doctor Krapula (COL) and Profetas (COL)+++

Übersee Booking is also getting lined up for this falls tours. We have a n fall this time: Profetas and Doctor Krapula are coming. More info coming up soon!

+++always up to date: tourdates as if there’s no tomorrow on
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