Mar 22 2006, 19:54

Yeah, 6 days to go until I can see Staind live on stage. 3 years I had have to wait for this day!
And now I can't stop listening to the LPs of this extraordinary band. Tormented (first album, a whole lot of different if you compare it with the following LPs), Dysfunction (the first album with a hit (Mudshovel)), Break the Cycle (Listen to Open Your Eyes, It's Been Awhile, For You and Outside), 14 Shades of Grey (uhm... not the best I think, but a few good songs; Price to Play, Yesterday, So Far Away andIntro) and the lates LP Chapter V (listen to: Run Away, Right Here, Paper Jesus, Cross to Bear, Please and the - in my opinion - best song the band ever wrote: Reply).

So, that's all for the moment.
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  • alatharielle

    I've only heard Staind's 'So far away' and it's pretty nice song. You're going to see them play live - lucky you! :D

    Mar 25 2006, 14:49
  • Trigaram

    You have to listen to the whole Chapter V LP! *_* In my opinion it's the best record they ever made. And it must be 3 years ago that I saw them live for the first time. It was incredible and I hope this time will be as good as the first time :)

    Mar 25 2006, 17:09
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