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  • Andy2getme

    1 Mag 15:13 Rispondi
  • Farouchette

    Buongiorno ;-) Oh, I am sorry that I misunderstood it, hehe ;-) How are you doing? Austria's great - the weather could be better but otherwise I am happy. That sounds awesome! Do you live near the sea?

    13 Apr 11:52 Rispondi
  • Farouchette

    Hello! So, uhm, that forum of "I play too many damn forum games" tells me to post in the above user's shoutbox. My name is Susie. Italy is cool, I wish I could go there. I don't speak Italian though. Yay for random shouts!

    22 Mar 11:08 Rispondi
  • little_raven

    I know! When we got to 2nd division, dad said "even the Juve did" D: Hopefully we are back there next year. For comedy I'd say my (other) favs are Nichijou (really random stuff) and Dokuro-chan. I haven't watched Watashi ga Motenai yet but I enjoyed the manga a lot so it's probably a good one too, don't remember if I mentioned it yet. I enjoyed SZS even though I didn't get what was happening on half of the episodes. I couldn't stop cracking during the Maria episode though. And my fav character on Welcome to the NHK! has to be Yamazaki. I even studied programming in Uni for a couple years haha. Anyways I'm already in London so I probably won't write/scrobble in a while :/

    15 Mar 19:42 Rispondi
  • little_raven

    Welcome to the NHK is ace! In my top 3 best japanese comedies ever (I find most japanese comedy boring as hell btw, I guess that's because they do too many plays upon words and joke with kanjis, translating them it's imposible T_T). I find that series very funny but at the same time very deep and with an intense criticism toward society. Also, if you haven't watched them yet, I'd say go with boku wa tomodachi and oreimo maybe? As far as I'm concerned they are superior to K-On! regarding school life and nerdism. Cowboy Bebop is one of those old-school animes that are hard to top even now, the characters are all very cool and memorable, even the filler episodes are good haha. As for Independiente, years and years of bad management and finally the last president virtually robbing the whole club funds are why we are on 2nd division this year. Feels bad man.

    6 Mar 16:15 Rispondi
  • little_raven

    Yeah I know! I don't follow italian calcio regularly but as a football enthusiast I know the basics. My favourite team from my country (Independiente) even crossed arms with them in international competitios (when we used to do better than now haha). About K-On!, it really depends on your taste in anime. If you consider Cowboy Bebop as the zenith of animation, you probably won't like it. However, if you can tolerate slice of life and moe, you can give it a go. I'd gave it a 6 out of 10, maybe a 7 in a good day (don't worry, it's not that terrible but I'm very harsh with ratings :P). I don't know if you've watched any but if you prefer quality stuff you may enjoy Darker than Black, Steins;Gate, Code Geass, Mawaru Penguindrum or Detroit metal city (the last one is a comedy show that is actually funny, especially to people who are into metal to any degree.)

    1 Mar 0:34 Rispondi
  • little_raven

    I know! I'll be going to the Piemonte, probably near capodanno. Would try to visit the south of Italy this time too. If you plan to use soulseek regularly, send me your nickname. I'm souseiseki there :)

    11 Feb 3:06 Rispondi
  • little_raven

    Haha, your kind words makes me want to reconsider. Maybe I'll give it a shot but even so I'll share stuff once in a while or by request only. I'll let you know. Soulseek is great, is like all those P2P sharing softwares but it actually works as intented and you can find every single mp3 ever ripped on earth (if it's not on soulseek it probably doesn't exist or it hasn't been ripped yet :P). It also has a nice integrated community so you can chat and stuff. I kinda love it. And yeah I know a little italian (probably too little D:), I have some friends there and all but all the verb tenses give me a headache haha.

    18 Gen 2:43 Rispondi
  • Black3793


    15 Gen 12:43 Rispondi
  • SheDisappear

    Grazie :)

    5 Gen 19:26 Rispondi
  • SheDisappear

    Strano, forse si era cancellata l'amicizia, non so.

    2 Gen 19:48 Rispondi
  • hottercraft

    The original Northern Warriors blog was closed on May 2013. Btw we're still alive in another blog, so give it a check! ;) undeadnw.blogs...

    30 Dic 2013 Rispondi
  • little_raven

    Certo che sono io! It makes me happy that ravensquotes is still remembered somehow. Anyways, when I started it there were not so many blogs (and without a doubt there were none of those who upload 20+ albums a day!) Nowadays the "rare" and "unfindable" albums are scarce (and it seems pointless to reupload something that's already available somewhere else), so I called it quits. The only way I'd start a sharing blog again is to get one of those tape-to-mp3 walkmans (still on my wishlist). Do you use soulseek? I'm there a lot and share a shitload of albums too.

    30 Dic 2013 Rispondi
  • Slania92

    Il Super che inganna è quello che mi ha portato a te XD

    29 Feb 2012 Rispondi
  • Mercybit

    beautiful pazzo scatenato!!!!!!!!

    13 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • bertrand-escaff

    Hi ! By the way, I find this : Mourning Sun more or less like a kind of "elaborated" lo fi. One of my favs, with Elizium and What Starts Ends... Cheers

    17 Dic 2011 Rispondi
  • Hoppipollaize

    Ehi, piacere! XD Non preoccuparti per il presunto "ritardo": succede spesso anche a me. Ad ogni modo, ti ringrazio per i complimenti, e li rigiro anche a te, ovviamente. A dire il vero, non ricordo neanche in che modo arrivai al tuo profilo (a volte mi capita di smanettare su lastfm alla ricerca di nonsocosa,altre lo ignoro per mesi, limitandomi solo a registrare gli ascolti) credo di averti aggiunto per la compatibilità che risulta super.. nessun particolare motivo, a parte questo. :P

    2 Dic 2011 Rispondi
  • guitarheroine2

    Credo di capire cosa vuoi dire .. ma mi manca vedere intorno a te Hope you are well... =)

    3 Nov 2011 Rispondi
  • guitarheroine2

    Mr Mannn come back, peoples miss you =)

    2 Nov 2011 Rispondi
  • Zucco17

    Oh, non ti preoccupare, ma appena puoi scrivimi qualcosina...dimmi come stai, raccontami cos'hai combinato negli ultimi mesi ;)

    19 Set 2011 Rispondi
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Theatres Des Vampires - Two Seconds

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Afterhours - L'Inutilità Della Puntualità

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Megadeth - Insomnia

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CCCP Fedeli Alla Linea - Annarella

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Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

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Litfiba - Paname

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Deftones - Change (In the House of Flies)

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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The Death of You and Me

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Fritz Da Cat - Cose Preziose feat. Kaos One

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Sanremo 2014 (2014)

Renzo Rubino - Per Sempre E Poi Basta
"...Anche se non mi do pace
Una spada sarà questa voce
Per sempre ed un’ultima volta
Ti porterò con me
Insieme tra sette notine
Danzeremo per sempre e poi basta
E ogni volta che suonerò questa nota (È un sì)
Sarai vicino a me...


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Fritz Da Cat
Novecinquanta (1999)

Giorno E Notte feat. Inoki & Joe Cassano
"...Living in the ghetto
Trying to get the hell out

Bologna notte e giorno
Italia notte e giorno
E' tutto ghetto intorno

Ti informo che è il tuo mondo
E che è il tuo giorno
E' un viaggio che non ha ritorno...