Ott 31 2006, 15:50

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  • RecordTheory

    What a moron.

    Ott 31 2006, 17:52
  • AnXa

    I think Bush has been recently cause for most wars on this planet... making free countries really 'free'. Fuck, give people some where to choose from. Communism is fair but doesn't work mostly. Capitalism isn't fair but does work mostly.

    Ott 31 2006, 20:29
  • darren06

    hes on about google maps . and he cant think of the name ? the guy is a moron

    Ott 31 2006, 21:15
  • adam2z

    ah fool

    Ott 31 2006, 21:16
  • gr4vity

    ROFL. the gewgle.

    Ott 31 2006, 22:53
  • LeBeatniq

    The google. I had to lol at that one. :)

    Ott 31 2006, 23:45
  • soulphox

    One of these days they should put The Google on The Internet! That would be keen.

    Nov 1 2006, 0:04
  • xxix

    The Google LOL, that was funny. Sad, sad man.

    Nov 1 2006, 1:36
  • vaguerant

    The sad thing is we're all concentrating on his erring words, when what we should really be looking at are his erring actions.

    Nov 1 2006, 12:03
  • ___natalie

    how did this man become president again? XD

    Nov 4 2006, 4:00
  • Toddcraft

    Not with votes, that's for sure. :)

    Nov 4 2006, 6:21
  • misaki_suzuhara

    NO WAI. D;

    Nov 4 2006, 11:19
  • misaki_suzuhara

    Although I do wonder how he got into presidency... we could instate a chimpanzee as the president and the US'd be better off... xx;

    Nov 4 2006, 11:19
  • clar_xo


    Nov 6 2006, 21:38
  • HeftyFine

    The Gewwgle. What a fucking idiot.

    Nov 8 2006, 18:12
  • ghost4444

    How is this worthy of being news!

    Nov 9 2006, 16:26
  • ghost4444

    How is this worthy of being news!

    Nov 9 2006, 16:28
  • Gvaz

    lol. bush. in kazakstan, this makes us laugh like horses because it is the name of the *points*

    Nov 9 2006, 19:31
  • IanAR


    Nov 17 2006, 20:12
  • Toddcraft

    Haha. I like how the first one is Bush and the second one is Michael Moore!

    Nov 17 2006, 21:00
  • OtterTheCanuck

    I hear there's rumours on the internets... lmao that's even better.

    Dic 3 2006, 18:47
  • darren06

    lol he says it reminds me were i wanna be wtf hes getting worse these days....

    Mar 7 2007, 1:00
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