You Me At Six at the HMV Forum, Camden, London. 20th March 2009.


Feb 28 2010, 13:02

This was my 1st time seeing these British Pop Punk wonders. Normally, I find Pop-Punk bands get tedious after a while, they all seem to have that same distinctive sound the majority of the time and all sound so similar to one another. But these boys from Surrey are different. With catchy and infectious singalongs such as: 'Save It For The Bedroom', 'The Rumor', and 'Gossip', they had the entire venue bouncing up and down in pure joy and admiration. With the exception of the encore, 'Always Attract' which saw an appearance of front man Josh Francheski's sister, Elissa Francheski. A quiet and needed moment for all to reflect on what was a fantastic night, swaying arms in solidarity.

The HMV Forum was quite small and confined, but sometimes, I find the small isolated venue's to be of greater value than of a large one as you find that you gain a bigger experience with the band and crowd. I was not excepting many pits, but the whole crowd went berserk with 'Save It For The Bedroom'. This added to my enjoyment value of the night. :) Take Off Your Colours is an album that should not be overlooked .I highly recommend this band and I look forward to seeing them again with their recent second album offering, 'Hold Me Down.' All Time Low, you have some serious competition for the Pop-Punk crown, watch out for these boys. :)

* 5/5 stars *

You Me at Six Take Off Your Colours
Hold Me Down


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