New Christian Rock Bands


Apr 1 2006, 16:47

So, there are some new bands i want to present here.
After that I got to know to Kutless, BarlowGirl or Flyleaf (only to mention a few) and loving them I acquired the taste of .
Since that time, I discovered some new, amazing bands, more than worthy to write a Journal about.

Here we go:

I'll begin with Demon Hunter, a Band, I love bands like Demon Hunter which break the cliche of "typical christian" people or bands.
It is way of heavey Speed Metal, with a Rock voice, more melodic and soft and Hardcore voice, screamo. Everything fits perfectly, the guitars, drums and the two voices, once the rock-voice, once the hardcore-voice or - what I like most - both together.
Infected and I Play Dead are amazing.

Another great band in my eyes is Thousand Foot Krutch, very similar to Kutless, but by comparison to Kutless, their songs are not ONLY about Christian themes.
They also got great lyrics and beautiful songs, but I still gotta listen more to them to really get to know them.
Break The Silence and This Is A Call are my favos so far.

Now to my current top band: Anberlin
For me a very typical band, usually I was never a real emo-fan but I just love Anberlin, don't know what makes Anberlin so special and similar to the "normal" emo-bands.
Well who cares, the point is that i like them ;)
Time & Confusion and Cadence friggin kick ass.

Blindside, a , also Christian Band.
I like to listen to Blindside to wake up in the morning and incite myself a bit, the songs make you wanna sing the songs yourself "So pi ti fuuuuulll... ", they own.
Check out All of Us and Pitiful!

"P.O.D., that's new for him lol?"
Nono, I always knew P.O.D. but I really got liking them some time ago. I'm not their biggest fan, but the still rock with songs like The Messenjah or Satellite

That's it so far, feel free to read the entire journal entry or to comment. ;)


  • 6sic6

    Check out underOATH, a very cool christian screamo/emocore band.

    Apr 1 2006, 17:55
  • Primis

    Hey Trilliader. Just wanted to let you know, what makes current christian rock different and interesting to a lot of people is the fact that the bands nowadays are doing completely different things from the mainstream scene. The scene has come a long ways. Basically, what you hear on mainstream Active Rock radio isn't what you hear on Christian Rock radio in most cases. If you're at all irritated at the current fad or trend on mainstream rock radio, you can listen to the christian rock scene and get something completely different in tersm of sound and style. You should check out Pillar, Disciple, Staple, and Falling Up just to name a few, and you'll see what I mean.

    Apr 1 2006, 18:22
  • ClandestineBats

    I loooove Flyeaf!! You should listen to Delirious.

    Apr 1 2006, 19:36
  • tobymacfan

    Kutless rocks!!!!!! Thousand Foot Krutch is awesome!!!!!! P.O.D is totally awesome!!!!!!!! Anberlin rocks!!!!!!!!! BarlowGirl totally rocks!!!!!!!! Check out Hearts Of The Innocent by Kutless as it's a awesome album. Also check out these awesome albums which are Another Journal Entry and Self Titled by BarlowGirl, Testify by P.O.D., and The Art Of Breaking by Thousand Foot Krutch.

    Apr 1 2006, 20:54
  • abbiegail

    You should check out Skillet and 12 Stones.

    Apr 3 2006, 4:21
  • Triliader

    Will check all your reommendations for sure. And Testify by P.O.D. and Hearts of the Innocent by Kutless will probably be the next albums I'm gonna BUY. :o I'm going at a Delirious concert this May, but they're more whorship than Christian Rock. =)

    Apr 3 2006, 16:39
  • EmilAzon

    As I Lay Dying is what you're looking for! Norma Jean and The Chartio aswell. All these bands are metal of some sort.

    Apr 4 2006, 12:43
  • LugaidVandroiy

    Check out The Showdown, Becoming the Archetype, Emery, Pillar, Staple.

    Apr 4 2006, 19:19
  • jpers36

    For some good Christian punk/hard rock bands no one's mentioned yet, check out Dogwood, Project 86, Stavesacre, Ghoti Hook, and Haste the Day.

    Apr 4 2006, 22:35
  • LIfelessJosh

    Kutless is boring/unoriginal... and the lyrics are substanceless :) Demon Hunter is good.. I love their music, but am still getting used to their vocalist. Its different than the other screaming bands I've listened to. I also agree that his rock voice sounds really good, which is something a lot of metal/hardcore bands don't have. Thousand Foot Krutch sort of gets on my nerves.. that whole raprock thing never appealed to me. (In their older albums, such as Set it Off.. their latest ones they seem to have begun moving away from the rap part of it) I haven't listened to Anberlin as much as I should have, but they're a good band. Technically I could/should like Blindside, but for some reason I just have a hard time getting into their music. I love the fell in love with the game song though. I'm still undecided about POD. Their music is OK, just not my style so much. Lets see.. I'd second the recommendations of Norma Jean and Project 86. Also check out Zao (they have some AWESOME songs... even if their vocalist is a little hard to understand at first) Most of Skillet's stuff is pretty good.. I'm eaglery awaiting their new album slated to drop sometime this year. Pillar is boring.. never been able to get into their music at all. Maybe one or two songs here and there. Stavesacre is good, but I've had a hard time getting into the vocals. They have a new album that is supposed to be out sometime this month, I think. (Tomorrow?) I'm going to give that one a shot. I used to like 12 Stones, but really.. they are pretty unoriginal and not all that special musically. BarlowGirl is your typical 'chick rock'.. nothing special at all. My sister loves them, I can't really stand it. *sigh* Alright, now for some recommendations of my own: Bon Voyage. A great dream pop/rock/shoegazer band. High, airy vocals with some 'fuzzy' guitars.. really interesting combination. Their first album was actually banned from a lot of Christian bookstores due to one of their songs, Kiss My Lips. (They said it was too sexual.. heh.) The Benjamin Gate, again.. another oldish female fronted rock band. The lead singer (who has an album coming out this year, she's going by Adie ) is now married to Jeremy Camp. The Fray is technically not a Christian band, but as far as I know the members are Christian. Lovedrug, is again.. not really a Christian band, but some/most/all(?) of the members are Christian. Sort of emoish. Mae, indie rock with a hint of emo. I really love these guys. Mute Math, indie rock.. a bit weird ;) One of the biggest up and coming Christian bands currently. A lot of hype/word of mouth advertising. needtobreathe (or NEEDTOBREATHE), I thought the album was kind of boring.. they sound a little like some of the other rock bands you've mentioned, so you might like it. Again, something I didn't really like but you might, Seventh Day Slumber Sullivan: The music is great, but the vocals are so darned high I just can't get into it. You would swear he is a she on some of the songs. You might like it, might not. Watashi Wa.. their two albums are by pretty much a totally different band, so each one will have a different sound. Again, might like it, might not. Sorry if I recommended some that you've already heard.. didn't really look through your profile too carefully. Oh, and if you like Evanescence try Plumb. Amy Lee listed Plumb as one of her main vocal influences as she was first starting out. The music isn't as hard as Evanescence.. but you might still like them. Josh

    Apr 17 2006, 13:56
  • LIfelessJosh

    Darn, that was longer than I thought it'd be..

    Apr 17 2006, 13:57
  • WordFlyer

    LifelessJosh is pretty much dead on, but shame on him for not liking Blindside.

    Lug 31 2006, 20:41
  • WordFlyer

    But you need Thrice's Vheissu. Absolutely incredible album. Not officially Christian... but way more more spiritually on-point than most Christian music.

    Lug 31 2006, 20:44
  • emotionalchica

    I LOVE Anberlin!

    Ago 9 2007, 19:38
  • CrossShadow

    You should check out this new band Cross Shadow,,they have a my space and if you google cross shadow they are on the front page with information about them.

    Mar 5 2008, 1:59
  • SkyexPhoebe

    Here are a couple artists/bands. A couple arent really considered christian music but their songs have good messages and they dont like swear or anything. Vanessa Carlton The Rocket Summer Superchick (christian) BarlowGirl(christian)

    Mar 28 2008, 23:01
  • undone89

    Just thought I'd let you know your page was a top search result for google if you type in new christian rock bands. Anyways, here's a few incredible christian bands that were left out, with their latest single in parentheses and then a brief discription: Disciple (Game on): A style all their own, there's hard rock influences, but their frontman has a vocal style all his own. Definatly a band you should check out right away. (Oh, and jsut a little nugget, the bassist for Staple and the guitarist for Falling Up have joined Disciple and is on tour with them now, replacing the former guitarist and bassist after they left the band. They didn't leave due to conflict, more details on Disciple's website) Secret and Whisper (XoXo): A great rising band with a blend of post hardocre guitar and "emo" vocals, but a great sound and a great find if you enjoy the vocals Oh Sleeper (Vices Like Vipers): A crossblend of A Bullet for My Vallentine and a tab of Underoath. Hard music, hard vocals, great sound Red (Breathe into Me): Pretty mainstream and their album The End of Silence wasn't the greatest album I've ever heard, but they've got a good sound and their two singles are solid I'm sorry, my time for this comment is running out, so here's a list of some others: Dead Poetic Wavorly He is Legend Sleeping Giant Showbread

    Mag 24 2008, 5:16
  • Roselyn_Aguirre

    Well, I hope you guys don't just listen to the songs and get nothing out of them, I guess you guys represent Jesus everywhere you go, and live the life he wished and DIED for you to live, show respect and be respected, you know what to do... I hope if not check out this really cool girl on youtube who preaches how we should behave and live through JESUS.... He is so cool... God bless you all my little weirdos.... No name calling now... Behave.... Youtube... Tictocministries with Monica Denington.... she's a real example of what it means to be an instrument of GOD.. I like Krystal Meyers... and in spanish Rojo and Annette Moreno's new cds...

    Ott 23 2008, 19:03
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