Tele's Weekly Chart Round-Up


Ago 8 2006, 3:08

I'm thinking about ways of mixing this up a bit. It's a pretty good idea. It looks like I'm listening to stuff that people are interested in knowing a little about. I'm interested in simply getting better at writing about the music I love.

Atomic 7 .. 77
Lots of Atomic 7 this week. Mainly because I was spinning two track heavy albums at work, which means I start listening, get distracted, and then just start at the top again when I notice the music has stopped. Atomic 7 is Billy Connelly's new surf project. You may know him as a member of Neko Case's band, or as a member of Shadowy Men from a Shadowy Planet. The 7 is all good, up-beat, surf rock, with a real warm, clean tone feel.

Bonobo.. 29
I have a long history with this album. I first acquired it as a CD-R from a DJ friend after a good night of electronic and lounge music. When I saw it available on Emusic I hesitated but, decided to grab it out of music geek honour since it has given me so many hours of pleasure in the past. I can't say I regret the move because it is still providing me with hours of pleasure. Animal Magic warm mixture of smokey jazz rhythmn sections, and poppish passages of electronic music. For the most part it's very sombre and relaxing, but it's pop elements keep it moving along in an upbeat and smooth manner. Naturally there's a couple tracks like Dinosaurs that bring out the classic grinding drum and bass sound that makes Ninja Tune the great label that it is. But, [track artist=Bonobo]Sleepy Seven, and Terrapin are the true highlights of this piece.

Yusef Lateef .. 20
I'm still getting to know Yusef, but his Eastern Sounds is a wonderous mix of colourful sounds, and rythmns. More and more I am beginning to see how jazz is widely viewed as a superior genre.

DJ Olive .. 19
More great laid back electronic music. A real middle eastern meets dub feel.

Mel Brown .. 18
I haven't heard his work with the Homewreckers though I plan to see him next Sunday at Blues Brews and BBQ's in Kitchener, Ontario where I'm expecting to hear blues. The album being listened to here Chicken Fat is less blues than it is a edgy, funky, and hoppin' form of soul-jazz. This truly is an unstoppable gem of an album.

Betty Wright .. 16
More from that wonderful soul singer.

Explosions in the Sky .. 15
I've been listening to the EP called The Rescue which was part of Temporary Residence's Travels in Constance series. I was dissapointed that I never got a hold of this when it was released, and was kinda relieved when I saw it was made available on their website. It's an interesting listen, a little more in the vain of the Friday Night Lights work. If you're gonna download anything by EitS look for their Peel Session. For me it's their greatest piece of recorded work. I would totally love to see an official release of it.

Tabla Beat Science .. 14
Tabla heavy East Indian pop music by a few of the big names in the Downtown New York scene headed by Bill Laswell. Very upbeat, and easy going album to listen to. The tabla work is naturally impressive, but the vocalist (female) steals the show.

Garage a Trois .. 14
Charlie Hunter and his madcap funky fusion out fit. I just love this group. If you're into medeski, martin, and wood you've gotta check this out.

Erase Errata .. 12
Hurray I discovered a new noise-punk, noise-rock, or however you want to frame it band. I'm still thinking The Sightings, and The Liars when I hear this. Others have cited Captain Beefheart and I do see where they are coming from.

Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane .. 12
More great Jazz.

Paul Flaherty/Chris Corsano .. 12
Paul Flaherty on sax, and Chris Corsano on the drums. The album is called The Hated Music. Their molten improv is on of the most intense albums I've heard in awhile. Corsano truly lays down the law hear, but Flaherty just burns everything else into cinders. On the hottest day of the year, I can't imagine a better compliment. I would have to relate him to Joe McPhee who has a similar intensity, and works with a similar style of drummer.

Honorable Mention
Attila .. 8
Billy Joel once had a drum and organ prog rock band. This is the result. Abandon all hopes of it being good in the way that Wizardzz are. I did say prog. You'll have to download it too. To some this is the worst album ever recorded. I just find it humourous that the Piano Man was once an angry youth dressed like a Hun in a meat locker.


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