• Trip to the record store

    Lug 21 2009, 4:16

    Brought home a fair armload of stuff this weekend. Went over board, wAaaAAaaaAAay over board, and I don't regret it one bit.

    Big Black - Songs About Fucking (Vinyl)
    When I bought my stereo this album was at the top of my list of things I needed buy on vinyl. The CD has your typical poor vinyl CD transfer thing happening. The sound is simply blunted, claustrophobic and shitty. I took a listen of it tonight but wasn't able to really crank it up the way I wanted to. It still kicked a lot of ass.

    Burial - Untrue (Vinyl)
    One of my favourite bands at the moment. At the top of the game in the "Dubstep" movement, though I have a difficult time squaring him with dub artists such as Scientist and King Tubby. If this was the 90s he'd be just easily compared to some of the murkier works of Bola and Autechre but you'd probably have to separate him from those two by saying it's more "dubby."

    Black Flag - Damaged (Vinyl)
    I remember seeing the video for TV Party on Much Music when I was a kid. I wondered if it would be considered a really good Black Flag song because it didn't seem as threatening as punk was made out to be. I still enjoy the odd Henry Rollins rant, but it does have to be the odd one. BTW, it's a great album, but that goes unsaid.

    Walter Carlos - Sonic Seasonings
    Early electronic/moog music with a lot of ambiance and nature sounds in the mix. A surprisingly good listen that will be spending a lot of time on the record player.

    Herbie Hancock - Future Shock (vinyl)
    Nice to get a used copy of this on vinyl. Especially the same week I rated Rock It on of the most important songs of the 80s (it was just a comment on a tumblr blog). It's also amazing how much Bill Laswell has touched.

    Herbie Mann - Waterbed (Vinyl)
    Just one of those cross-over into funkyness albums that a well esteemed artist does to the guffaws of the snobs and the swooning of people like me.

    There's a few others out of the Easy Listening section by Percy Faith, Enoch Light, and Richard Hayman (this one is actually quite cool). But, that's enough blathering for one night.
  • Neubauten.org News Letter, June 2009

    Giu 17 2009, 23:03

    This came through me email today and since it's neubauten.org mail I figure it best to just pass it along here. I'm also going to add some of the tags, and an exposed Youtube link, cause you know I'm cool like that.

    English version below!

    Liebe alle,

    es gibt spannende Neuigkeiten zu vermelden!
    Auch wenn derzeit keine Konzerte der Einstürzenden Neubauten geplant sind, tut sich doch einiges hinter den Kulissen der Band. So sind alle Mitglieder weiterhin mit ihren Soloprojekten beschäftigt und auf den Bühnen dieser Welt unterwegs. Und ganz nebenbei werden in Hinblick auf die im nächsten Jahr zu feiernden „30 Jahre Einstürzenden Neubauten“ schon mal die Archive gesichtet und neu aufgearbeitet. Einige Schätze wurden dabei bereits gehoben.

    So wird z.B. in den kommenden Tagen endlich das 96er Album „Ende Neu“ wieder zu bekommen sein. Das damals von der Presse hoch gelobte Werk kommt um den Bonus Track „Bili Rubin“ erweitert, im überarbeiteten Design, sowohl als CD und Vinyl und selbstredend über das hauseigene Label Potomak und deren Lieblingsvertrieb INDIGO (www.indigo.de) in den Handel.

    Doch nicht nur für die Ohren, auch für die Augen gibt es interessantes neues Material anzukündigen.
    So werden die Neubauten und deren Mitglieder sowohl im neuen Uli Schüppel -Film „ELEKTROKOHLE (VON WEGEN)” (Infos unter: www.schueppel-films.de, www.myspace.com/offways, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtDV9vbkHXI),
    und im neuen Berlinfilm von Michael Ballhaus und Ciro Cappelari „In Berlin“ (Infos unter: http://www.inberlin-film.de) zu sehen sein.

    “In Berlin” Premieren in Deutschland:

    23.06. – 19:00 Uhr in Bremen – Kino: Cinema Ostertor –
    24.06. – 20:00 Uhr in Köln – Kino: Odeon (Severinstr. 81)

    Bleibt also unbedingt gespannt, denn wir werden demnächst weitere großartige Neuigkeiten ankündigen können. So geht z.B. im Juli unser neuer Online-Shop ans Netz. Doch mehr dazu und zu weiteren Themen rund um die Einstürzenden Neubauten in unserem nächsten Newsletter.

    Viele Grüße aus Berlin,
    euer Neubauten Team

    Hello everybody,

    There’s exciting news to announce!
    Even if no concerts of the Einstürzende Neubauten are currently planned, there’s still a lot going on behind the scenes. All of the band members continue to be engaged with their solo projects and are now performing on stages around the world. And incidentally, the archives are presently being sorted through and reworked in preparation for next year’s upcoming celebration, “30 years of Einstürzende Neubauten.” Some treasures have already been rediscovered.

    As a result, “Ende Neu,” an album from ’96 for example, will finally be available again within the next days. This compilation, highly praised by the press at that time, is being extended by the bonus track “Bili Rubin” in a revised design, both as a CD and vinyl record and is of course for sale through the in-house label Potomak and our favorite distributor INDIGO (www.indigo.de).

    However, there is interesting new material to publicize not just for the ears alone, but also for the eyes.
    The Neubauten as a group and individual band members can be seen both in the new Uli Schüppel film “ELEKTROKOHLE (VON WEGEN)” (info: www.schueppel-films.de; www.myspace.com/offways; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtDV9vbkHXI) and in the new Berlin film by Michael Ballhaus and Ciro Cappelari “In Berlin” (info: http://www.inberlin-film.de).

    “In Berlin” Dates of the following premieres in Germany:

    23.06. – 19:00 Uhr in Bremen – Kino: Cinema Ostertor –
    24.06. – 20:00 Uhr in Köln – Kino: Odeon (Severinstr. 81)

    So stay tuned, because we’ll soon be able to announce further attention-grabbing news. For instance, our new Internet shop will go online in July. There’ll be more about this and about the Einstürzende Neubauten in our next newsletter.

    Best regards from Berlin,
    Your Neubauten Team

  • Things you may call wall-gaze

    Giu 14 2009, 0:03

    Lately, it seems my worldly experience has as much to do with reality as Tarot has with the future. No, I'm not on drugs. I'm just going insane in a crazy world. Or, more accurately life is upside down, and I've no clue wear I stand, and the activity preference of the day is loud music combined with wall staring. Not even bothering with the beer. Why? I'm already checked out.

    Here's my loud music for the day.

    Crystal Stilts - Alight of Night
    This is a great album and seems to be much more at home on Vinyl than the self-titles EP I downloaded from eMusic last year. This one may or not be on my SFL list at eMusic. When I found the record I immediately added it to my stack knowing the dark reverb drenched atmosphere of tube amps and hollow body guitars would suit the format well. For obvious reasons I need to give Jesus and Mary Chain another go, and the only reason I didn't last time was the shitty sound on the CD version of Psychocandy,

    My Blood Valentine - Loveless(vinyl)
    If there's an album that is in serious need of a remastering job, it's this one. I'm not talking about making it louder, though that would be one of the results. The digital version feels claustrophobic and no amount of volume knob adjustment compensates. It simply doesn't match the impact you get when you put record on. The vinyl sounds great, it really hits you. The CD sounds good, and you can just as easily fall in love with it.. But you kind of feel like you're watching a movie on one of those crappy DVD transfers where the wide screen edition is displayed as a full screen leaving you with black bars on all 4 sides.

    Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See
    This one seemed to come to be by accident. A deep hazy mix of country, Americana, and psychedelia driven by Hope Sondovals beautiful vocals. I've heard their music before and it may have been in a Bruce MacDonald movie. It raised an eyebrow to see Empress listed as a similar artist on Allmusic.com. I'll be digging that album up soon. Nothing like slow burning and unintrusive Americana when you just want to lounge.

    Rollerskate Skinny - Horsedrawn Wishes
    There are some really driven pop songs on this beast. But, they're drenched with feedback, drones, and noise. The song Cradle Burns is one of my ear worms and I'm glad it never reached it's potential to be a hit song (the potential is there). It's too bad these guys were swallowed up by Warner. They didn't belong there. This is still a great album.

    A Cricket In Times Square - A Cricket in Times Square
    This one is pretty obscure, and unfortunately, it's the only thing these guys released. They've since gone onto other projects. 5 1/2 - Minute Hallway is a favourite track of mine.
  • Webcasts from the Neubauten Studio now called andereBaustelle

    Nov 29 2008, 22:36

    Recently received an email from Boris and Marco. They will be doing some webcasts of the bands they are working with at www.anderebaustelle.com with chat. No registration or password required.
  • Late night play list

    Nov 18 2008, 5:53

    Should be going to bed, but for some reason I'm in the mood for a few select songs..

    Monster Movie - Waiting
    A beautiful and hopeful song that reminds me of a weekend I spent with a lovely woman. It didn't work out. But, it's a fond memory and I'm happy every time I hear this song now.

    Japancakes - Blown a Wish
    A warm flowing take on the My Bloody Valentine classic. One of my favourite songs, period.

    James Hardway - Speak Softly
    An upbeat gem with grooving bass line and a smoky voice singing with confidence about making it in the world. You've gotta step softly and speak easy.

    Guitar - I Kissed The Dirt + She Kissed Her Bobtail
    A relaxing instrumental piece that conjures up the most wonderful spring time images of sunshine, play grounds, and being a kid again.

    Tycho - Dictaphone's Lament
    Slow drifting beats, warm flowing bass, and cheerful melodies that slide into a psychedelic dream world of hand claps and a lightly plucked guitar.

    Flunk - Sky Song
    Light, up tempo pop.

    Slowdive - Altogether
    An infinitely beautiful song from one of my favourite albums.

    Hungry Lucy - Her Song
    Reminds me of a friend.

    Laura - We Should Keep This Secret
    This track has a very mesmerizing effect.

    Mus - Divina lluz
    Mus is always beautiful and mysterious.

    Nightmares on Wax - Fire in the Middle
    ...another late night favourite.

    Alarm Will Sound - Avril 14th
    Class Aphex Twin covered with naked delicacy of solo piano.

    Air France - Never Content
    It fees like a hot day of partying in the Caribbean.
  • Neubauten.org Webstore

    Set 23 2008, 0:16

    For those who haven't been visiting the Neubauten.org webpage lately the store has a few interesting items.

    From Einsturzende Neubauten :
    - Musterhaus 8, 7, 6, and 5
    - Live CD-Rs from the "Alles Wieder Offen" Tour 2008

    There's still some stuff available from the previous tours as well.

    N.U. Unruh - AirShow DVD
    Alexander Hacke, Danielle de Picciotto, and Tiger Lillies - Mountains of Madness DVD

  • Just stretching my legs here...

    Ago 12 2008, 2:30

    The new format and the lack of "Recommended Reading" has kind of deflated my interest in writing journals for the moment. I'm not totally freaked out that Last.FM has reduced focus on the journal, but it's still a bit of a disappointment. I'm still hopeful they'll bring in back, and I've been musing about what I'd like to see.

    My recommendations for a new Recommended Reading:

    1) Allow us to recommend journals and have that exposed to our friends/neighbours. Perhaps be able to tag it with a small set of preset tags such as: funny, informative, great read, good links, good reference, and WTF?. A central page would be a nice addition as well.

    2) Allow us to filter out certain blogs and give priority to others. I don't want a rating system since it would be open to abuse.

    3) Bring it closer to the forefront. I think there should be a link on the Home page (Recommended Reading).
  • Recent Purchases - June 1, 2008

    Giu 1 2008, 15:06

    Mrs. Miller - Artist Collection Wild Cool
    I'm not going to bother listening to this one right now. Mrs. Miller is an old church type lady who warbles and caterwauls several hits of the 50's and 60's. It's an enduring experience really. Something you slip in somewhere in the middle of the party to get a good laugh. Some will be in on it and laugh along, while others will just gape at you while you're an idiot. All I can say is I was kinda worried that this might be out of print. What would an Ultra Lounge collection be without the Mrs. Miller artist collection or the god awfully packaged Tiki Compilation?

    Secret Chiefs 3 - Xaphan: The Book Of Angels, Vol. 9
    On this round SC3 works with John Zorn to record and entry into the Masada collection. I believe this is my favourite album by them. They stick to their strengths on this album, and it really shows for the better.

    The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Vista Cruiser Country Squire
    This Brent Cooper's (Huevos Rancheros new band, and it's pretty awesome. A burning mix of rockabilly and surf worthy of Link Wray, and Dick Dale.
  • New Discoveries: These are Powers (Ghost Punk)

    Mag 26 2008, 4:09

    These Are Powers - Terrific Seasons

    I discovered this group about a week ago through there very cool Guy Maddin influenced video for Silver Lung.

    These are Powers is a "Ghost Punk" band out of Brooklyn. It's a noisy style of punk with heavily distorted and droning bassline, with clamouring treble/reverb drenched guitars. The sound is not too distant from The Liars (apparently they share a member) with more attack, and a less experimental approach. Other worthy associations (at least in my mind) include: This Heat, Sightings, Erase Erata, and Magick Markers.
  • Would DJ'ing just make me hate people more?

    Mag 21 2008, 1:32

    I have a friend who believes you can develop a wider appreciation of music without knowing anything about the music you're listening to. She said this while sitting in my living room. My living room is almost covered in CDs and she has no clue what 99% of them are. She wouldn't even leave it at: The piece of music you're listening to.

    I don't think I could appreciate music near as much as I do now without playing the game of "who is that?" where can I hear some more? Or, "what's this about?" Yah... too much of my favourite music came out of having only a name, a small review, and a credit card. Music appreciation isn't handed to you.. it's worked for.

    But, of course some people don't like hearing the words "from my experience" cause they think it puts them down. But, a put down would be "since I think you're stupid" or "but you're young so wouldn't know."

    I bet you that you wouldn't enjoy your night out as much if they kept playing some douche bag's favourite songs. Actually, it's usually a few song titles said douche bag pulled out his ass. Why? Cause making requests is cool??? It is??? Who'd of gathered? Look... the DJ treads a fine line between keeping everyone happy and making you happy. In reality, his job is to keep people dancing, and drinking. Watching the dance floor clear cause you played the wrong song is a painful experience, because it's a huge sign of disappointment. But, I don't need to explain this to you. You're old enough to get into a bar, or smart enough to get by with fake ID. Just assume he doesn't have it, and don't bring it in either cause then you'll know for sure that he thinks it sucks.

    Yes, of course I'm an elitist when it comes to music. You don't seem to like that. But, why is it that also don't like the fact that I don't consider you elite? Music is something that I am deeply passionate about, curious about, and spend a lot of my personal time one. So, forgive me when I'm honest about not thinking that your listening to the radio on the way home from work, is some how equivalent. Why and how is my love affair with music about you? YES.. I really do believe that if you listened to a lot more music your tastes would be different. You interpret that as some snide remark about your music appreciation. It's not. It just seems logical that new experiences leave to new tastes, and sometimes even new favourites. But, I'm pretty sure you're not interested. You're always asking me to turn my music off. You're never interested in anything I have to say about music. I'm constantly made out to be the nerd because I want to talk about music. YET, I'm still the bad guy when I assume you're not interested in music. I'm not here to validate you.

    The other elitism
    Yah, that's fine music is art and genre names are just labels. So, I guess we're all going to just sit around staring at each other saying "you know what, that band is cool" followed by "that other band kinda sounds like that band" "cool" "yah, it rocks." I have my differences with genres and tags as well. But, sometimes they are a means of communicating with others and of quickly associating different bands to a particular sound that you like. If the average person could talk hard musical theory it would be another story.

    The other, other elitism
    Yah... everything is related to jazz or classical, or blue grass. That's why R&B and Jazz are basically the same thing, and the logical conclusion for inviting Elvis Costello to the New Orleans jazz festival.

    Electronic music has been around for almost half a century now.... and you still don't like it. We get it. Stop trying to tell us that your talentless ass can make it your bath tub. It doesn't rub. You may as well just dress yourself up in a monkey suit and throw shit.