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Only the good die young
All the evil seems to live forever

- Iron Maiden

MaCCer/Blackened @Quakenet
MaccerFin @YouTube

I'm '92 born headbanger and music fanatic from Finland. I live in Eastern Finland and study Economics at the University. Among the studies I work and play guitar/sing in a band. We mostly cover famous rock/punk/metal bands including The Offspring, Green Day and Sentenced.

My music?
My own music can found from YouTube. I started as a "musician" in September 2009 and I've been doing my own songs since then. Earlier ones are mostly love-sick ballads with rock, folk and country influences. From the recent ones you find also more catchy songs, and the lyrics also consider more topics than only love.

Check them out and feel free to comment them! :)

My instruments?
My earlier songs were recorded with Squier Stratocaster, Fender Frontman 15R -amplifier and sometimes with Ibanez DS7 dist. pedal. Nowadays I play with Ibanez SAS36FM and Vox VT100 -amplifier. Pedal is still the same old DS7, although I prefer my amp effects more. I also have Dunlop CryBaby -wahpedal, which I use sometimes.

As a guitarist I'm also able to play bass. I don't have my own one, but I wish to buy a one soon. I can also play drums but only a very little. I'd like to try violin and mouth organ.

No way out of your misery
Alone in pain an agony
Lay depressed and hollowed
One thought in your mind - No tomorrow


Bands I've seen live
Uniikki (shit)
Mäk Gälis (shit)

Haloo Helsinki!

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Metallica - Blackened
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Pantera - Revolution Is My Name
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Running Wild - Bad to the Bone
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Sentenced - Nepenthe
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Metallica - Last Caress/Green Hell
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Wintersun - Beyond the Dark Sun
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Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls
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Tankard - Mindwild
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Stam1na - Rikkipää
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Teräsbetoni - Voittamaton
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Axenstar - New Revelations
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Misfits - Crawling Eye
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Kotiteollisuus - Hornankattila
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Slayer - Beauty Through Order
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Iron Maiden - Prowler
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Eppu Normaali - Voi kuinka me sinua kaivataan
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Some nights we die
Some nights we cry
Don't push your love over the borderline

-The 69 Eyes

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