• Traveller Storyline as Written on the booklet

    Ago 9 2010, 0:01

    This is the story of Baltech Budapest: rogue, mercenary, space pirate. The mad Professor Rickets has contracted him to travel at Jump speed across the galaxy to the Querion subsector, crossing into Zhodani space, to impersonate an asteroid miner. Extracting special fungal spores from the asteroids, instead of minerals, is his mission. Unbeknownced to Baltech, the asteroid spores are the only natural host for certain DNA strands, including Vargr genes. The Vargr are a race of humanoid dogs, whose primitive yet technological societies are scattered through the galaxy. Once encased in the asteroid spores, the Vargr genes can be injected directly into the veins of other humanoid races, and spliced with their own genes, to create a hybrid race. Eventually the spores become airborne, infecting upon ingestion. Professor Rickets' plan is to infiltrate the human race with Vargr genes, to create a master race of Dog Men that will soon rule the galaxy with their human intelligence and Vargr instinct and heightened senses.

    Upon his return flight with the spores, Baltech is caught in an asteroid field and his spaceship is badly damaged. He is forced to make an emergency landing on an unknown desert planet, inhabited by no other than the Vargr Race. The Vargr find Baltech unconscious and buried in the sand with his canisters of spores. Easily figuring out the injection mechanism, they shoot him up with the Vargr genes, and he becomes the first member of the hybrid "master race." Horrified upon awakening, Baltech sees his face and body in a mirror and realizes what happened. Violently escaping the Vargr planet in a stolen space ship he returns to Professor Rickets with his canisters of spores and vengefully shoots him up, blaming him for the curse that has been put upon him by the Vargr. Now they are both Dog-men; Baltech horrified at what he has become, and Rickets delighted at his masterful genetic creation.

    Now Baltech hides himself away on a small planet in remorse and fear of what whill become of the hman race, taking on an attitude of apathy and despondence, while Professor Rickets is hard at work gathering more Vargr DNA to infiltrate hte galaxy with airborne spores. Soon there are minions of Dog-men throughout the local planets, banding together to spread more Vargr genes, and they seek out Baltech on his planet, urging him to become their ruler as the first of their kind to appear. he refuses repeatedly and wants only to be left alone, so the genes spread more and more until most of the human race has become hybrid. But a plan has been put into action by Baltech in his last days. A plan that involves the Zhodani Consulate and their Psionic powers: mind weapons which he had become quite skilled at using over the years of his quiet, reclusive meditation.

    And as the Zhodani Consulate descended with their Psionic powers, Professor Rickets and his Hybrid armies were frozen in a single thought. Mind-controlled and helpless, the galaxy returned to a state of balance of power, Human and Vargr.