• Lyrics

    Ott 6 2010, 20:47

    Well, I've been really into writing lyrics. I like it. So I'm gonna share it with you cunts. I write about various stuff, mostly nihilism, misanthropy, gore, pathology, death and somehow, anti-religion. I'll probably edit this bitch once I write more, and these songs are not my complete collection, there's a shitload, good and bad, and I took some good, and some bad and put them here. But here you go:

    To Slaughter With A Lawn-Mower
    Extreme repulsion towards mankind drives me
    To steal a lawn-grinder for atrocities
    Advanced corpse perception allows
    To see beyond the law, to embrace offal

    Oh... beyond...
    ...beyond our law there lies the inevitable grave
    The grave of worms and maggots

    To Slaughter With A Lawn-Mower - Little children
    To Slaughter With A Lawn-Mower - Humans

    Mutilation is inevitable due to insanity
    My skull feels the pressure of my brain
    Bacterial breakdown of my head
    Abstract carnage with a lawn-mower

    The chains and saws used to cut the grass
    Cut the flesh like butter
    Cutis mutilated beyond recognition
    Splattering the brains

    To Slaughter With A Lawn-Mower - Little children
    To Slaughter With A Lawn-Mower - Humans

    Zombie Necrophilliac
    With a wooden axe in my hand
    Into the cemetery I travel
    Await a lone sexy victim
    And hit her with a gravel

    Slowly amputate
    The unconcious slut
    And drag her to her grave
    And then I steal her gut

    She's old enough to bleed
    So she's old enough to breed

    Taking off pants and skirts
    Inserting my maggot dick
    Her cunt makes me cum
    Makes me fucking sick

    Putrefying, gutted whore
    Spreads across the infection
    Cum on her, fuck her gore
    Embody a needle, injection

    She's old enough to bleed
    So she's old enough to breed

    Syringe full of disease
    Everyone becoming dead
    Stupid filthy rotten bitch
    My cock is sucked by her head

    Morbid Etiology
    Bacilli pathogens circulating in air
    Phlebotitis inducing viraemia
    Deformation of the face
    Lesion ridden dermanecrosis

    Lineament repulsive, unhumane horror, putrid
    Profile disfigured, repgunant tissue degeneration
    Corrosion of skull and jaws, dysplasmatic results
    Festering and liquidifying cancrum oris maiming

    Stomatitis and dermapenia
    Necrotizing agents befall your face
    Destruction of tissues, cytorrhage
    Patent face, pathogenesis of aparenchyma
    Cytophageopathy, prognosis morbid, bioptosis
    Pus infiltrating gray matter, evisceration
    Antemortem agenesis of cutis

    Gangrene festering away at your limbs
    Prolonged ulceration leaving you deformed
    Rotting of legs, necrotizing the brain
    Viral oxygen consumption, flesh in ruin

    Pandemic of ebola, wretched effluvium
    Abscess, lingering malice of horror of your face
    Carrionic devourment carrying disease
    Facial atrophy, Fournier gangrene

    Infestation of cockroaches
    Multiple bites of viral parasites
    Causing rheumatoid meningitis
    A scleroderma and melanoma

    Increased metabolism along
    A severe case of thyroid
    It begins from the lower extremites
    Ends with the scalp

    Arthritis and self digestion
    Consuming medicine at high rates
    Regurgitation, diarrhea
    Pathological excrements of entrails
    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy

    Insidious cephalotripsy
    Malodorous boils upon eyes
    Paralyzation begins
    Pre-mortem decomposition

    Losing skin to viral insects
    Cannot move, paralyzed
    The disease that dissects
    Life and humanity excised
    Paralyzed and skinless

    Schematics of Animosity
    A citadel of repulsive divinity
    The catacomb of festering souls
    Desecration aura
    Altars of morbidity

    Entering the mausoleum
    Unlocking the chained door
    A vicious view of barbaric premature autopsies
    Of the eternally rotting saints

    The necronaut is standing, dissecting the priest
    Scarring the living with a pentagram on their face
    An anti-religious manifest
    Ritualistic desecration of religion

    Passing through eternal suffering
    A decrepit cadaver rises
    Foul stench reeking from the boils
    Faceless surgical abnormality

    Resurrection at the Landfill
    Do you regret of the slaughter
    Or feel remorse?
    Does not matter
    You are decapitated
    Just another corpse to throw in the dumpster

    The winds putrefy slowly from the reek
    Ominous signs of toxicity
    Horizon blurred by the shades of the dead

    I sometimes stroll around the cemeteral earth
    To add items to my collection
    Sometimes a hand, a head, a finger

    The scavenging of remains is perpetual
    Re-animation that leads to victory
    Cannot be done without death
    Gluttonious death

    Landfill resurrection
    Graveyard insurrection

    Summoning of the necrolith brings back the slaughtered
    Six handed, hovering above the sewer hole
    The cesspool of vermin where you will rot
    The landfill is too holy for your filth

    Homovorous Mummification
    Cretins by nature - Insufficient micro-elements in the bitch's body
    Gave birth to these inbred consumers
    As taught by birth; never changed
    God is real, pray every day

    A viral disease, a contamination with no cure
    The only cure is death

    A corpse on the workbench
    Hands in the chest
    I despise ignorance
    Therefore I kill

    Ten thousand skeletons float face down
    All because of you
    Prepare for ingestion & digestion

    Whether you remain alive
    Enter the shed
    Alive or dead - you won't leave here with your head
    Into the kitchen - now splattered with blood red
    Entrails removed
    Viscera extracted
    Dehydration through devourment
    Ragged with guts

    Hanging By The Neck
    Suspended in the air
    Gasping for oxygen

    The gallow hill is a sickening bliss; full of death
    Yet so helpful to rid us from men

    A token of victory; a human skull
    Linked together in chains to form a necklace
    A material for weaponary; human bones
    Crafted and sharpened to form knives

    Amputated without anaesthesia
    Dead and dripping
    Your face is melting
    And your neck is breaking

    The rasping before death, a pleasing sound
    Adrenaline rushing through their veins
    Fear not, spine-shatter is imminent
    After death, dragged into a small room
    And from a corpse
    A jigsaw of gore

    Colonial Decomposition
    Progression towards space
    Abandonning this earth
    What you destroyed you never fixed
    Like a parasite, exploited and left

    Inhabitation results in hostility
    Yet you find it right to destroy
    God's beloved creation

    For centuries you exist peacefully
    Slaughtering to live

    Spearheading the victims, servile insurrection
    Those once thralls enslave the slavers
    Bound in chains
    Thrown into the pit
    For future devourment

    Mutilating and later embalming
    Ingestion, digestion, defecation
    Colonial decomposition
    Colonial coprolite

    Possessed by Mammon
    Not an excuse
    Of the cadaver
    Into human liquid

    Spheres of Creation
    In the crown of yourself
    You preach darkness
    Yet would you survive the lack of light?
    Transcendence cannot be achieved
    When you erase all colors
    A collosal necroplast
    A perfect image
    But so flawed as a human
    You forged your human body into nihility
    Perfect dehumanisation of un-perfection

    As you reach the temples of nothingness
    Emotionless - Fearless, sadless
    In the chambers of desolated hearts
    You create the religion of eternity
    Of a black hole, a succubbus of colors
    Dividing life by zero, eternity arrives and ends
    Within a second of life, and our names begone
    And you re-create all