Old school death / thrash metal


Giu 3 2011, 1:03

Here's a little list about genres: death and thrash in the most part.

I have set up this list separated by subgenres, that I consider very good and I recommend all of this, is a list of albums the bands of my country: México.

Some of them are currently active, changed names or disappeared.

Fully recommended:

Shub Niggurath - Evilness And Darkness Prevails

The Chasm - Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm

Cenotaph - The Gloomy Reflection of Our Hidden Sorrows

Mortuary - Blackened Images

Ripping Flesh - Parallel Windows

Pyphomgertum - ...To The Mesphil

Toxodeth - Mysteries About Life and Death

Noctambulism - Worship In The Domain Of Grave

Infinitum Obscure - Internal Dark Force

Also these:

Horrified - Smell of Dead

Sarcastic - No Forgiveness

Tormentor - Visions Of Darkness

Zombiefication - Midnight Stench

Anarchus - In Partibus Infidelium

Hardware - Souls Vortex

Darkcreed - Dark Regions

Prohibitory - Possessed And Dismembered

Acrostic - Radioactive Grind

Malicious Prophecies - Reducido A Cenizas

Blackthorn - The Rotten Ways Of Human Misery

Sargatanas - The Enlightenment

Tenebrarum - Alta Magia

Agony Lords - Nihilist Passion

Crossing Death - One Life is not Enough

Raped God 666 - The Executioner

Muluc Pax - Muluc Pax

Deadly Dark - Slaughter Times

Serpens Aeon - Dawn of Kouatl

Ignis Atrum - AVERNUS

Anton - Todos Morirán Hoy

Necroccultus - Encircling The Mysterious Necrorevelation

Denial - Catacombs of the Grotesque

Buried Dreams - Perceptions


The Pit - Disrupted Human Symmetry

Roots Of Rot - Hated Flesh

Evil Entourage - Desecrators

Foeticide - life and death

Domain - Deadly Torture to the Rot Self

Bloodsoaked - Frost Image

Dark Half - Reborn

Demise - The Feeling Of Death

Hacavitz - Venganza

Necrophiliac - Putrefact Death

Pulverized - Spheres Of Depraved Philosophy

Sarcoma - Visceral

Drowned in Blood - The Warfare Continues

Warcrusher - Impalement Of The Mankind

Witness - End of the inheritance


Struendo - Genocidio

Unholier - Revelations Of She'Ohl

Transmetal - México Bárbaro

Septimo Angel - Total Genocide


Envenomed - Evil Is Back

Soul Eater - Satanic Discharge

Deus Ex-Mächina - Fields Of Death

Inquisidor - Sobre tu Cadaver


Ultratumba - Dentro De Las Profundidades... De La Tristeza

Gilgamesh - Demo 1 '95


Disgorge - Necrholocaust

Gore and Carnage - Ruidos Para Descuartizar, Mutilar, Decapitar y Convivir en Familia

Gangrena - Rolling The Bones Of Fate

Shattered Eyes - Prey Of Depravity

NOTE: Some of these albums are not in physical material, I am against electronic downloads (although it is sometimes necessary when no material is available for purchase).

I do not intend to profit from this list because I'm just presenting what seems to me highly recommended.

Please, if you like an album buy and support the work of the bands.

There are still many more bands to add in this list.


  • DarkSurgeon

    The Sarcastic demo is good but I also enjoy their full-length a lot.

    Giu 3 2011, 14:16
  • clandestine019

    Infinitum Obscure and Necroccultus both rip

    Lug 7 2011, 2:16

    I'll have to check these out when I get back home. Mexico is a bit under-represented in my collection.

    Lug 23 2011, 22:30
  • SadikGoatfvcker

    Fuck yes dude, nice shit... but you forget this: Drowned In Blood / Warcrusher - Impalement Of The Mankind, is a split.. however it is a good list, I don't know most of this list. Good job, I think.

    Ago 18 2011, 4:48
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