• Mike Leigh

    Gen 20 2010, 11:30

    is awesome. Just a note, I'll edit this when I finish with my exams, so... next wednesday I think.
  • Sheeesh

    Giu 9 2009, 18:38

    I took a bit of a break didn't I? Well, anyway I sort of plan updating this again, so... fingers crossed.

    Lets end this short entry with a question - How can Krzysztof Kieslowski be so awesome?
  • Dan's Top Ten Movies of This Decade

    Ago 18 2008, 1:23

    Alright, I hear you shout "foul play". Fair and square, I said that the next feature would be about anime. But... in the words of Kevin Smith, fuck that! I feel movie like right now. So, here am I and my favourite less than 10 year old movies + little write up about them.

    1. Yi Yi - Edward Yang - 2000
    Was close, but 2000 is still in and hands down, it stole the first place. Wait, 'stealing' isn't the right word, now is it? Because there's no movie in this list that I like more, so it's actually deserved. No robbery. Explanation? Because Yi Yi is life, it's emotion and it's downright beautiful. An encounter of an old lover puts everything on its head for NJ. NJ, like most of the cast, is real, he lives. He isn't just a archetypal character, he's a living human being. He has little things that make him happy. He has regrets. He tries to be the best he can be. And many other things we all try to do. Maybe not you all, but I certainly do, I identified with him. More than I identify with characters of my age. [Damn, I feel old.] He has the chance to outdo his biggest ever regret, yet he finds out that everything would end up the same. Not saying it's necessarily the happiest way it could've worked out, but you know, it's alright. Just like when I think about stuff, you know it's alright. NJ is the moving centrepiece but the rest of the movie doesn't stroll off. Both his children, whose encounters mirror past moments of their dad, are ...well great. Yang-Yang has the all-conquering child spirit drooping from his fingers and Ting Ting is insecure [not whiny, mind] like we sometimes and most adolescents are. Poignant and understated. Masterpiece.

    Favourite moments: When Ota is talking about new day. NJ saying that he wouldn't change a thing. Yang Yang speech at the funeral.

    2. Before Sunset - Richard Linklater - 2004
    I expect you to be familiar with Before Sunrise. If you aren't then I advise not to proceed until you correct this mistake. Firstly, allow me to say that I love Linklater's work and Sunset might just be my favourite. It's sort of hard to talk about this, because Celine and Jesse, the protagonist, do just that, talk. Talk life. Talk
    ideas. Talk what they fucked-up. I don't know about you, but I love them. Both of them. Because I feel that I know them. The brilliant dialogue lets you to see into them. So, they're the closest thing to a friend you're ever going to get from a celluloid. You want them to be happy. And they pretend to be at first. You know, everything's perfect. But it really isn't, but you try to live with it. They do as well. They
    put this act in front of each other, so the other can think 'well, at least she/he is doing alright'. They don't wanna spoil the happy party. Good thing that Celine snaps, after that they reveal what they wouldn't otherwise. They love each other. After all these years. You know it. They know it. The ending mirrors the first one, just as Jesse states at the beginning of the movie. If you're a romantic person, you think he thought 'fuck the plane, this is where I want to be'. If you're a bit cynical, then he went and started 'acting' again. I think he missed the flight.

    Favourite moments: Celine playing the song and the moment when she says his name. Jesse face when he first sees her standing in the bookshop. Celine loosing it.

    3. Half Nelson - Ryan Fleck - 2006
    Just when you start thinking that American independent cinema is relying on the old goats delivering - Linklater, Kevin Smith, comes Mr. Fleck and makes you eat your words. The fact that I loved the songs used the movie already was a plus, and seeing faces from The Wire was a nice thing as well. But that's not what makes the movie. It's Ryan Gosling and Shareeka Epps. Gosling as Dan, an idealistic teacher. And a guy obviously wanted to try everything possible when he was younger, thus the crack addiction. He's self-destructing right in front of you. You realize that the only thing stopping him from completely fucking up everything. He realizes as well. He tries. He tries hard. To do everything he can, in the best way possible. He tries to be a good role-model for them. Just imagine when Drey, one of his students, finds him fucked-up on crack on toilets. Her world is in tatters. His world is in tatters. She's on a downward spiral of her own. Brother in jail, mom working all day, dad God knows where. Not really connecting with other kids in the class and Frank, the drug kingpin, who owed her brother, looking out for her, for her future. Not very rosy, now is it. They're both good people, but they can't save themselves alone. But maybe, just maybe one can save the other. Maybe.

    Favourite moments: Dan talking philosophy to the kiddos. Drey discovering Dan. However, the mother of all moments is when Drey sells Dan drugs, with Shampoo Suicide playing out loud. It just hits you like few things do.

    4. Mulholland Drive - David Lynch - 2001
    I love Lynch. He takes you to places nobody else does, nobody else dares to and I'm not talking geography here. Example - a fella kills another fella then a cleaner then a fat lady. It comes of as a silly, you want to have a little laugh, yet you fully realise the thing that just happened isn't funny. Your emotions are working against each other, you don't know what to feel. Welcome to Lynch world. That's one signature, another is the puzzled feeling you have after leaving the cinema. Mulholland doesn't miss this trick either. After my first seeing I was thinking about what the hell happened all the way home. I was hooked. Next time we [me and mejdž] convinced few mates to come with us and we left talking about it. Now, I
    was about the only proper movie buff in there, so for something like that to happen? Go figure! Anyway, I think it's about time to say about the movie. Duh. But it's kinda hard to talk about that, 'cause of that MONUMENTAL twist ...not sure that's the right word, 'cause what happens turns everything upside down. Naomi
    Watts puts in a terrific performance as an overawed country girl entering Hollywood. Laura Harring, well I think she was good as well, but then I had the tendency just to stare at her at times! Anyway the straight forward story is engaging, keeps you interrested and strange things start happening all around the place. And then your head explodes. Lynch also sticks the boot in Hollywood and how they do things around there. All in all, this is pure Lynch. Funny and beautiful. Silly and terrifying. You may not love it, but you can't ignore it.

    Favourite moments: The silencio theater. When Justin Theroux gets kicked out of his house. The first few scenes after 'The Reverse'. And well... when the girlies are hitting it off. Ahem.

    5. Bloody Sunday - Paul Greengrass - 2002
    This movie, along with The Elephant Man, left me feeling cold. Not cold as in towards the movies. Cold towards people and humanity in general, admit it, most of us can be fucking cunts. I definitely can. Anyway if you're not familiar what's 'Bloody Sunday' then look it up. There's actually more of them, I can't blame cynical / pessimistic people for being how they are after thinking what people have done. And unquestionably will do. You could complain about the fact that the movie focuses maybe a bit to much on Mr. Cooper, instead of the people of Derry. But after seeing his face of utter devastation after the carnage, you'll share it. So, why do we do things like this?

    Favourite moments: It's hard to call some of the powerful scenes as favourite but... The Utter Face of Devastation. The queue of people joining the IRA. 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' kicking you when you're down during the ending subtitles.

    6. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Ang Lee - 2000
    You have to love Asian martian arts movies. There is this ...grace or whatever about them. And Tiger shows that in style. But the brilliant fights are just the decoration. The core is very emotional. Zhang Ziyi, as a rebel without
    a cause Jen, steals the show. She's hyper, spoiled, angry, big-headed, frustrated and rather skilled. Marriage? Piss off! I wanna party ...or at least beat up everybody in 5km radius. She obviously lacks direction. Luckily there are two older
    heads there to give it to her. Unluckily, she doesn't want to listen. And it's not like they don't have anything else they desire to do. You can see the repressed feeling of love glowing out of them. They're the emotional core. While Jen and Lo share passionate touches, they keep on the guard, keeping the distance. As someone in the movie says, even the greatest war heroes can be afraid when it comes to their feelings. And you get to feel than an unavoidable tragedy is coming, that won't let them get what they deserve, what they both want, to be together. Only in Li's final moments they get through to Jen, she finally opens eyes. Because there's no shame in quiet life with our beloved.

    Favourite moments: Li owning Jen with a wooden stick. Jen beating up shitloads of guys. Final moments between Li and Yu.

    7. The Lives of Others - Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck - 2006
    Young Herr Wiesler really believed in what he was doing. He was an idealist, he believed that socialism could cut the mustard. That's the feeling I have anyway, he truly believed in the system. Shame that in reality it was majorly fucked up. Gradually he became more machine-like than human. The perfect cog in
    the wheel, unmistakeably identifying 'the enemies of the state'. He lived for the job, it was his air and he believed he was doing the right thing. He personally marked Georg Dreyman as the type that goes against the state. So, surveillance is set-up. However, it's not because that he poses danger to anyone, but because someone higher up wants it. Specifically, he wants Dreyman's girlfriend. Wiesler carries on like a machine but cracks start appearing. First he has to remove the name of the higher up from the report, 'cause ...well we don't want to cause any disturbances to the chiefs, now do we? Step by step Wiesler just has no choice but to question his whole belief structure. He learns about avoidable tragedies of people who meant no harm whatsoever, stuff they don't tell you about. He has to decide what course of action to take. Decide to pretend and ruin another life or to do something. To do something good. Ulrich Mühe carries the movie and puts in a brilliant performance, subtle, strong and very believable. Rest in peace.

    Favourite moments: Wiesler finding the dedication. Wiesler reassuring Christa-Maria that she's an artist. The wall is down.

    8. Nobody Knows - Hirokazu Koreeda - 2004
    Kids. Kids love their parents, doesn't matter that parents don't really care for them. Another addition to the 'people are idiot' collection, Nodody Knows is inspired by a real story of a mother who left her children alone in a apartment. 'After Life' remains my favourite Koreeda movie, but this one affecting story. The 4 kids are pure, unspoiled and utterly adorable. I could try to describe them, but seeing them is the only proper way. Each other and mother is everything they ever had. The premise is miserable and I'm sure the real life events were much worse than in the movie. Here, the children manage to remain cheerful, to save their childhood. The standout is Yuya Yagira as Akira, 12 year-old boy who has to play the father to his siblings. And he tries hard, but he's ...twelve and you can't really blame him
    for making some poor decisions. You can't blame him for not going to social services asking for help, because they are adults there. And with the examples of the adult world he had contact with, irresponsible mother, not one of the fathers willing do anything and those people are family. If family does nothing, how can you trust other people?

    Favourite moments: Mother telling Akira, that she isn't selfish, she just wants to be happy [meaning: 'fuck you children, I wanna have fun']. Shigeru in general. The kids at end walking with Saki, still living on, not broken.

    9. Persepolis - Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud - 2007
    The best animated movie I've seen in years. Sure, there were some great animated Pixar movies and Anime is strong as ever ...or average as ever if you want. However, they both stay in their sphere. Former is family friendly, latter aimed at mostly bored teenagers. Persepolis is a proper movie that happens to be animated. I've seen people arguing that it's very onesided. Well, it's a personal account, not a documentary, so OF COURSE it's going to be bit biased. Anyway that's the sauce, now let's talk what we're left with. It's a great coming-of-age story in very lively black and white colours. Marjane is a hyperactive child, shouts, protests. You know, just what kids in rather normal environmnet do as well. She's not really in a normal environment though. We see how she percieves the occuring changes around her, rather naive, but hey she's a child! Her parents to save her from war by sending her to France... which means many different struggles with culture, adapting and fitting in. Luckily she usually remains spirited, so we don't mope around with a depressed teenager. I guess part of the thrill for me is the fact that I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to the Middle East, apart from the obvious stuff anyway. So, most of the stuff was new to me, so as biased as it is, it was fascinating movie for me. Full of emotion, full of new information, full of seeing how someone from an utterly different culture sees the world. I liked it.

    Favourite moments: Full clothed model to draw. Austrian underground, man. The relationship with the Grandma.

    10. No Country for Old Men - Ethan Coen, Joel Coen - 2007
    I had a really hard time deciding on this last movie, 'cause I believe that cinema is in good shape and they're many great movies from this decade. I'll give honorary mentions to some of them at the end. Finally, I've deciced for the latest Coen masterwork. The center of the movie is Tommy Lee Jones as a veteran sheriff, longing for the days gone by. Days when his old man didn't have to wear a gun while patroling around. More peaceful days of the past. He's worried about the future. And with the man like Chigurh around, who wouldn't be? Now, lately it's a trend to 'humanize' villians, like you know, the circumstances made him/her into psycho killer [yay!] or that kind of shit. None of that here, Chigurh is pure evil. Pure evil that operates within its own rulebook. And the silly haircut makes him that much more evil. Most of the film is rather exciting thriller, duel between a veteran soldier and a soldier of evil, but the movie is as meditative as it is thrilling. It's very bleak and dark as well, the usual Coen humour is missing. By the end of the movie, you won't like the idea of an air gun being near you. I know I don't.

    Favourite moments: Chigurh brutally getting a new car. Chigurh in a shop. Chigurh and the wife, we all know what he did in the end.

    That's about it. Was enjoyable writting this, rewatching some movies. As a side no movies from 2008, 'cause well ...I decided so. I'm usually one year behind when it comes to the movies.

    Honorary mentions (in no particular order): Memories of Murder, There Will Be Blood [DDL is the best actor of this generation], Atonement, Fog of War, The Child, The Departed, Children of Men, Corpse Bride, House of Flying Daggers, Hero, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Million Dollar Baby, Talk To Her, Volver, Pianist, 24 Hour Party People, About Schmidt, In the Mood for Love, Lantana and many more.
  • Nikdy nespím, pretože spánok je...

    Lug 19 2008, 21:41

    ...bratranec smrti, to poviem keby že som Nasir Jones. A akékoľvek zidealizované predstavy o sebe mám, toto by bolo príliš megalomanské aj na mňa. Aj keď napísať žurnál hrajúc sa na inú osobu by mohlo byť zaujímavé, ale nechám si to na inokedy. Každopádne ja nespím, pretože eh... nemôžem zaspať. Práve som dopozeral poslednú epizódu "The Wire" a hlavou sa mi preháňa príliš veľa myšlienok na to, aby som v pokoji upadol do toho blaženého stavu. Vyskúšam sa ich pár zbaviť a možno to potom pôjde.

    Som si teraz uvedomil, že zatiaľ som písal len v angličtine. Bolo to najmä na precvičenie a občas sa to aj hodilo (hello foreigners!), ale vždy som bol vcelku vnútorne spokojný s tým, že som Slovák, tak prečo nevyužiť plnú silu dĺžňov, mäkčeňov a ôčok?

    Najviac by ma to ťahalo k aktuálnej téme istého, už menovaného, seriálu, ale buďme úprimní, koľkí Slováci "The Wire" videli? Nakoľko to bola HBO produkcia a v samotnej Amerike nie nejak extra populárna, tak prečo aj? Niekto sa k tomu určite dostal tak ako ja, tak ako sa ku mne dostal Arrested Development, kvalitná šou sa k správnym ľuďom proste dostane. Ale cítim chuť po diskusií, takže k tomuto buď napíšem sem v angline alebo si konečne nájdem nejaké polodecentné diskusné fórum.

    O čom teda? Cez deň, či vlastne technicky včera, som rozmýšľal, že minulé dva roky som v týchto dňoch pobýval na letisku v Trenčíne a vcelku decentne sa zabával. Prečo sa neurobiť TOP 11 Dán Momentov z Pohody 2006 a 2007? Prečo nie. Aj keď je otázne aké dôsledné bude momentálne spomínanie, absencia spánku a také švandy. Ale snáď toho veľa nezabudnem. (Pozn. čas = 5:25, uvidíme ako dlho bude trvať, kým prídem s jedenástimi vecami)

    The Pipettes
    The Hives
    Chicks On Speed
    Ján Boleslav Kladivo
    Dán stavia niečo čo by sa malo podobať stanu + V noci pršalo?
    Červené ruky skazy
    Dave -FUCKING-CUNT- Clarke
    Howie a Rookie
    Gogol Bordello
    Načo teplé veci? Veď je leto!

    5:31. Nie zlé, možno si ešte na niečo spomeniem cestou. Ideme usporadúvať a obkecávať. EDIT: Úpravy o 5:44, po napísaní nasledujúceho paragrafu.

    11. Dán stavia niečo čo by sa malo podobať stanu + V noci pršalo?
    Ako lepšie odštartovať svoj rebríček než základnou činnosťou, ktorú človek robí po príchode? V Júli 2006 to bola činnosť, ktorá mi bola monumentálne ...cudzia. Zelenáč až do morku kosti. Každopádne som sa do toho pustil s chuťou a výsledok mal ďaleko od niečoho čo by naplnilo človeka estetickým blahom, ale STÁLO TO! Vúúú!

    Stavanie bol možno vrchol, ale rozhodne to nebola jediná humorná "stanová" udalosť. Môj spací vak bol dostatočne sexy a prítulný, takže prvé zaspávanie v divočine prebehlo veľmi rýchlo. Viac prekvapujúce bolo ráno, keď som sa zobudil a zistil, že všetko je mokré či zarosené. Logicky nasledovalo moje vyťarbanie sa von a otázka na prvého známeho vstaného, ktorým bol Kewo, či pršalo. Ako sa na politika v zácviku patrí, tak nedal mi 100% odpoveď, vraj mohlo ale najskôr nie. Čo viedlo k môjmu počudovaniu a k momentálne nevyvrátenej teórií o dažďotvornej schopnosti môjho stanu. Aspoň by som nemal byť dehydrovaný. Stany sú super.

    10. Gogol Bordello
    Prečo tak nízko? Súhlasím, kebyže chytím celý set tak to bude pravdepodobne zaslúžene vyššie. Ale skvelý a šalený set Chicks on Speed znamenal, žiaľ Bordellári dostali menej času než si zaslúžili.

    Cigánsky punk s legendárnymi fúzami Eugéna Hütza. Každý kto ich niekedy vie, že ich koncert je jedna veľká karnevalová párty. Takže aj keď bolo už nadránom spať sa muselo chcieť iba fakt tuhým náturám. Škoda toho prekrytia.

    9. Červené ruky skazy
    Rada na úvod - deti berte si krém na opalovanie. Najmä ak ste náchylný k spaľovaniu ako istý pán Sekáčik Na Mäso. Ak sa spálite prvý rok, poviete si, "Ok, chyba začiatočníka, nabudúce sa to nestane", čo si má človek ale povedať, keď sa spáli druhý rok za sebou? Rád vstúpiš do tej istej rieky dvakrát? Mám rád červenú? To sedí, mám rád červenú fakt. Dokonca moja pleť to dokazuje!

    Napriek tomu, keď si viac menej každý s kým sa človek rozpráva spýta, či si môže odfotiť tvoje ruky, bude najskôr niečo v neporiadku. Ba da bum ČING! Odtiaľ ten nadpis. Toto samozrejme znamenalo, že akýkoľvek kontakt s vodou bol sprevádzaný úškrnom. A nie takým mojím typickým sarkastickým.

    Po príchode domov otázka znela: Minimalizovanie bolesti alebo hygiena? Hygiena ...nevyhrala. Myslím, že nasledujúce dni som napodobňoval zombíka. Nevyťahoval som roletu, nepribližoval som sa k vode a vnútorne som sa sebe rehlil.

    8. Howie a Rookie
    Obidve časti názvu sa rýmujú s "Bowie", to bol dostatočný dôvod na to, aby sa toto divadelné predstavenie zaradilo do môjho programu pod tagom "nevynechateľné".

    6:41. Spánok pokus.
    14:24. Spánok úspech.

    Toto mierne nemierne strelené predstavenie bolo presne to čo človek potrebuje v horúci slnečný deň. Príbeh nám podali dvaja šuhaji, ktorým muselo byť fakt teplo, ale to ich nezlomilo. Dublin musí byť veľmi vtipné miesto.

    7. Načo teplé veci? Veď je leto!
    To presne sa mi premietalo v hlave, keď som vyhadzoval s veľmi pokojným vedomím zo svojho ruksaku dlhé veci, ktoré mi tam mamka prepašovala. Keby ste ma potom hľadali tak zvyčajne medzi 0:00 a 3:00 som behal okolo stánkov s oblečením a vyzeral som, že mi je kosa.

    6. Ján Boleslav Kladivo
    Len veľmi krátko, nechcem byť veľmi zlý na tohto uja, pretože celkovo toto veľdielo bolo koniec koncov veľmi milé. Ale toto predstavenie pesničiek s "hitovým potencionálom" bolo aj veľmi zábavné, nie cieľavedome.

    5. Pixies
    Pixies sú až tu dole nie svojím zavinením. Aspoň teda nie úplne, fakt, že nezahrali "Ed is Dead" znamená, že Frankovi ešte občas venujem škaredé oko. Ale za to, že som bol na zábradlí a za mnou sa pogovalo, čo znamenalo, že každú chvíľu som bol bližšie k tomu zábradliu než mi bolo pohodlné. Tiež po niekoľkých pesničkách sa začala tlačiť dopredu, jej argument "poznám texty ich pesničiek, preto mám PRÁVO byť v prvom rade". Vŕŕ som tým znova iritovaný.

    Napriek tomu Pixies boli Pixies a vidieť ich takto blízko človeka nemohlo nepotešiť.

    4. Dave -FUCKING-CUNT- Clarke
    Dejva Clarka som v živote nestretol a ani ho stretnúť nechcem. Zatiaľ čo 11. príspevok oslavoval ten prechodný prístrešok kam človek zloží hlavu, keď je... er v noci na letisku v Trenčíne, čiže stan. Tento bude glorifikovať nenávisť, ktorú vyvoláva ten ZMRD, ktorý mi toto moje sväté právo odopiera.

    Ok, čiastočne sme si za to mohli sami, predsa len dalo sa zaparkovať ďalej od tej veľkej bubliny, ktorým bol techno stan, ale človek veril, že únava nad ním zvíťazí. Človek sa zvykne mýliť. Dejv a jeho hlučná patlanina bola silnejšia než my a súdiac podľa dlhých tvári, ktoré vychádzali ráno okolo 6:00 zo stanov, neboli sme s Majom jediní úplne spokojní. To čo však posúva toto na miesto 4 je fakt, že vo vedľajšom stane si práve jeden pár užíval. Sex vo vedľajšom stane má na nevyspatú psychiku zaujímavé účinky. Majo to mal ešte fajn, on počul len to hlasné, ja som počul všetko. Každopádne za zlatý výrok: "To už?!", ktorý vyvolal na našich unavených tvárach úškrn, to stálo.

    Ráno sme samozrejme na nič nečakali a po rýchlom nájdení internetového stanu nasledovala veľmi záslužná a dospelácka činnosť - kreslenie penisov na jeho fotky, ktoré sme našli na Googli.

    3. The Pipettes
    Už pred začiatkom ročníka 2007 som presne vedel čo bude vrchol môjho pobytu v Trenčíne. Byť v prvom rade, keď budú hrať "Pull Shapes". Úloha splnená a naplnila očakávania. Keď si už človek myslel, že chytľavá hudba bola od 60tich rokov zakázaná prišli Pipettky a ja som sa mohol len široko usmievať.
    Set bol zložený najmä zo skvelého "We Are The Pipettes" albumu, hoci som bol mierne sklamaný, že nezahrali Uniform, ale to je len mierna škvrnka na inak ideálnom strávení času. Som rád, že tu boli keď bola Rosayka ešte členkou. Ehm.

    A Hef, keď si toto prečítaš tak mi napíš či niekedy dostanem tie fotky z tohto! Už to je rok, ty trúba. :p

    2. The Hives
    Hives sa vždy pohybovali na okraji môjho radaru, ale boli tam. A síce som poznal len ich známejšie pesničky, tak som z rôznych rozhovorom/recenzií vedel, že mám vcelku na čo tešiť a že Howlin' Pele je celkom číslo.

    Poučený z predchádzajúceho ročníka o nočnom primŕzaní (#7), tak som presvedčil seba aj Maja aby sme si vzali dlhé veci, že nám bude kosa. Moje druhé nesprávne rozhodnutie prišlo, keď som sa rozhodol postaviť sa tak do 7-8 radu, mysliac si, že to bude presne tam, kde sa už nebude pogovať. Zabudol som, že som nemal rátať prvé dva rady, ktoré sa držia zábradlia... a tak som sa ocitol tam kde sa pogovanie končilo. Aspoň teda na začiatku, pretože potom som už lietal naokolo. A po dvoch pesničkách v úplne mokrej mikine. MUAHÁ.

    Každopádne až na pár narazení, ktoré patria k povolaniu, to bolo veľmi veľmi zábavné, takže aj nabudúce!

    1. Chicks on Speed
    Chicks on Speed mali byť len chvíľková zábava pred Gogol Bordello. Chicks on Speed podľa všetkých predpokladov nemali byť v tomto liste. To však Chicks on Speed nikto nepovedal.

    Išiel som ta v noci len so znalosťou skvelej a veľmi ironickej "We Don't Play Guitars", okrem toho som nevedel čakať. Čoho som sa dočkal? Jednej veľkej strelenej párty s uletenou inštrumentáciou. Už neviem čo všetko tam bolo, ale určite si pamätám song s vysávačom a šijacím strojom. Celkovo však tam bola skvelá atmosféra a dievčiny sme vytiahli aj na druhú encore, ktorú nám tuším uviedol samotný Kaščák alebo niekto dôležitý.

    Psycho a zábava, presne tak ako to mám rád.

    Pohoda je fajn udalosť. Kebyže sa niekto pýta, že prečo som to tento rok flákol je to z dvoch dôvodov. My Voyage to France a Patti dali mojej peňaženke úder, ale najmä kvôli tomu, že si mi program zdal byť slabý. Aj keď nepochybujem, že sa tam ľudkovia zabávate. Tak možno nabudúci rok.
  • Patti has the power.

    Lug 14 2008, 23:58

    Sun 13 Jul – Patti Smith

    A quick word to start if off. Very good. Very very good. Now for the longer word.

    Arrived around 17:40, which I thought was a tad bit late. With the doors supposedly opening at 17:00 [which I somehow failed to notice on the ticked!], be blessed all failures of modern technology or whatever caused the delay. Not that I enjoy standing in the rain, but hey it helped me to get nearer to the front! I'm not complaining... not that much anyway. So standing in front of Arena, have to say that it had nice feeling to it. For some reason I'm thinking of Persepolis where's she mosh pitting around to Austrian underground music. Austrian underground, man! The doors opened about a hour later, for most of which light rain was making us company.

    Hoorah the door opened ...my water bottle got took for one reason or another, which basically meant no drinking for Dan until he gets home. Why am I talking about myself in 3rd person? Nevermind. Parked myself in the middle of the 2nd row. Had two girls good on the eye standing in front of me. Which obviously had no effect on me when picking the spot. Honest. It was around 7, which meant that gig itself was starting an hour later. No support acts during this time, but instead we got a neat package of Mick Jagger and company, I was more than happy with that 'cause I've been feeling very Rolling Stonish in the past week and I still am. During this period I noticed Slovak words being spoken in front of me! The girlies were in fact fellow Slovaks and from the easily recognisable accent I'm damn sure they were from my homie city of Bratislava as well. So a small hello to them if they somehow end up reading this. In case you're wondering, no I didn't put any moves in, because: a) I was pretty geeked up for the gig, which means NONSENSE talk haha. b) I'm a generally shy type of a fella.

    The hour went by, thinking about it people were waiting for what 3 hours? Luckily it didn't feel that long to me. The stage and surroundings were alright, few tents with drinks and stuff and a phallic symbol of a chimney behind us. Think it's time for me to get to the point, isn't it?

    Think it was Lenny who got on the stage first, drawing the first round of applause. Wasn't that loud or long, because we all were waiting for one certain person to come on and she didn't leave us waiting for long. And there she was. In jeans, old white shirt with few holes in it [which looked fairly familiar to the one she wears in the old YouTube videos] and a black jacket that looked about as old as myself. The clothes were maybe worn out, but that definitely wasn't the case with the person wearing them. Patti looked, in Brass Eye speak, happy as a window. And that was true for most of the set. Waving around and giving out looks for pretty much every part of the audience. Good vibes all around, during the breaks some fella was shouting 'we love you' in a HEAVY Austrian accent, which I though was very funny. Not as funny as some french girl shouting 'wock 'n woll' on the Radiohead gig though. Heh. My cynical sarcasm aside, it was really true. We loved it, every second of it. People of about every age were having good time here.

    I've been heavy on Radio Ethiopia during the past week and what do you know, the band kicks off with Pissing in a River. That's what you call a start, I was singing my heart out right from the get go.

    Should I pursue a path so twisted?

    The set was very good. A mixture of new songs with old classics thrown between them. It didn't feel as a cheap best of tour. Fred 'Sonic' Smith's song was played next, another of the many singalongs.

    Somebody help me with the name of the instrument Patti played on 'Are You Experienced?'. That song was a one big JAM with Patti rambling in the middle of it all. Think she was still in the rambling mode when the band started playing 'Within You, Without You' 'cause Patti was having a hard time trying to start singing the lyrics. She laughed it off eventually and sang it properly. That's my girl. Next were two songs that I didn't identify on the concert, have to admit that I need to work on her comeback albums [well apart from Twelve that is]. First was 'Don't Say Nothing' which featured Patti massively fucking up the lyrics and she claimed that she wasn't stoned! Practise is dangerous kids. Next we got Patti rocking out the acoustic guitar on 'Beneath The Southern Cross'. Both songs pretty much new to me and both very nice. I'm deffo picking up 'Gone Again' and 'Peace and Noise'. The beautiful 'Helpless' followed, I think at this point she got us all cooked up and ready to serve. And what do they do next? They give me 'Ain't it Strange', which basically meant I melted 'cause that's one of my favourite songs.

    I Move... In Another Dimension

    Straaaaaaaaaaaange. Patti took a break, leaving Lenny to let his rocking-out-self go. The song had a 60's vibe, searching around YouTube I think it was 'For Your Love' from the Yardbirds. Nothing better to hop around than a proper 60's song. On 'Ghost Dance' we clapped to Jay Dee Daugherty drums for most of the time and sang We shall live again as loud as we could. Man, this set was bang on money. Not letting us waste even a single breath, we were 'Dancing Barefoot' right after. With Patti pulling some shapes on stage. Then Tony took the seat behind the synthesizer and I was thinking "has to be Gloria!" ...I was wrong, but when the song is 'Because The Night' I had absolutely no reason to be disappointed.

    Because the night belongs to us.

    Good thing that Patti and Springsteen bumped into each other when he was making this song. Hello, hello, hello, how low next. Now, I had my Nirvana period. Don't we all post-Generation X children have it? And I played the crap out of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Great song no doubt, however, for me it's now worn out. Unlike lets say 'Blue Monday', 'Teen Age Riot' or 'The Killing Moon', songs I've heard about 1000 times in the last ...7 years? and they still don't feel overplayed. Anyway the point I wanna make is that the cover did what a good cover should - it isn't a note for note copy, but it breathes a new life into the song. Helloing all around me. NOW comes Gloria, think it got the biggest cheer. Deserved. It's a song and a half. Live even better than on the record.

    G. L. O. R. I. A.

    After finishing this hell of a party they thought shortly about going off. Which they did, short teasing, I mean there was obviously no way we would let them. Encore is what we wanted, and encored is what we got and what 3 songs it were. Gimme Shelter.

    War, children, its just a shot away.

    Love Patti's voice on it. I and the rest had the power which Patti and co. gave us, which was duly noted on the following 'People Have The Power'! Babelogue should have been next, but the fact the intro was short didn't really matter when the band kicked into 'Rock n Roll Nigger'.

    Outside of society, that's where I want to be.

    The perfect way to end the night. Patti, Lenny, JD, Tony Shanahan and Jackson Smith all left. A great gig indeed. 61 years? What stamina! Energized bunny more like. Lenny and his guitar weren't far behind and Jay Dee was banging them drums like a happy madman. Tony was generally goofball as well, exactly what the audience wants not just on the ear but have fun watching the antics too. Jackson (the son ) didn't have the moves, but he in his shades and with his side-beards [or whatever you English call it] looked like cool as hell.

    All in all a great way to spend time. Only bug - really really wanted them to play 'Kimberly', but that's alright. Checked out the merchandise, but didn't really find anything of interest. So, after watching some drunk Czechs have fun around the beer stand I decided to stroll off. See y'all next time.
  • And The Sky Will Split

    Ott 26 2007, 18:59

    Oh my, I've been skipping, ditching and been all together lazy. Abandoning the daily diary format. To hell with it, to hell with poverty, damaged goods. No, actually no. While laziness is a popular human feat, I've been ...tired really. Really tired. For a week. Straight. Maybe are my years of sleep deprivation catching up, doesn't seem likely though. Need to figure this out.

    School's alright. First set of language tests behind, have a good feeling about them. Thought the English tenses exercise was a bit random from myself, but nothing is perfect. And German's fun.

    Watched and read Stalker the other week. Can't say which I like more, they're bit different. Tarky's a bit more ...poetic perhaps {? lack of a better word}. Anyway both are good, go and get them.

    As my charts show, I'm a bit Patti-bsessed right now. A good thing for my money. She's seriously great. Seriously. Which makes the fact that I can't find my Horses CD more irritating. Sure mp3s are nice, but they ain't the real thing baby. Land kicks all your asses. AMG perfectly describes it: Smith and her band dance on the fine line of terror and ecstasy as if their lives depended on itThen there's this series called Millennium which used the whole song as a background for a truly bizarre and breathtaking music video at the end of the 2nd series. I have a good feeling about it, might be a series I'll like. The whole album is amazing. Starting with not just a cover but a violent take-over of a Van Morrison classic. There's no point in a cover if you don't put something new into it, covering note for note is basically saying that you wanted to make the song, but you're just not good enough. What's the point? {though adding something new isn't always a good idea. Sure the angry guitars in Orgy's version of "Blue Monday" sound nice and ...well angry. But the song is cold, deliberately you cunts. If you add anger in it, you just fucking ruin it}. Confession time - I've not heard much of The Who, but if they could perform "My Generation" with half of the intensity that Patti did, they must be some band. The only thing slightly wrong is, "Elegie" just doesn't sound right after Land. But that's alright, the live version is great. Radio Ethiopia and Easter next. Wish she continued to work with John Cale though. Oh and looking at the early photos, she was very pretty, perhaps not in the conventional way, but very pretty nonetheless. *Minor crush mode*.

    I like Fridays. Mainly because of my tea session with Bets, she's about the only person which triggers my serious personality. Feels like communicating and not just saying empty words, at which I'm particularly good at.

    Ah well, gotta work on my projects. Actually just thinking about them would be step into the right direction. Till Victory!
  • Warehouse: Gebrochene Sozialscene und Wien

    Ott 6 2007, 21:28

    Something general. Something on topic.

    Something general first. I'm beginning to be bored on my lectures. Maths is piss easy. TWD and programming lectures are all already on net. At least the languages are half interesting. Sports look like fun. Had my first hour of footie, feels decentish. Bad news for my lack of fitness though.

    Come on Friday the 5th.

    9:50 the Deutsch lecture with Hef - half of Constant Dandelion = half of my Vienna companion. Was bit more boring than usual, less one liners from the lecturer. Bit goofing from Hef made up for that. Went home for a quick BIG snack {only food of the day!} and then met up with the whole Constant Dandelion and off we went. //Note to self - you still owe money. One hour later, we were there.

    Will get slight annoyances out of the way first, so the rest can be just positive.

    1| Lack of money - arriving 5-6 hours before the show has it's downsides. Vienna is indeed a wonderful {and big} city... with lots and lots of shops. Even CD shops. After buying stuff - will name it later - I didn't have enough to buy anything else - no Love Is All, Shins, Fugazi, Feist, British Sea Power, Sonic Youth and other stuff I can't get here.

    2| My inability to identify the group and album which was being played before the show. I knew I knew it, just couldn't put my finger on it. I was correct. Damned memory and Besnard Lakes.

    3| Lack of Grrrrrl Power in BSS. Nobody's fault really, girlies are on their own tours.

    4| Lack of KC Accidental. Come on, Flex would go mental, alright that's not the real reason. I just wanted to see Justin beat the crap out of the drums.

    4.5| The two girlies with me were lovely and I don't mind shouting in the night, but they were obviously more into it than I am. I was tired and just not in the mood, so I avoided being cranky by putting my headphones on and listening to Doolittle, which was nice enough.

    All the negatives have been destroyed.

    Visited two CD shops. First. A second-hand with ace movie posters on the walls {La Dolce Vita, Easy Rider, etc}. Loads of CDs sorted just by their first letter. Spent good hour and something just by looking through it. My blindness took over and I wanted to leave empty handed, but then Hef found The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads {which will get a spin right now} and Horses from Patica {Patti Smith} and then I did my part and found Art Brut DVD Talking to The Kids. I was leaving zufrieden and penniless. Which was bad 'cause the next stop was Müller, where Hef wanted to pick the deluxe edition of Jeff Buckley's Grace and she duly did. ...and the shop had a nice 'indie' section {which included gems like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park}. I was broke, but there was no fucking chance of me leaving there without Doolittle and Warehouse: Songs and Stories. No fucking way. So I borrowed money, yay.

    To the show now. It was at Flex, which is a nice little club, bit tough to find. No barrier between the stage and the audience, so I was right below the microphones. We were standing there strategically before the stage started and didn't allow anyone else to take that holy space.

    First on was Gentleman Reg - lovely Canadian chap with awesome blond curly hair. A night before at Munich somebody from audience told him to "fuck off", those pesky Germans! We were obviously there for Broken Social Scene, but I thought he did a good job of keeping our attention. Good short acoustic set and more upbeatish song with Brendan on bass and Kevin on Drums. Goodbyes, another song from Besnard Lakes {with me still scratching my head} and 6 fellows appeared.

    Kevin, Brendan, Sam, Bill, Justin, Andrew {of The American Analog Set}. The set started upbeat with Lucky Ones and Cause = Time - my highlight of the night. I enjoyed the proper BSS songs - Superconnected, Major Label Debut, Stars and Sons, Lover's Spit - most. Lover's Spit had a bit of unnecessary noise in it, but it was still Lover's Spit, so it was awesome. "Kevin's" songs were all nice and we got one from Brendan's upcoming album and one from Andrew's band. Brendan's song was more upbeat than Kevin's songs. I think I will enjoy it, when it comes out around April {as Brendan told me}. The show ended with a big sing-along. First was just a quick one "Everybody's fucking, everybody's fucking everyone" and then we sang all of When it begins. The band left, however the audience didn't, nor did the shouting for more. They had no other choice but to come back, they did and played a very good version of Gang Bang Suicide.

    Then part of the band started to dismantle the stage and the rest went between the people. They're all awfully nice and lovely. Bless little gigs that allow bands to walk around people just like normals, highly popular and charismatic, but still normal mortals. I like Brendan the most, asked him about his album and next tour and stuff. Forgot to ask what's with this "Broken Social Presents' business. They're still touring together, playing on albums together and hanging around themselves. And apart from Kevin and Brendan I can't see anyone else releasing solo album under the "... Presents" moniker. Perhaps the stuff I read about coldness between Brendan and Kevin was correct. Hopefully I'm wrong.

    The time of leaving was coming, we went outside and sat near the bus to wave them while they were leaving. And then something awesome happened. Brendan and Justin came out and HUGGED us. Awww, that was really really nice. Then they were off. See you around guys. I know I'll be there when possible.

    Girls started goofing around. I was tired so I didn't and walked behind with Slaughterhouse #5 in hand and Horses {and then Doolittle in ears}. Was nice. Nice day indeed.
  • Edward Yang [6.11. 1947 - 29. 6. 2007]

    Set 23 2007, 18:02

    This life gives me migraine.

    While the death of Bergman/Antonioni at the same time was devastating, finding out that Mr. Yang is dead {and has been for 3 months! Where do I live?} is a great personal tragedy for me. I can't find the words. His movies and YiYi especially mean much to me.

    Be well.

  • Academy Fight Song

    Set 20 2007, 15:32

    Oh my Teee Veee Ceee One Five, Oh-o. TVC15. Five more days, 3 days of not sleeping so long as I used to in the past three months, I wonder why?

    The Week-End was slow, bit angry and 'Pat and Mat', but mostly I was trying to get used to the idea of going to the Uni. Not sure how successful I was with that, we'll see in the coming months, but I'll get back to that later. My room was a damn fine mess and my mom, being the order freak she is, got angry 'cause it was a damn fine mess for too long for her liking. So well, she obviously was letting me know, no effect though, I was being apathetic at the time, which got her angrier, surprisingly enough! But slamming the door wasn't a good idea 'cause I was fixing {well 'fixing') them and BANG the door glass decided to jump off. I still have the image of it slowly falling down and breaking in my mind. What a sight! Mom standing shell shocked near it was a bit funny really. So I spend the weekend cleaning up everything. Bless This Mess.

    Here comes Monday. The first day of something that looks like my new habit - waking up early. I'm not happy with that though. Grr. Because my English totally owns I'm in the first 'Circle', the schedule is alright, hopefully so will the people. I can moan at Tuesday's 12 hours of non-stop lesson action or Friday's total non-stop one lesson action, but otherwise it's OK. The first day was just about information. Got back rather quickly and home I found out that I have a new roommate! My cousin didn't get campus this year, it will be a challenge to share the living space and everything that goes with it. Challenge for her I mean, she'll have to listen to/watch whatever I want to. ;p

    Tuesday. Twelve. Hours. Of. Lessons. MAN. It was incredibly boring. Maths, maths, well good for sleep I think, 'cause if the scripts are correct, I know almost everything already! Bless my secondary grammar school! Same thing with programming. The only interesting subject so far is Russian, the lecturer is a totally cute older lady. Looks like the sort of person that's always happy and infects all the others. Otherwise, this will be one boring school year. "Computer Principles" was funny though, the lecturer is a silly old goat, I think I'm gonna love it. Luckily I was far-sighted and brought the Lynch book with me and finished reading it. It was good alright. Provided insight in how/why were his movies made. How the critics reacted. Explained some of his obsessions. Highly recommended if you're interested in Lynch. I crashed out when I got home, understandably.

    Wednesday started brightly enough. I spotted Sue, she looked lovely, had that vacant look on her that most people have these days though. Shame that my street-car was already moving when I spotted her outside. I think regular ritual of looking around her stop every day from now on is in order. From there on it was more or less the same ol', same ol'. So I'll get back to the 'sudden encounters' mode. I bump into mates from high school all the time, so the school feels familiar enough, which will obviously help with the settling in. Hef and others are goofing around the place as well. So yeah, it'll be alright. Poor Hef though, I lent her Eraserhead, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Dr., she said she's gonna watch it all in one day. I wanna talk to her on the next day, hah. Home I started to watch Arrested Development with my cousin, ace show that. Buster, GOB and Tobias are priceless.

    Mmm time for some Faulkner.
  • This is my happening, it freaks me out.

    Set 14 2007, 23:06

    Friday! ...well Saturday actually in 3 mins, but it's still Friday in spirit {if...}. It's a good thing that I don't write every day, I still have holiday, so I do pretty much nothing all day and I enjoy it. So now I have four days of nothing behind me, good enough for scrapping an entry maybe. Oh and I realize this is supposed to be a music journal, but I can't be bothered to register somewhere else, so bear with me and there's gonna be something about music in here always anyway.

    So tuesday. Tuesday. Mmm long time ago. Don't remember much about the day, but the evening was ace. We had a little 'get-together' with my ex-classmates and other friends. Talked, sang, went to the petrol station {TWICE}, played cards {I'm bad at poker mind}, had a serious discussion with Laco. For some reason I'm mental around some people and normal around others. Yes, I'm a bit silly, can't figure it out properly though.

    I decided to have small drinks of Vodka with Plazi, was a conscious decision, poor fella tried to get me drunk/drink for years {unsuccessfully, might I add}, so I could do this little to please him and he made photo evidence of it. :P Wanted to go home alone in the night, listening to The Pipettes and singing ...or at least trying to, but K got worried and decided for me that I was gonna sleep over. And I did. Oh I failed to mention that this party was an "away party" for K and "homecoming party" for Rejdo. Rejdo is a good chap, gets a bit aggressive {dedicated?} when playing footie, but still a good chap. We talked about Elvis and English footie {Liverpool >> Manchester}.

    And then K. K. K. She's one of those people I'm mental around, even if I want to be serious. Probably 'cause I want to say too many things to her, so I end up saying nothing. Nothing at all. Did so again. No point in complaining about it now, I will snap out of it eventually. Hope she will be well in London.

    Before sleeping, me and three others tried to get a 'surreal' conversation going, but sadly it didn't work, so I took my coke and went to bed. Man, I was freezing.
    While we are at this 'surreal' subject. I've been reading a book about David Lynch by Robert Fischer {any 'I Love Lynch' group around here?}. It's really good, Lynch is certainly an interesting man and to read about how some of my favourite movies were made has been thoroughly enjoyable. Will post again when I finish it {give it 3 days}.

    Wednesday. I don't remember anything worth mentioning about it. Same about Thursday, wait, mom bought a new router {with WiFi AP in it} so I tried to get it connected to our WiFi cards, but it didn't work, whatever, I was getting irritated so I stopped trying and will do later. Technology bah!

    Friday. I was still in a working mood, curse of the router, so I decided get my room finished finally. Been working on it for a month. Painted the door red, painted the my cabinet{s} red and black. That was the big stuff, easy stuff, but the little stuff takes annoyingly long to do. So I put Pink Flag in radio and vualá ...I'm still not finished, but I started anyway. Need to buy colors though and then paint the radiator. :D

    That's about it, now I'm enjoying some post-punk with black tea. Roll on the weekend and first days of uni on monday!