Rise in the morning Shine 'til the dawning Sweet as the summer Cheek soft as a fur…


Giu 24 2008, 14:26

Soft beams from an early sun
On my truly beautiful one
Shimmer from a Saturday sun
On my truly beautiful one
Brought up from sleep
Lost in the blankets
Tasting like salt
Roses and candy bars
Stretched out to breathe
Down from the rooftops
Sticked down to sleep
Like an envelope
Filled up with words for you
Rise in the morning
beautiful wonderboy

A common line
I closed my eyes
But couldn’t let it go

The perfect time
I dropped my guard
And lost but won somehow
It’s rather sad
It feels like we’ve never
Made it together since
One word ahead
And you’d be dead
I held you in my throat
I stumble by
Attached to you

I couldn’t let it go

The world is full of diamonds
go out and find'em
the words you're tryin' to say
are the ones you shouldn've said
they're glistening like diamonds,
go out and find'em

Oh mirror, mirror upon the wall
Who is the fairest of them all
Mirror, mirror made no reply
Mirror went black and cracked from side to side
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh girl, look at yourself, what have you done
What have you become
You know the camera don't lie
Give me your eyes so I can see me straight

Give me your eyes I can't tell night from day

Oh, I think you're spinning inside my head
I think of you all the time
cause you're in my way
Oh, I think you're holding
the heart of mine
squeeze it apart, that's fine
You'll break the foot that you're standing on
I'll walk with the other one

For What It's Worth
You're the Storm

3:45 No Sleep



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