Hip Hop in 2010


Dic 18 2010, 13:21

Thats wassup.

1. The Left - Gas Mask

2. Celph Titled & Buckwild - Nineteen Ninety Now

3. Black Sheep - From the Black Pool of Genius

4. Hell Razah - Heaven Razah

5. The Roots - How I Got Over

6. Q-Unique - Between Heaven & Hell

7. John Robinson & Lewis Parker - International Summers

8. Boho Fau & Elevated Soul - Coffee House Swinger

9. ShinSight Trio - Somewhere Beyond the Moon

10. Awon & Kameleon Beats - Love Supersedes LP

11. Richie Cunning - Night Train

12. Eternia & MoSS - At Last

13. Homeboy Sandman - The Good Sun

14. Wisemen - Children of a Lesser God

15. PanaCea - 12 Step Program

16. Diabolic - Liar & a Thief

17. 1982 - Statik Selektah and Termanology are 1982

18. Kno - Death Is Silent

19. IDE & Skavenger - Addicted to the Vision

20. Shad - TSOL

21. Apollo Brown - The Reset

22. Grieves - Together/Apart

23. Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx - The eXXecution

24. Jermiside & Danny Diggs - Middle Classic

25. KRS-One & True Master - Meta-Historical

26. 7L & Esoteric - 1212

27. Strong Arm Steady - In Search Of Stoney Jackson

28. Freeway & Jake One - The Stimulus Package

29. Madlib - Medicine Show # 3: Beat Konducta In Africa

30. Canibus - C Of Tranquility

31. Dessa - A Badly Broken Code

32. J.R. & PH7 - The Update

33. DJ Muggs vs. Ill Bill - Kill Devil Hills

34. Nas & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives

35. Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - Revolutions Per Minute

36. LMNO and Kev Brown - Selective Hearing Part 2

37. Black Milk - Album of the Year

38. El Da Sensei & The Returners - GT2: Nu World

39. Vinnie Paz - Season of the Assassin

40. Meth, Ghost & Rae - Wu-Massacre

41. Ripshop - The Authenticity

42. Reef The Lost Cauze - Fight Music

43. Group Home - Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal

44. Skyzoo & Illmind - Live From The Tape Deck

45. Trek Life - Everything Changed Nothing

46. Rhymefest - El Che

47. Nottz - You Need This Music

48. PackFM - I F*cking Hate Rappers

49. Sadistik & Kid Called Computer - The Art of Dying

50. Guilty Simpson - OJ Simpson

51. Murs & 9th Wonder - Fornever

52. Zion I - Atomic Clock

53. Gangrene - Gutter Water

54. Rakaa - Crown Of Thorns

55. Exile - Radio AM/FM

56. Factor - 13 Stories

57. Inspectah Deck - Manifesto

58. Cypress Hill - Rise Up

59. Fat Joe - The Darkside

60. Roc Marciano - The Margberg EP

61. Godfather Don - Donnie Brasco

62. Strange Fruit Project - Laudz M.A.S.K. EP

63. Little Brother - The Leftback

64. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: Son of Chico Dusty

65. Sonz Of Wu - Young Godz

I used to want to get the whole big picture, now I think that I can overall get it even tho I missed those:

Rah Digga
Apollo Brown
Rick Ross
Wiz Khalifa
Ice Cube
Kanye West
Joe Budden
The Alchemist
Von Pea
Statik Selektah & Termanology
Pac Div
Black C
Ice Cube

I have a certain reason for every missed album and for every picked position. However, if somebody having a very similar taste to mines recommends me strongly one of the albums I'll deliberately won't check, I'll give them a try.

Also, I rated in my preliminary list an album called Full Time and now I can't remember whose album that is. Help?


  • Konkapa

    I can agree with your top 3 (despite mine order of these 3 might be different). Also i'm "glad" that The Roots album is not so hight as i expected. But then... i cant understand some choices. Especially why you put that wack Nas album so high.

    Dic 18 2010, 13:41
  • TheAbbott

    Chill, fella, mad Hip Hop headz will soon get at ya. U know my opinion about the Nas' "revolutionary" curve but out of that, he remain much more skilled than many of those new school cats. Probably will go several positions lower soon tho. I thought u were disappointed with Heaven Razah. Which other choices?

    Dic 18 2010, 18:50
  • Konkapa

    Of course he is more skilled but because of it such an album is even more dissapointing. Also it's one of the most fake hip hop albums which i've heard (imo only compared to some phony gangsta shit). I meaned that Kno is higher than Canibus album or Beat Konducta In Africa (but i know your opinion about Madlib or generally such albums so i cant say it was a suprise for me). Ok, i wouldnt put Heaven Razah in top 3 or 5 even but it doesnt mean it's a bad album.

    Dic 18 2010, 23:21
  • TheAbbott

    Listen to OJ Simpson and Gutter Water and we'll talk about Madlib again in a certain aspect. I think I could soon feel like 'fuck Madlib' even. This album can't be higher. Death Is Silent is undoubtedly better than the Cani album. Main fault of C Of Tranquility is that it contains what people called "filler tracks". There are at least 2-3 songs in which he repeats himself, uses the complex words and rhyme patterns but the message behind them is lost or very far from Rip The Jacker and previous Cani shit. Sounds boring and repetitive at those parts I'm talkin bout while there isn't a bad song of the Kno album. On the other hand Death Is Silent is a record that has run to extremes, it might turn out to be the hardest album to rate this year.

    Dic 19 2010, 9:53
  • Konkapa

    Soon i will. In case of Kno i may be to subjective cause i cant dig this style. But even with some filler tracks i like C Of Tranquility more.

    Dic 19 2010, 11:11
  • LamarMatic

    Glad to see Celph Titled & Buckwild in the spot they deserve to be. Was that Black Sheep album that good? I didn't really expect anything from it, so I have only heard "Forever Luvlee", which btw is really dope.

    Dic 19 2010, 16:57
  • TheAbbott

    Forever Luvlee is a dope song and there are at least four songs better than it in the album.

    Dic 19 2010, 18:40
  • ebisu

    "Listen to OJ Simpson and Gutter Water and we'll talk about Madlib again in a certain aspect." <-- Madlib didn't do any of the tracks on Gutter Water... production was split between the Alchemist and Oh No (Madlib's brother). Nice list, definitely more than a few on there that I still gotta check out.

    Dic 21 2010, 6:50
  • TheAbbott

    Yeah, I kno who Oh No is. There is absolutely no doubt that he is, was and has even been inspired and influenced heavily by his brother.

    Dic 21 2010, 10:21
  • LamarMatic

    Why didn't you like the PackFM album? Coz it is one of my '2010 favorites, I just love the concept, although the skits start to get on your nerves after a few listens. Same goes with Roc Marciano, everybody seems to like that album. It wasn't that good, but still #46 spot?

    Dic 21 2010, 13:54
  • TheAbbott

    Production was boring, mcing was boring, I found absolutely nothing in that Marberg record. While PackFM is another case. He's skilled but acts like he's way too good. The concept is ridiculous - I make rap and I hate rappers? Who the fuck is he to act that way, the new school Rakim or something? I don't like his attitude. And I don't like his beats.

    Dic 21 2010, 15:59
  • LamarMatic

    Good point.

    Dic 22 2010, 20:49
  • LamarMatic

    Ghostface's album is pretty nice, btw. The production is interesting, you can even say that it's a bit weird - dope use of samples. Some tracks with replay value, all in all every one of them is listenable, so I guess you can give it a listen. Evidence came out with an interesting EP using The Beatles' samples, kind of like a tribute to them. Haven't heard the Joell Ortiz "Free Agent" yet but he's been on fire for a long while, just check out tracks like "Battle Cry" or "Sing Like Bilal" (also on the album, though they were released on an EP previously). You already have "1212" on your list, however just wanted to say that I just love it - one of my 2010 favs. Joe Budden's Mood Muzik 4 was good, of course if you like his depressing Mood Muzik series (I love them). But it seems like you haven't listened to him at all during your last.fm history, so check out Mood Muzik 2 first if you ever want to give him a listen. With the year ending I'm in such a rush giving a listen to everything I haven't heard yet (mostly from your list). Probably will make a part 2 for my 2010 audio compilation. Can expect it soon on my journal. Wow, that was a long comment.

    Dic 23 2010, 11:30
  • Gee-La

    yo how the hell do u have time to listen through all those albums? :D nice list though, great to see u put Love Supersedes LP so high!

    Dic 31 2010, 15:20
  • skycyclebg

    nice list, although i would have shuffled it a lot. why is big boi's album all the way at the bottom - it's by far the most innovative hip-hop record of the year and i believe it will sound like that even in a few years...

    Gen 1 2011, 17:39
  • TheAbbott

    Gee-La: I manage to spend enough time, also, I began with those albums from February or March so it's understandable, they are a small part of all the new to me stuff I listened to during last year. Awon's album was impressive, it deserves its place.

    Gen 2 2011, 17:06
  • TheAbbott

    skycyclebg - looking at your top 20 we have nearly nothing in common when it comes to instrumentals preferences. So you might have ended up feeling the production on the Big Boi album, to me it sounded like sumfin I usually call bullshit, a matter of taste in this case, I hate hyped beats which lack the classic rhythms. But trust me, I listened to this album(at least the first half of it) line by line, and no - there's nothing innovative and futuristic in saying nothing particular throughout the whole album and meanwhile using mediocre wordplay, lyrically this album's wack. As hell.

    Gen 2 2011, 17:10
  • Music-Ninja

    Hmm Interesting List, I've looked to your lists 94 & 10. I recognized saw that you're no westcoast or southern fan or atleast of the classic sound of those areas. Because i missed some albums in your lists, Well OK Like You Said It's A Matter Of Taste and they are of course your lists. But I Think you have too much prejudice of the south and west. Don't Get Me Wrong Man, I Really Dig Your Music Taste with all that jazz, funk and soul stuff plus all those hip hop goodies. But Hip Hop Wise It's Strictly Eastcoast. btw: don't take it too serious, because I've read what you've wrote about yourself haha I don't wanna piss you off, Just Asking out of curiosity :)

    Gen 5 2011, 21:24
  • TheAbbott

    You should mind that especially in my new school lists I have absolutely no idea where those mc's come from unless they mention it in the album.

    Gen 6 2011, 7:12
  • Anberzu

    I won't comment on the list itself just yet, not before I figure out what my own list would look like. But why do you skip some albums on purpose though? If you expect it to be wack and don't even give it a spin, you'll never be able to discover albums that are actually pretty good. Take Fat Joe for example - I know what you might expect him to sound like (given the mainstream crap he's recorded in his time), but I gave The Darkside a chance just because Joe was a beast back in the day (I hope you at least listened to Represent and J.O.E.) and it ended up being one of my favourite albums this year. And Curren$y, why sleep on him? Danny Brown? Even Kanye is surprisingly good this year.

    Gen 6 2011, 14:06
  • TheAbbott

    You know I think Currens$$$y is wack. I know Fat Joe's early albums of course and ok then, I'll check out The Darkside. Kanye is too annoying for listening, even if he didn't sound like a sensitive McDonalds worker, I would still imagine a gayfish on the m-i-c. I'm listening now the Curtis Mayfields' Move On Up and think about how good actually the beat of Touch The Sky is(sampled from the above-mentioned), but if I play this song, I'll necesserily think of how on some awards he protested for not having the award for best video(cause he spent this n that on this video, he brought the fuckin Pam Anderson there and this can't be nothing but the best video out there, that was fuckin hilarious). He's such a tallented producer but he's so full of complexes that even if he has a decent verse in that new so-hyped album, I would def think its not his. Also, I still believe a very old lesson taught by Chuck D and Flav, nahmean?

    Gen 6 2011, 18:41
  • Anberzu

    Didn't know you thought that of Curren$y. Why's that? Sure, you're not likely to find deep things in the lyrics, but he's fun, flows nicely, something you can just sit and relax to and the beats are just amazing. As far as Kanye goes, I'm far from a fan and I'm not one to recommend his album above everything else. But truth be told, he stepped up his rap game and the new joint is worth a listen. Regarding the sampling issue you've mentioned, that's one of the things I dislike about him the most. The way he samples shit, it's not as much "sampling" as it is simply jacking beats. On a side note, when you are able to look over the stuff you don't like about the artist as a person, you can find very good music. Sometimes:)

    Gen 6 2011, 19:35
  • TheAbbott

    Oh, hah, but then Eric B was jacking beats even more. Last year I listened to This Ain't No Mixtape cause you recommended it to me, that was wack(with good beats tho, I admit it).

    Gen 7 2011, 9:12
  • Funkeman

    Cradle Orchestra - Transcended elements can easily be in top 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2DOens7aq0 one of the last tracks that the great guru recorded pretty dope jam.

    Feb 8 2011, 20:13
  • RussellJones

    I agree with the top 3. period. they are solid.

    Lug 29 2011, 21:19
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