Alice in Chains at Glens Falls, NY (May 19th, 2010)


Set 26 2010, 8:58

Wed 19 May – Alice in Chains

Concert ticket, wrist band, and the front/back of the guitar pick

I came to the show without much of an expectation after having seen the NIN/JA tour last summer. After driving for over 3 hours with my friend ppk700 and two others, we arrived at the venue just minutes after the doors opened at 6:30pm. The parking wasn't too far of a walk and getting in was quite the breeze. At the entrance, security guys were checking people and asking them to show what was in their pockets. Upon being asked what was in my pockets, I shrugged and was allowed to pass by with my point and shoot camera pocketed. It was sticking out quite a bit out of my pocket, but luckily enough my flannel shirt covered that. After making a trip down to the bathroom, we got up as close as we could, approximately 4 rows of people back from the stage. At 8:00pm, an unexpected (they weren't billed) opening band took the stage and played 6 songs, taking up about 20-25 minutes. I didn't catch their name due to the loudness, but they seemed to have a pretty solid, blues-influenced rock sound. (edit: The Parlor Mob)

After the opening band finished, a white curtain fell from the ceiling to separate the stage from the audience. I was close enough for it to hit my face as it fell down. As people came, went and spilled cheap beer all over the floor, I soon found myself standing somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd rows of people for the remainder of the night. My friends got pushed back as a few fights broke out and people started crowd surfing. I managed to stick close to a couple and we watched each other's backs for the rest of the show, as to not get kicked in the head by a crowd surfer. I also managed to snap several shots of every band member during quieter songs, though mostly Jerry as he stood in front of me for a good chunk of the show. William came over and reached out to some of the people stretching out for him several times. I made eye contact with Jerry at least twice. Before the band played 'Nutshell', Jerry introduced the band and announced that they had several weeks off from touring, making this their first show in a while. He then announced that Mike Inez recently got married. 'Nutshell' was dedicated to Layne and Ronnie James Dio, who died of stomach cancer the Sunday prior to the show. It should also be noted that Mike Inez was wearing a vintage Dio shirt as a tribute. At the very end, Sean Kinney tossed out a drum head into the audience and gave out two sets of drumsticks, while Jerry and William threw out dozens of guitar picks into the audience. I managed to snatch one Cantrell pick.

Inez, DuVall, Cantrell

This was my first general attendance show (I don't go to shows too often) and I must say I found it to be a lot more enjoying than being at a seated show. You become a part of the crowd, which in itself is quite an exciting experience. There are, of course, a few drawbacks. You have to constantly watch out for the surfers and help push them along. You also have to stick close to your spot in order to avoid being pushed back. The band played a typical setlist that's been played for the ongoing tour, but it being my first Alice in Chains show, I did not mind. The show I came to with the least expectations ended up being the best show I’ve been to, as of this day.

01. All Secrets Known
02. It Ain't Like That
03. Again
04. Check My Brain
05. Them Bones
06. Dam That River
07. Rain When I Die
08. Your Decision
09. Got Me Wrong
10. We Die Young
11. Last of my Kind
12. Nutshell
13. Sickman
14. Down in a Hole
15. Lesson Learned
16. Acid Bubble
17. Angry Chair
18. Man in the Box
19. Would? (Encore)
20. Rooster (Encore)

Just like with the last show I attended, I made a video of the opening song. I figured it wasn't worth it to make more than one video due to bad sound quality and the crowd surfers. In what is available, you can see the band take the stage, the curtain come down and at 4:05, you can get a special glimpse of my good friend ppk700, rocking out.


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