• My top fifteen artists (18 months on).

    Apr 24 2013, 20:37

    So tomorrow is exactly 18 months since I wrote my first journal entry on here, which was my top fifteen artists at the time. Thought I'd do an update.

    The first number to the left represents the artists current place within my top fifteen, the number that follows the ^ is how many plays they have gotten in 18 months (since my last entry) and the last number to the right is the former place they were when I wrote about my top fifteen 18 months ago. Blue represents no change of place or a new entry, red represents they used to be higher on the list and have gone down a place or places, and green represents they used to be lower on the list, and have therefore gone up a place or places.

    1. The Birthday Massacre - 2,472 plays (^ 477, #1)
    2. Ludovico Einaudi - 2,266 plays (^ 1335, #5)
    3. Nightwish - 1,738 plays (^ 152, #2)
    4. Crystal Castles - 1,608 plays (^ 212, #3)
    5. Avril Lavigne - 1,491 plays (^ 622, #6)
    6. Sigur Rós - 1,464 plays (new entry)
    7. Capsule - 1,334 plays (^ 76, #4)
    8. Radical Face - 1,301 plays (^ 721, #9)
    9. M83 - 1,086 plays (new entry)
    10. 久石譲 - 1,073 plays (^ 214, #7)
    11. The xx - 925 plays (new entry)
    12. Moby - 912 plays (^ 193, #8)
    13. Curly Giraffe - 840 plays (^ 455, #13)
    14. múm - 709 plays (new entry)
    15. Stars - 694 plays (new entry)

    Those that were in the former top fifteen but are now absent.

    18. Enya - 549 plays (^ 45, #10)
    22. Andy Hunter° - 504 plays (^ 37, #11)
    24. Rammstein - 487 plays (^ 70, #12)
    25. Parallels - 480 plays (^ 134, #15)
    28. Depeche Mode - 433 plays (^ 81, #14)

    And there we have it! Another update in 18 months (maybe).
  • How varied is your music taste?

    Apr 19 2012, 17:48

    Compile a list of your top 20 artists overall, then for each of these artists, add the seven most similar artists to your list. Delete any duplicates, then count up the number of unique entries on your list and this will give you some idea of how eclectic your listening habits are. A score of 9 represents an extremely unvaried musical taste, while a score of 160 represents an extremely varied one.

    The Birthday Massacre
    - I:Scintilla
    - Helalyn Flowers
    - Ayria
    - Mankind Is Obsolete
    - Scarling.
    - Jakalope
    - Jack Off Jill

    - Tarja
    - Epica
    - Within Temptation
    - Xandria
    - Sirenia
    - Sonata Arctica
    - Delain

    Crystal Castles
    - You Love Her Coz She's Dead
    - Heartsrevolution
    - Kap Bambino
    - White Ring
    - Health
    - Salem
    - Bondage Fairies

    Avril Lavigne
    - The Pretty Reckless
    - Pitty
    - Demi Lovato
    - Paramore
    - Hilary Duff
    - Lindsay Lohan
    - Miley Cyrus

    Ludovico Einaudi
    - Marco Decimo
    - Ludovico Einaudi & Ballaké Sissoko
    - Roberto Cacciapaglia
    - Fabrizio Paterlini
    - Giovanni Allevi
    - Whitetree
    - Wim Mertens

    - Meg
    - Perfume
    - Aira Mitsuki
    - 中田ヤスタカ
    - Saori@destiny
    - きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

    Radical Face
    - Electric President
    - Patients
    - Rickolus
    - Benjamin Francis
    - Ben Cooper
    - Ben Howard
    - Other Lives

    - 野見祐二
    - 寺嶋民哉
    - New Japan Philharmonic
    - 木村弓
    - Cécile Corbel
    - 井上あずみ
    - 手嶌葵

    - Voodoo Child
    - Faithless
    - Fatboy Slim
    - The Chemical Brothers
    - Röyksopp
    - Massive Attack
    - The Prodigy

    Curly Giraffe
    - 大橋トリオ
    - ハナレグミ
    - 羊毛とおはな
    - Great 3
    - ハンバート ハンバート
    - bonobos
    - おおはた雄一

    - Washed Out
    - Active Child
    - Neon Indian
    - Porcelain Raft
    - I Break Horses
    - Youth Lagoon
    - The Naked and Famous

    Sigur Rós
    - Jónsi
    - Jónsi & Alex
    - Sigur Rós & Steindór Andersen
    - Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson & Sigur Rós
    - amiina
    - Ólafur Arnalds
    - múm

    The xx
    - Crystal Castles
    - Lykke Li
    - Jamie xx
    - Bon Iver
    - Foals
    - The Naked and Famous
    - James Blake

    - Amy Millan
    - Mmephis
    - Metric
    - Broken Social Scene
    - Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton
    - The Most Serene Republic
    - Reverie Sound Revue

    - Loreena McKennitt
    - Era
    - Clannad
    - Enigma
    - Secret Garden
    - Sarah Brightman
    - Moya Brennan

    Andy Hunter°
    - Hyper
    - Cirrus
    - Elite Force
    - ils
    - General Midi
    - Dylan Rhymes
    - Overseer

    - Emigrate
    - Oomph!
    - Eisbrecher
    - Death Stars
    - Megaherz
    - Combichrist
    - System of a Down

    - amiina
    - Kira Kira
    - Sigur Rós
    - Slowblow
    - Efterklang
    - Rökkurró
    - Worm is Green

    - Cloetta Paris
    - The Outrunners
    - Fan Death
    - Minitel Rose
    - Sally Shapiro
    - FM Attack
    - The Golden Filter

    - You Love Her Coz She's Dead
    - Kap Bambino
    - 64revolt
    - Crystal Castles
    - Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya
    - Sexy Sushi
    - Tying Tiffany

    Total Score: 151 (a.k.a. SUPER VARIED)

    That took a lot longer than I thought it would.
  • Music quizzieizzyis.

    Mar 18 2012, 18:14

    1. What are you listening to right now?
    Sæglópur by Sigur Rós.

    2. What song makes you sad?
    A lot do. Illusion by VNV Nation, Limbo by Ludovico Einaudi, Wait by M83, Stay With Me by Clint Mansell... I have a playlist for songs like this. (click)

    3. What is the most annoying song in the world?
    I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas.

    4. Your all-time favourite band?
    Sigur Rós.

    5. Your newly discovered band is?

    6. Best female voice?
    Tarja Turunen and Susanne Sundfør.

    7. Best male voice?

    8. Genre you find yourself listening to most?
    Indie, electronic, synthpop and post-rock.

    9. To hype you up, what do you listen to?
    There are five songs in particular; Steve McQueen by M83, One (Always Hardcore) by Scooter, Spirit Never Die by Masterplan, Young Blood by The Naked and Famous and Blood by The Middle East.

    10. What do you listen to when you want to calm down?
    Ludovico Einaudi.

    11. Last gig, concert or festival you went to?
    Updating this just so I can now write that I went to see Sigur Rós, and they were perfect. It was ten days ago, on Friday the 8th of March, at the O2 Academy in Brixton, London.

    12. Band you find yourself listening to the most right now?
    Sigur Rós.

    13. Your most hated band?
    Hmm, that's a tough one. I just don't listen to bands I don't like, so I wouldn't really know.

    14. A song that makes you think?
    2 Rights Make 1 Wrong by Mogwai. Another? Pretty Pet by Aberdeen City.

    15. Band that you think the world should love as much as you do?
    Radical Face.

    16. Coolest music video?
    Happy Up Here by Röyksopp and Remind Me, also by Röyksopp.

    17. Can you play a musical instrument?
    I can play a few things on the keyboard, and some simple stuff on guitar, but I wouldn't go as far as saying I can properly 'play' one.

    18. Ever been in a mosh pit?

    19. Are you in a band?

    20. Ever dated a musician?

    21. Do you wish yourself that you were a musician?

    22. Do you listen to any music that you're ashamed of?
    Nope, not at all. I'd happily tell people that PONPONPON is super awesome. I don't think people should be ashamed of or apologise for the music they enjoy.

    23. Last song that you heard on the radio?
    The last one I can remember hearing on the radio (of which I am familiar with) was Never Ever by All Saints.

    24. What do you think of classical music?
    Some of the best music there is.

    25. What do you think of country music?

    26. What do you think of death metal?
    No thank you.

    27. Last big band that you saw live?
    Sigur Rós.

    28. Are you a groupie?

    29. Do you listen to music in foreign languages?
    Yes, a lot.

    30. Funny concert moment?
    Iron Maiden played so hard one of the speakers caught fire, then they had to turn all sound off for around twenty minutes while it was replaced. It was quite a surreal experience, people sat above were doing the wave, and I realised just how loud the cheers of over a thousand people are. Someone also threw a bottle of urine at Trivium when they were playing and they complained about it afterwards and tried to get some intense mosh pits going on. That was humorous.

    31. If you were a musical instrument what would you be?

    32. Do you listen to the radio?
    Sometimes, but rarely by choice.

    33. Do you watch music televison?
    Not anymore.

    34. Do you follow the music charts, like the top 40?

    35. Are any of your friends or family musicians?

    36. Song that best describes your feelings right now?
    Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare) by Kid Cudi.

    37. Song that describes your life?
    I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself by The White Stripes.

    38. Do you know the names of all the band members that you listen to?

    39. Does a musicians physical attractiveness play a role in the music that you listen to?
    No. I'm older than 15.

    40. What famous musician do you want to marry?

    41. Favourite film soundtrack?
    The Lord of the Rings (score by Howard Shore).

    42. Any musician pet peeves?
    I'm sure I have a few, but none that I can think of at the moment.

    43. What do your parents listen to?
    My mum likes Scissor Sisters I think... and The Darkness. And I guess my dad likes KT Tunstall and Adele and Moby and stuff. I'm not entirely sure, to be honest.

    44. What are you listening to right now?
    Haven't we had this question already? I'm listening to Gong by Sigur Rós.

    45. Do you wear band t-shirts?
    I used to.

    46. What do you think of people who do?
    I'm glad they are embracing their passion.

    47. What music sub-culture do you feel like you belong to?
    No idea.

    48. What song is stuck in your head right now?
    Heart Skipped a Beat by The xx.

    49. Do you sing in the shower?
    Not a lot.

    50. If so, what? If not, why not?
    Because the shower is where I do most of my thinking. I can't think if I'm singing.

    51. Would you rather marry a musician or be one yourself?
    Be one myself.

    52. How important is your partners taste in music to you?
    Me and my cutie pinkoctupus have loads in common, which means we get to listen to music together and want to go to the same concerts. But even if I hated her music and she hated mine, I'd still love her to bits.

    53. Do you cook to music?
    Not really. When I have to do the washing up I listen to music, though. Then I find myself washing up in sync with the music, and probably look crazy.

    54. Do you sing in the toilet?
    I don't go into the toilet, but I listen to music while I'm on the toilet. I don't sing on the toilet, though.

    55. What are you listening to right now?
    Again? I'm listening to Sæglópur by Sigur Rós once more.
  • How I discovered my top 15 artists.

    Ott 25 2011, 20:54

    I should really be doing my university assignments, but I get so easily distracted and here I find myself writing a journal. I need to focus! After this, after this. Basically, I thought I would write a little journal on how I discovered my top 15 artists (by plays) on last.fm. Pretty much because I thought it would be interesting and because I want to.

    The Birthday Massacre (1,955 plays)
    Discovered while dossing in college back in the middle of 2010. Me and my friend (cassidy_akira) were in the library, on the computers and watching videos on YouTube. After watching an AMV, another video titled The Birthday Massacre MEP was listed in the related section at the side. So I clicked on that and the rest is history. This is the video.

    Nightwish (1,586 plays)
    This is going back quite some time, many, many years ago. I most likely discovered Nightwish through music channels on televison or just the internet in general.

    Crystal Castles (1,396 plays)
    Recommended by a friend (pinkoctupus) back in the middle-ish of 2010. I immediately became unbelievably addicted. First song I listened to was Baptism, second one was Untrust Us.

    Capsule (1,258 plays)
    Indirectly through anime, which got me into the Japanese music scene. When I branched into electronic music, Capsule were already a band I was aware of. I first checked them out in February 2011, fell in love and never looked back.

    Ludovico Einaudi (931 plays)
    Discovered Ludovico Einaudi in 2007-ish through the film This Is England, which uses many of his tracks which still remain my favourites to this day, including Dietro Casa and Fuori dal mondo.

    Avril Lavigne (869 plays)
    I feel Avril needs no explanation. Everyone knows Avril. I probably discovered her through a mix of television and radio many years ago. I still love her.

    久石譲 (859 plays)
    Discovered through the films of Takeshi Kitano and Hayao Miyazaki (Joe Hisaishi provided the music for many of their films), but it was the soundtrack to Kitano's film Kikujiro that gripped me the most and convinced me to check out his other work. I now consider Joe Hisaishi my favourite film composer ever.

    Moby (719 plays)
    Probably discovered indirectly through my dad, who happened to be playing one of his albums (most likely Play) when I was around. This was a long time ago.

    Radical Face (580 plays)
    Discovered through the Nikon advert that used Radical Face's song Welcome Home. First time I saw the advert I instantly had to know the song. So I searched the net, found the title and artist and listened to it over and over again. Then I checked out the album Ghost, by then I was hooked. The works of Electric President soon followed.

    Enya (504 plays)
    Discovered while searching around for information on The Lord of the Rings soundtrack yonks ago. We're talking 2005-ish. As you may know, Enya provided music for The Fellowship of the Ring.

    Andy Hunter° (467 plays)
    Discovered through an AMV by Nostromo way back in 2007-ish. The AMV remains one of my favourites to this day. Here it is.

    Rammstein (417 plays)
    I can't begin to fathom where or how I discovered Rammstein, but generally I am going to say the internet and Kerrang.

    Curly Giraffe (385 plays)
    Discovered early 2011 through the Japanese film Confessions, which used his song Peculiarities in the amazing slow motion opening scene after the lengthy (but phenomenal) introduction. Peculiarities was all I listened to from Curly Giraffe for a few months, until I checked out his other work around August-ish.

    Depeche Mode (352 plays)
    I'm going to say radio and television, many years ago.

    Parallels (346 plays)
    Finally, a band I actually discovered through last.fm. I came across Parallels in July-ish 2011 when looking for new electronic artists to check out.

    Well, there you have it.