...aaand another one.


Nov 19 2006, 14:34

Same shit different questions.

1: Will it be ok?: Mere Your Pathetic Light
2: How are you feeling today?: I'm the only gay eskimo
3: How do your friends see you?: Let's kiss and make up
4: Will you get married?: Couldn't feel safer
5: What is your best friend's theme song?: Slopak
6: What is the story of your life?: Mopish morning, Halation wiper
7: What was high school like?: Warrior
8: How can you get ahead in life?: Take your mama
9: What is the best thing about your friends?: It was there that I saw you
10: What is tonight going to be like?: I'm a cuckoo
11: What is in store for the remainder of this weekend?: Ring of Fire
12: What song describes you?: Shadowgate
13: To describe your grandparents?: Air Raid GTR
14: How is your life going?: All the Lazy Dykes
15: What song will they play at your funeral?: Everything About You
16: How does the world see you?: Common People
17: Will you have a happy life?: Ashes
18: What do your friends really think of you?: Pouppée de cire, Pouppée de son
19: Do people secretly lust after you?: America is not the world
20: How can I make myself happy?: Rich
21: What should you do with your life?: Asthma Attack
22: Will you ever have children?: I walk the line

mere your pathetic light, I'm the Only Gay Eskimo, Let's Kiss and Make Up, Couldn't Feel Safer, Slopak, Mopish Morning, Halation Wiper, Warrior, Take Your Mama, It was there that I saw you, I'm A Cuckoo, Ring of Fire, Shadowgate, Air Raid GTR, All The Lazy Dykes, Everything About You, Common People, Ashes, Pouppée De Cire, Pouppée De Son, America Is Not The World, Rich, Asthma Attack, I Walk the Line


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