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Ba.Tu Jauti/Lieti 14 Mag 10:54
Ba.RASTI / PASIKLYSTI 14 Mag 10:49
Ba.KLAIDOS 14 Mag 6:39
Ba.Spaudžia iš aplink laisvė iš vidaus 14 Mag 6:36
Ba.RASTI / PASIKLYSTI 10 Mag 17:27
Ba.Sugebėt Pasikeist - Bonus 10 Mag 17:24
Ba.Spaudžia iš aplink laisvė iš vidaus 10 Mag 7:45
Ba.Juda kojos / Jauti 10 Mag 7:39
Ba.Naktį Judu 10 Mag 7:35
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  • DefenceMan

    tai gal jau pamirso ;/ siaip tai kad Agnesse net niekada neatsiliepia, tai kokia cia kalba gali but.. :D

    2 Apr 11:50 Rispondi
  • DefenceMan

    taigi, as irgi labai laukiu ;> tau pasiseke, kad teko su juo pabendaut.. :) o sakyk, kodel nebebendrauji su Liutuku ? zinok jis isvis tave pamirs tuoj..

    1 Apr 22:36 Rispondi
  • DefenceMan

    ne, meluoju. aisku, kad magiska balandzio 27 diena ! rimtai netikras ? ;o na, bet dekui uz komplimenta ;p

    1 Apr 20:22 Rispondi
  • DefenceMan

    nezinau, gal rytoj.. ;D ir beje, su kokiu ten Damonu susirasinejai pries 3 metus shoutboxe ? : D

    1 Apr 17:38 Rispondi
  • DefenceMan

    ir dar, Agness, zinai kas mate gyvai Blur ir vos nepaliete (o minyse gal ir paliete) Albarna ? ;D

    26 Set 2014 Rispondi
  • DefenceMan

    Girls and Boys ! :D

    8 Set 2014 Rispondi
  • HyperShines_

    Ahh I still can't believe that I got a ticket! :'D I'm so happy jdngkgd I'm sure they'll make a little tour, but UGH really hate Damon for saying one thing then time later he changes his mind! dgjhdbgjd YES :'D already loving 2012, but 2011 was the best too aww seriously thinking what i'll do after August, like What am i gonna live for lol

    4 Apr 2012 Rispondi
  • HyperShines_

    KJNKDGD I KNOW, Those days everything was perfect! *-* AHHH I'm going omgggg i really can't believe it! *-* Aww but i'm pretty sure they'll tour soon and you'll see them! :D YES, so looking forward to Pulp (if i can can tickets, so sad i don't have one Dx) Gonna see al my fav bands this year ah :'3

    9 Mar 2012 Rispondi
  • HyperShines_

    omg yes, they are obviously on something!!! very jelly to all the people going to War Child! wish i could go see them, but i better save money in case blur hehehe. ohhh no Radiohead until April!!!! but Pulp is coming here!!! :D and algo MGMT ;) and Arctic Monkeys, gooood.

    17 Feb 2012 Rispondi
  • HyperShines_

    Ahh i really want them to do something! Like Graham and Damon are super busy with their projects! Thanks :3 It's been good good....Aw I'm actually going mad with all the bands giving concerts here! i have no money Dx

    4 Feb 2012 Rispondi
  • HyperShines_

    Sorry for replying so late! But aw i'm really happy because all the things going on with Blur! They made a new twitter and they are opening a new official page! dkjgbnkdg something must be happening or why would they do that! oh and btw i hope you had a nice christmas and a happy new year! :D 2012 is doing good. With Radiohead coming here yes :D

    3 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • HyperShines_

    Aw bless Blur they are the best :3 but i don't see them doing some tour, or recording new songs any time soon. In a way it's for the best because keeping up with Damon projects it's a bit expensive lol Yeaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg i'm getting my Radiohead ticket tomorrow!!!!! I'm soooo excited ahhh :D finally will see one of my favorite bands, god i needed a good concert djgbkds will be amazing! They are sooo great so amazing, i can't even put into words how wonderful they are! Try listening to OK Computer and In Rainbows please, you'll love them!!! Actually like 4 years ago i didnt like them that much, but then i got all their albums and really listened to them, now i love them :D

    1 Dic 2011 Rispondi
  • Chloeflux

    dabar jau penktas menuo eina.siaip man patinka londono atmosfera,galiu rengtis kaip noriu,labai laisva atmosfera,vakareliai tai kiekviena diena vyksta. buvo jazzo festivalis,nepraleidau progos nueiti,tai sakes zmoniu jura centre.bet svarbiausia gyveni nepriklausoma gyvenima. : ))

    27 Nov 2011 Rispondi
  • Chloeflux

    as tikrai nieko pries. : DD jo,dabar londone gyvenu,tiesa sakant nelabai toli nuo jo rajono,bet mano marsrutas buna darbas-namai taip kad neuzsuku pas "ji". : DD

    27 Nov 2011 Rispondi
  • Chloeflux

    taip taip,tumblr.siaip turiu,bet nenaudoju ilgai,laiko neturiu,esu tikraja ta zodzio prasme darboholike. : D dabar va ziuriu bilietus i dr.dee,rytoj gaunu alga,tai uzsisakysiu butinai.nes taip ir nenuvaziuoju i damono rajono,pasiblaskyti,pamedzioti jo. : DDD

    27 Nov 2011 Rispondi
  • Chloeflux

    tavo blogas yra nesveikas!!!!!!! dabar dar labiau supratau,kokios mes panasios. : D

    27 Nov 2011 Rispondi
  • HyperShines_

    Hey! Oh i think they are just playing their fist album again :D such a good good album! Ahhhhh and now Damon talking about a possible US tour and Radiohead making oen too akjfbakf and i dont know what to do!!! I want to see Radiohead, but then i won't have money for Dr. Dee in London, or if Blur make something. Arghhh decisions dunno. hehehe damn i need to start working. Things i have to do because i dont live in England <.<

    8 Nov 2011 Rispondi
  • HyperShines_

    Thank you!! And aw I'll have to wait a couple of weeks to have Think Tank tho! Then i can finally put them all together in one place :D Arghhhhhh i know it's so unfair! All the good things go to the UK, i wanted to see TGTBTQ so badly! I love that project so much, but ugh no! lol I know Damon just should do a world tour with Blur then Gorillaz again and all the other bands he has! hahaha Sigh And did you hear about The Stone Roses reunion? I wanted to scream tooooo, the tickets sold out so fast, and of course only in Manchester and London. Dammit we could live in England and be so happy!!!

    23 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • HyperShines_

    Guess what!!! I just ordered Think Tank on monday! :D Yaaaay i'm so happy, finally i'll have all the albums :3 and also DRC Music! UGH Did you see that Damon is giving a The Good, The Bad, and the Queen concert...i am so mad at atm, i mean whyyyyy this is like the worst for all the people not living in the UK, I mean its one of my favorite bands and i love that project! :((( Not fair at all! He better give a Blur concert soon, to pay for the things he is doing and that i'm not aloud to see :C

    13 Ott 2011 Rispondi
  • Nirvanoni

    Sorry for the really late answer, but I rarely open last.fm. I'm fine, schools started and I'm quite busy. And you?

    6 Ott 2011 Rispondi
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