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Giu 20 2007, 17:42

I had written an introduction and a "small" comment under each album but then I thought: "who cares?"
I'll cut it down so it doesn't get as boring for those who decide to stop by, heh xD

Gorillaz - Gorillaz

This is part of my CD collection that was "stacked in the basement"... Only recently I remembered about it and decided to rip and enjoy it digitally :]

Besides the famous tunes, I always loved these:

- New Genious (Brother) *
- Sound Check (Gravity)
- Double Bass *
- Slow Country
- M1 A1 (Specially the scary beginning :)

Pendulum - Hold Your Colour

I had the track Tarantula Feat. Fresh, $pyda & Tenor Fly for some time but only after I watched their video for Slam and dug the song I went after the rest of the album and found it to be quite good actually...
The album is great, still growing on me but my favorites so far are:

- Slam *
- Tarantula Feat. Fresh, $pyda & Tenor Fly *
- Fasten Your Seatbelts *
- Sounds Of Life Feat. Jasmine Lee *

Biosphere - Microgravity

"How come I never heard of this before?" An old classic that influenced Juno Reactor's Transmissions album (for fun: both Juno Reactor - Man To Ray and Biosphere - Microgravity tracks have the same movie samples in it)
Better late than never! (Great album to lay down in bed and wait to sleep ^^)


- Microgravity *
- Cloudwalker II
- Cygnus-A *

Air - Pocket Symphony

I only met Air through the album Talkie Walkie when it was released back then. I'm still working on digging their older stuff but I decided I had to know what they were up to with the new album... Turns out it's great!


- Space Maker (what a cool name ^^)
- Once Upon a Time
- Napalm Love *

But there's this one track that I absolutely Hate! Totally out of context! :/

- One Hell of a Party

Massive Attack - Protection

Just as with AIR, I started from the latest album and now I'm going back in time to listen to the older stuff. And recently I approved Protection into my library :D
Probably the most famous album from MA. No comments needed... exceptional piece!

I can hardly list my favorites because it's almost all of them ^^

- Protection *
- Three *
- Weather Storm *
- Better Things *
- Eurochild *

* - Best ones from that album


  • jamesarice

    I agree with you on the 'One Hell of a Party - don't like it at all, and doesn't really seem to fit... the rest of the album is great though. Oh, and you should definitely check out Air's other albums!

    Dic 15 2007, 8:00
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