Trip to the record store


Lug 21 2009, 4:16

Brought home a fair armload of stuff this weekend. Went over board, wAaaAAaaaAAay over board, and I don't regret it one bit.

Big Black - Songs About Fucking (Vinyl)
When I bought my stereo this album was at the top of my list of things I needed buy on vinyl. The CD has your typical poor vinyl CD transfer thing happening. The sound is simply blunted, claustrophobic and shitty. I took a listen of it tonight but wasn't able to really crank it up the way I wanted to. It still kicked a lot of ass.

Burial - Untrue (Vinyl)
One of my favourite bands at the moment. At the top of the game in the "Dubstep" movement, though I have a difficult time squaring him with dub artists such as Scientist and King Tubby. If this was the 90s he'd be just easily compared to some of the murkier works of Bola and Autechre but you'd probably have to separate him from those two by saying it's more "dubby."

Black Flag - Damaged (Vinyl)
I remember seeing the video for TV Party on Much Music when I was a kid. I wondered if it would be considered a really good Black Flag song because it didn't seem as threatening as punk was made out to be. I still enjoy the odd Henry Rollins rant, but it does have to be the odd one. BTW, it's a great album, but that goes unsaid.

Walter Carlos - Sonic Seasonings
Early electronic/moog music with a lot of ambiance and nature sounds in the mix. A surprisingly good listen that will be spending a lot of time on the record player.

Herbie Hancock - Future Shock (vinyl)
Nice to get a used copy of this on vinyl. Especially the same week I rated Rock It on of the most important songs of the 80s (it was just a comment on a tumblr blog). It's also amazing how much Bill Laswell has touched.

Herbie Mann - Waterbed (Vinyl)
Just one of those cross-over into funkyness albums that a well esteemed artist does to the guffaws of the snobs and the swooning of people like me.

There's a few others out of the Easy Listening section by Percy Faith, Enoch Light, and Richard Hayman (this one is actually quite cool). But, that's enough blathering for one night.


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