KFLA Update 1/29 - Joey DeGraw, Camp Freddy, The Velvet Teen, The Mae Shi, Blowfly…


Gen 29 2008, 20:20

Tuesday, February 19th
MIDMOURN, Stella Vicarious, strong arm down
7:00 PM, $10
MidMourn is a 5-piece hardcore band band from Pasadena/Culver City. Since 2005 they have been playing shows and writing music together. They have a three-song demo out that will start being available at their shows. At the moment, they do not have as many opportunities to play shows because of college, but whenever possible they try to play, and new material is expected to come.

Monday, March 3rd
Aerodrone, Intruder Alert!, The Truth and The Deuce from Hollywood Undead, Brokencyde
7:30 PM, $10 advance, $12 day of show
Their song “Sceneboy” is destined for great things, at least the conquering of all iPods in the free world. Aerodrone started in 2007 when Gary Zon started making Nintendo-like tracks on FruityLoops inspired by such bands as Jimmy Eat World, the Faint, and the Killers, with the intention of having the tracks eventually played with real instruments. Recruiting local musicians to fulfill this goal, like Ashton Kutcher-lookalike Kevin Patrick, the newly formed band played shows to frenzied fans in Oregon and recorded the Spin EP in Canada. After the band's big move to California, it gained the mysterious keyboardist only known as the TZA and recorded its latest EP in Hollywood.

Thursday, March 6th
Joey DeGraw, Curtis Peoples, Keaton Simons
7:30, $10
Says no less an authority than Chris Whitley: "What makes Joey such a deep writer and overwhelming talent, besides his God-given gifts, is that ... it is all about music as an art form. He is a purist and the only young blood in music today that gives me hope.”

The older brother of recording artist Gavin DeGraw, Joey is a prolific writer and has written with some of the industry’s top writers and artists. "Gavin is like a rocket. Joey is like a time bomb," says NYC’s Bitter End owner Ken Gorka. "Gavin hits you over the head, but Joey sneaks up on you."

Monday, March 10th
Dandi Wind
8:00 PM, $10 advance, $12 day of show
Dandi Wind was started in Vancouver, Canada by Dandilion Wind Opaine (vocals) and Szam Findlay (music) following Dandi’s collaboration with Szam as a sculptor and animator accompanying his instrumental music. Due to tireless touring Dandi Wind have played every major city in Europe, the US, Canada and even Mexico. Most notably, DW played 20 odd shows with the Horrors throughout Europe in spring following five separate UK/Europe jaunts in the past year. (Dandi Wind’s remix of the Horrors “Draw Japan” just released on 7inch via Universal).

“If you missed Dandi Wind’s South by Southwest unicorn-piñata/faux-intestine dance party, have no fear. Sure, the Montreal electro-pop gymnast gets comparisons to Peaches, but her over-the-top live shows and bizarre props put her somewhere more between Weird Al and Lene Lovich. Latest Concrete Igloo offers more warped, Eastern bloc dance via art terrorism, bolstered by her yelped recommendation that we just ‘Pluck It Out.’” – Austin Chronicle

Friday, March 14th
Give Me Shelter- The Teen Project Benefit Starring Camp Freddy, Linda Perry, The Section String Quartet
8:00 PM, $35
The Teen Project is the love child of Lauri Burns. A product of the California foster care system, she lived in 24 different homes in the first five years after leaving the system. Now a successful business woman and foster mom, Lauri is unwavering in her mission to ensure that foster teens have all the opportunities that normal teens have. The Teen Project Inc. is a 501C3 non-profit corporation committed to providing housing and a college education for our 25,000 homeless foster youth in California. Providing the entertainment for this benefit is an all-star lineup featuring Camp Freddy, Linda Perry, and the Section Quartet. The core of Camp Freddy is Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), Billy Morrison (The Cult), and Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction, Alanis Morrissette), who, as usual will be joined by some surprise guests. Ms. Perry is one of the most successful songwriters and producers of our time; tonight she’ll be pumping up the volume with a special rock ‘n’ roll set. The Section Quartet is a string quartet of seasoned session players who rearrange well-known popular songs into the string quartet format.

Tusday, March 18th
The Velvet Teen, Aloha
8:00 PM, $12
From Epitonic.com: “The Velvet Teen is yet another band to emerge from California's agricultural hinterlands with a distinctive approach to indie rock (count Grandaddy, Dieselhed, and Holiday Flyer among the others). The unusual trio hails from Santa Rosa, and since forming in 2000, they quickly cultivated a devoted following throughout Northern California and beyond. The first quality of Velvet Teen's sound likely to catch your ear is the trio's lovely harmonies; lead vocalist Judah Nagler carries the baton throughout the band's songs, while Logan Whitehurst and Josh Staples provide shivery counterpoints on choruses. Nagler, also the group's chief songwriter, has a distinctively untethered tenor that suggests images like a balloon rising toward the sky and which has earned him appropriate enough comparisons to the likes of Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke. The songs themselves range from stately poignant pop ballads to more uptempo emo-tinged indie rock songs.”

Tuesday, March 18th
Black Moth Super Rainbow
7:30 PM, $12
From Rollingstone.com Artists to Watch: “Armed with an arsenal of vintage keyboards (monosynths, polysynths, mellotrons, Fender Rhodes and more), Black Moth crafts mind-blowing, interstellar psychedelic pop. Think Air, but peppier, Bright Black Morning Light but freakier. Getting tagged with the oft-overused "P" word makes Tobacco a bit nervous. "Psychedelic is such a bad term," he says, "because it usually means some terrible band trying to be from the Sixties." To give their tunes a modern sensibility, Tobacco heavily doctors his vocals with a vocoder, rendering some of his lyrics totally unintelligible. Still, chewy song titles like "Jump Into My Mouth and Breathe The Stardust" and "Spinning Cotton Candy in a Shack Made of Shingles" more than compensate for Tobacco's lyrical opacity.”

Friday, March 21st
The Mae Shi, RTX, Bad Dudes, Foot Village
8:00 PM, $12
Just back from touring with the Germs and the Adolescents, the Mae Shi have been added to the bill with RTX (Royal Trux) in what will no doubt be one of the more sweat enducing shows of 2008. The Mae Shi were formed by Tim Byron and Ezra Buchla, who grew up together in LA. They began playing live in 2003, and released the To Hit Armor Class Zero EP soon after. Says the band themselves on their Myspace page: “If you are just hearing of us now, you missed out on four records and 250 shows of busted electronics, spazzier-than-f**k drums, crazy-ass boogie guitar, distorted caveman bass and throat-destroying vocals. You missed us playing in 100 different basements and garages to 100s of different kids. You missed our 59-minute-long debut EP and our debut full-length, Terrorbird, which was a hyper ADD-afflicted hip-hop concept album about monsters and the Old Testament. However, all that's in the past now, and there's plenty more in the future for us together. You'll see Jonathan Gray, you'll see us reach for pop gold, you'll see us boogie harder than we ever have before.”

Friday, March 21st
The Briggs, The Forgotten
7:30 PM, $12 advance, $15 day of show
“The Briggs cut its teeth in the Southern California scene by patching together an urgent, swaggering and infectious brew from the best parts of rock, punk, oi, folk and reggae. And now, they are poised to breakthrough on a truly global scale with the tightly focused Back to Higher Ground. The band’s third full-length (and first LP for SideOneDummy Records) oozes with a spirit, passion, attitude and a dedication that is sorely lacking from the rest of the Warped Tour and rock ‘n’ roll pack. It fully maximizes the gut-punching potential displayed on the band’s debut, Is That What You Believe?, its sophomore album Numbers, and its debut EP for Side One Dummy, Leaving The Ways.” - Audio Lunchbox

Wednesday, April 16th
A Skylit Drive, Dance Gavin Dance, Oh Sleeper, Before Their Eyes, Four Letter Lie, Memphis May Fire, THE HOTTNESS
6:00 PM, $15
A Skylit Drive hails from Sacramento, Ca and was signed to the North Carolina record label, Tragic Hero Records. They have been compared to Chiodos, Thursday, and Taking Back Sunday. Meanwhile, Dance Gavin Dance have been winning hearts and destroying minds all across the U.S. on their recent tour with Olympia. Sporting an eclectic fusion of screamo, indie rock, ol’ school hardcore and, yes, R&B, the band has drawn favorable comparisons to Circa Survive, Fear Before the March of Flames, the Blood Brothers and Alexisonfire.

Thursday, May 1st
The Chase, Diversion, The Time Of The Assassins, Radio Parade
7:30 PM, $7

Thursday, May 15th
Blowfly, Antiseen
8:00 PM, $15
Wow, now this is a bill! Before there was Kool Keith, Old Dirty Bastard or 2 Live Crew - before there was hip hop, for that matter - there was Blowfly, performing X-rated songs with a funky groove. Born 60 years ago in Cochran, Georgia, Miami's Clarence Reid has recorded more than 40 albums during his illustrious career. In reality, there's a split personality involved in this man's music: there's Blowfly, the outrageously garbed creator of trash classics such as "Porno Freak," and then there's Clarence Reid, who has recorded more than a dozen "clean" albums over the years and penned songs for the likes of K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Gwen McRae, Betty Wright, and Sam and Dave. Many people cite Blowfly as being the first rapper with his 1965 "Rap Dirty" record; He is without dispute the first rapper to have a song banned, after an Alabama record store was busted for peddling "Porno Freak."

Currently celebrating their 25th Anniversary, Antiseen have raged a sonic blitzkrieg all the way from the backwoods juke joints of South Carolina to the legendary German beer halls and left eardrums bleeding on both sides of the ocean. They have recorded with the likes of notorious madman GG Allin and legendary Alice Cooper guitarist Michael Bruce. Their recordings are the heaviest slabs of out of control redneck rockin' you'll ever hope to come across.....their live shows are the stuff of legend... and they just get meaner with age.


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