The curse and joy of being eclectic


Feb 24 2008, 13:42

I dont know if I should love it or hate it. But some people out there must think i´m crazy if they see me listen to Psyclon Nine one minute, only to switch to Mariah Carey the next. I mean the diffrence between those two could fill the entire universe. Or how about this one, i listen to brutal Detah Metal like Deicide and just like the switch of a button i suddenly feel like listening to Dolly Parton.
The curse of being eclectic is that many of you fans out there that just hold on to one musical style may see me as a "fake" listener. But on the other hand, the joy of being eclectic is that i have experienced so much great music in my days in all the different types of music styles around the world. I even lead a group for the Dark Ambient Era of Mortiis and the members there probably hate the fact that i´m listening to popular music. But sorry, I can´t help it, I love it just as musch as I love Dark Ambient Mortiis :)


  • schirenz

    yeah dude. this is totally rad to be open to all the music in the universe.

    Feb 27 2008, 0:43
  • rikostan

    There is something that ties all music together. No matter how disparate the genres. When I sit down to listen, I usually put on a few albums. I'll listen to an entire album at a time, but the albums themselves are usually from a pretty broad spectrum of music. I would hate to only really enjoy a couple types of music. It would feel so limiting.

    Mar 4 2008, 17:21
  • -ross

    I'm totally with you, TheRockers. Thinks it is kind of annoying when these people stuck to their genre, points out others that hava a lot more diversity in their music genre. And also the kids that are so damn picky when it comes to independent music and mainstream. Goddammit, listen to whatever you want to. No matter if its controversial.

    Mar 16 2008, 15:12
  • casual_joy

    i'm always for an open mind to the various geners of music. but i don't think that you can find in every genre something that you like. you must have some sort of your taste, and therefore decide what do you like or dislike. someone could only criticize you when talking about the purposes which artists are trying to achieve. for example, if you listen to britney spears or some comercial stuff and then to Rage against the machine it seems contradictory. ratm is fighting against everything britney is doing, comercializing herself and selling. it is a stupid example but i hope you got my point. listening to one artist and then transfering to another one which the first artist criticizes, and represents everything against he stands for, and making his music to criticize that bad thing which the other one represents, than you are somehow humiliating him, not getting the picture of what did he try to tell you and therefore missing the point of his music creation. but it seems to me that you are listening different sorts just for the sake of music,enjoying in notes and sounds, not for the sake of what the artist is trying to achieve. i didn't mean to offend someone by that certain example, i'm just saying that ratm and britney are completely different types of music interpretation. ratm sings about politics and britney mostly about her life i think. britney could easily fall under critic of ratm, but their music is directioned to a more general view.that is just my opinion

    Mar 19 2008, 0:47
  • dukey42

    I think if someone listens to huge amount of genres (therefore he's called eclectic), then he usually does not give shit about how other feel about this.. I mean, if you consider "what will other ppl think?" when switching from a death metal track to a country one, then it's all fcked up

    Apr 12 2009, 8:35
  • TheRockers

    I wrote this over a year ago and I dont give a shit anymore, people can say what they want, i love almost all music styles no matter what any hardcore fans of just one style says.

    Apr 12 2009, 9:37
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