One human at a time.


Set 4 2006, 15:56

Looks like you can only "scrobble" one machine at a time. Unfortuantely Stephen's machine somehow overrides my machine... so we'll have to start randomly enable scrobbletimes or something. Ahh well... you've recently missed out on some Josh White and Josephine Baker plus some more Turing Machine. Scrobble gobble goo.


  • shrinkwrapped

    Hello, another human here, with a suggestion - why not individually sign up and then create a Casettes Group? Although I think you need more members than there are in the band before it starts compiling group charts, you would at least all be associated without neccessarily being, ahem, tarnished.

    Set 4 2006, 22:40
  • TheCassettes

    'tis an idea.. i guess we can see what happens.. though the shared account is interesting. I should just leave my mp3 player going all night long while he isn't at his computer. haha!

    Set 5 2006, 11:39
  • TANK_Ex_Mortis

    Have you asked the developers if they're planning a feature that'd let you all scrobble? 'Cause that'd be a pretty nifty feature I must say. Maybe it just hasn't occurred to them that bands would want to join forces to create a single account.

    Nov 23 2006, 18:36
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