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Giu 22 2008, 9:28

Hey... this journal pretends to be a guide for open minded rock and/or metal fans, who are looking for music outside their regular music taste. I, myself, used to be "mostly metal", but over time I would stumble over various non-metal music, which definitly was too good to be ignored. A warning in advance: Except for the first one, you probably need to like jazz or jazz influences to like my recommendations. Anyway, here is my list, adding how I took notice of the band.

Rodrigo y Gabriela
Luckily, a friend of mine showed these to me, and like no other non-metal act, they are a good recommendation to every metal fan. Both ex-members of a metal-band, they have a way of playing that seem to appeal to friends of hard music. They're one of the few bands that don't lack a singer without having one, their music is just... tight. They do own compositions, mostly, but they have some really cool covers, including Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven, Metallica's Orion and Dave Brubeck's Take Five.
Recommended track: Stairway to heaven

Don Ross
Mad skills at the acoustic guitar. Looking like Peter Jackson's twin brother, he doesn't use his incredible talent to show off or pull some tricks just because he can, it's just about the music. He plays mostly instrumental, yet he has a wonderful singing voice and he uses it from time to time.
I found this guy in youtube some time ago, but by now I saw him live in concert - which was a really cool experience I will repeat as soon as I can.
Recommended track: Michael, Michael, Michael

Alice Russell
Another youtube discovery. Watched her Seven Nation Army cover, which is really cool, and immediately grew fond of her. That voice... it's just perfect. Similar to E.S.T, which are introduced later, this sort of qualifies for "jazz" (as opposed to "jazz influences"), but it really isn't that sort of annyoing jazz which one find quite often.
Recommendes track: High up on the hook

Bohren & der Club of Gore
One of most down-tempo bands you'll ever know. You have to take your time to listen to them, and it certainly is the very definition of non-party music, but their music is worth every second you spend with it. Special music for special moments.
A friend showed this one to me, and although we never really listened together to it (you sort of have to be alone for this music, I guess), we're both fond of it.
Recommended track: Constant Fear

Didier Squiban
Beautiful piano music. The kind of music you listen to if you lie on your bed, lost in thought. Really hard to describe what's so special about this music, but it definitly is.
Recommended track: Porz Gwenn - but for lack of that song at youtube: Petit Air Marin

Thievery Corporation
Very relaxed music with nice rhythms. Some years ago, this was very popular in our dorm, and there's good reason for that. It's music for that special kind of mood, but then again, every music is in one way or another.
Recommended track: Lebanese Blonde

Esbjörn Svensson Trio, a jazz band, who, sadly, lost its name-giving member Esjbörn Svensson some days ago. Heard them for the first time when I came home very late one saturday, and switched on my tv. It was such a perfect moment, lying exhausted in my bed, listening to their music. To me they are like jazz, but without the parts that I don't like about it.
Recommended track: In my garage - but for lack of that song at youtube: Goldwrap

Paolo Conte
Now this one I know since my childhood, and I don't really know how known he is, but he deserves to be listed here. A good mix of catchy parts, complex arrangements, and a distinctive voice.
Recommended track: Sparring Partner


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