• Ah the Wonders of Daryl Palumbo and GJ

    Apr 1 2007, 16:38

    I've been listening to Glassjaw for almost as long as i can remember, and of all the bands I've ever seen live, ive come to the conclusion that Daryl Palumbo is probably the greatest showman on earth. I mean Billy Idol was ridiculous live and David Bowie will always be the King of showmanship in my eyes, but Daryl forced an entire crowd into a wide-eyed, foaming-at-the-mouth hysteria, much like that of the Beatles in the 60's but for reasons beyond a 15-year-old girl's school-yard crush. It was an intense, and seemingly religious experience as we followed his lyrical endeavores and melodic tendencies. The Trocadero in Philly was the perfect place to see the newest line-up and the entire show was wild, sweaty, and nearly out of control. Lyrically, he wraps his mind and emotions in a dark obscurity, placed overtop the ingenious creations by Beck, Glassjaw produces an ingenius emotionally driven and rough edged painful plea for self-expression. Those of us who have the privilege of listening? We are opened to a small portion of Daryls all encompassing fears, frustrating past, and every now and then an existential message pops up. If Glassjaw does not move you, you cant be helped.

    who the fuck wants to live forever?

    this is a war.
  • Gruvis Unnoticed

    Feb 17 2007, 21:55

    I think one of the most unappreciated groups in music are the gentlemen of Gruvis Malt. Each combine their incredibly ecclectic musical obsessions with a complete knack for melody and harmony to produce something so mindblowing and yet beyond description...They require emotion and listening to their music and there are so many turns and twists it becomes something of unbridled genius. So sad to see it go unnoticed but i would say they are on a similar level of creation as that of even Radiohead.