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Journal under construction! Lots of videos, pictures and reviews are missing. I am adding stuff all the time, but I don't have much time anymore.

Welcome to my nearly complete list of artists I saw live in 2007! This journal contains a chronologically sorted list with all artists I saw live in 2007, including pictures, videos, reviews and more. The reviews part is still under construction.

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This journal is more than just a list. Every artist I have ever seen live, I do my best to upload pictures for, write bio's and tag them (often I see artists without plays etc). I am also planning on adding lists of who I have seen the most times, who I have went to most concerts with, what venues I've been to the most and which artists I have the most album's of. When the lists are finished I'll make nice graphs out of them.

Green color means that this concert or was awesome.

I also keep a personal tag list of all artists I have seen live, which you can find here: artists I have seen live.

I started to add reviews in November/December 2009, so reviews for the older events will probably contain factual errors etc.

The syntax is:
day month year ({link to} event title (day # {for festivals}), {link to} venue name, city, county, country)

List of artists I saw live in 2007:

26-27th January 2007 (Impuls 2007, IMI-kirken, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
PIT ( crew?, ?, ?)
Rudi Myntevik (//, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway)

This was a Christian youth festival that I kinda was dragged into. I was not Christian at the point, and I was sure as hell not Christian after ^^. Rudi Myntevik played pretty standard music.. PIT was some kind of a rap crew or something which I only spotted in the basement. Overall not a good "first-concert" experience.

Before the first day, I had moved some random bands over to my cell phone. One of them was Despised Icon. Their first grindy album. Since we had nothing else to do, I played the track and I was amazed. Had never heard bree vocals before. We called it "tea can" vocals and was laughing the whole night.

When entering the doors for the Myntevik-concert, we were kinda squeezed. The guards actually had to counter-squeeze. Believe it or not. During the Saturday I also visited Mefisto, a now closed metal CD store. I bought my very first album: The Red Chord - Clients. I was laughing at the lyrics the whole night.

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13th April 2007 (Concert, L54, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
Pain of Elohim (now FallofMedusa) (, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
Imprint (/, Stavanger/Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
Lowdown (/, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)

So this was my very first "real" concert. A local gamer tipped me about this on IRC. I went with steriliuz and -JannE-.. None of us had even heard about L54, so we didn't really know what we were going to. I had no idea the volume would be this high, so I didn't have any ear plugs (and I had never actually used ear plugs before either). My ears were broken after the night. I had checked out the bands before I went, and hadn't really heard any good words about Pain of Elohim, but I was amazed by them live.

Pain of Elohim moshing:

During Imprint I discovered one thing: moshing is not for me. Also, there were extremely many long-haired headbangers in the room now. Kinda surreal for the concert-noob I was.

Here the whole front row fell to the right (lul):

At this point we had 8 layers of "dotts" in our ears, but as we were walking slowly up the stairs to catch Lowdown, we heard it build up for a breakdown. And the moment we entered the room, there was this beautiful "pling" breakdown. There were extremely many headbangers in the room now, and also a semi-professional light show o.0.


Still, after 2 years, I have never seen L54 looking so good as it looked this day. On the way home we, the kids we were, practiced death metal vocals on the whole way home. We had to walk, because we didn't know how to take the bus.

(Added at a later point from a journal I discovered I had written)
"PoE was much better than I thought they would be. Their vocalist had very nice screams and jumped around as a real vocalist. The bassist did not know how to headbang, but he played good. Their songs were good as well. Beautiful bass in the drums!

Imprint was the best headbangers tonight, they had powerful guitars and vocals. Really nice gear as well. Many riffs were made for headbanging, and everyone shook their heads in rhythm. It looked and sounded awesome. It started to get really crowded in the front, and there were some nice mosh rings.

When I came up after the break, I came in the middle of a song during one of the best breakdowns I've ever heard. The light-man turned on his funky white and bright lights to make the riffs even more powerful. You could hear that they were inspired by Korn and American metalcore. More and more people came as Lowdown played and I could not see that much (the bright lights flashed my eyes all the time), but I could hear... and it pleased my ears.."

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20th April 2007 (Concert, Metropolis, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
Unbreakable (, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
Cold Front (/, Egersund/Hommersåk, Rogaland, Norway) (ex From Bleeding Eyes)
When sin Fails (, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
Arise Of Judgement (now xStormtrooperx) ( , Hommersåk, Rogaland, Norway)

After the concert at L54 we were pretty amused by the whole local concerts thing, and found this hardcore show. I had never been to Metropolis before - didn't even know where it was. I remember more or less nothing about this concert now (November 2009).. but me and Eirik wrote a little blog post on our blog about the show, so I'm referring to this.

Cold Front had no bassist, and the whole band was pretty tame. Unbreakable was standard hardcore and had to give up because of problems with the vocals.. We liked When Sin Fails, double vocals and nice breakdowns. And the surprise of the evening, Arise of Judgement had a girl on vocals! "Everybody" was singing along in pure hardcore spirit and we had a good time.

The poster:

Arise of Judgement:

When Sin Fails:

When Sin Fails with Matsi on guitar, who we would later see in Pain of Elohim:

(Added at a later point from a journal I discovered I had written):
Cold Front:
Cold Front was the first band to enter tha stage.. They had no bassist, but two guitars, and they sucked at headbanging, maybe because their songs also sucked. The vocalist, Erik(?), was talented though.. [nov-2009: wow very rude of me. I actually liked the vocalists other band, "On Own Terms" later]

This was just a piece of crap. The vocalist was hoarse, and they could only play two songs.. I don't remember much of them.. But no one cried when they said that "this was their last song". [nov-2009: also very rude of me.. but this was probably even more true... sorry :)]

When sin Fails:
Really, really good double-vocal hardcore band. Neat breakdowns as well.

Arise of Judgement:
Double-vocals here as well. One of each gender.. The girl, Ida(?), was talented, and I enjoyed listening to her nice and powerful screams. The bassist was c00l and the drummer had weird facial expressions [nov-2009: more usual than I knew at the time]. The audience knew the lyrics and everyone was singing.. Best band of the show!

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Friends attended:


28th April 2007 (UKM fylkesmønstring Rogaland, Sandnes Kulturhus, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
Marion (, Forsand, Rogaland, Norway)
Seven Storey Memory (SSM) (/, Randaberg, Rogaland, Norway)
Perfect Crime (, Sola, Rogaland, Norway)
K.I.B. (, Sola, Rogaland, Norway)
Malin Winther (, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
Margunn Østebø (, Rennesøy, Rogaland, Norway)
Han og jentene (, Rennesøy, Rogaland, Norway)
Tormod Liseth (, Sola, Rogaland, Norway)
New Zeppelin (, Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway)
Erlend Bratland (, Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway)
Marte og Nelly Beate (, Vindafjord, Rogaland, Norway)
Mathias Vik Vestly (cheezy solo jazz , Vindafjord, Rogaland, Norway)
Oda og Nina (, Randaberg, Rogaland, Norway)
Suicide Love (, Egersund, Rogaland, Norway)
Ole Iversen (/, Egersund, Rogaland, Norway)
Henriette Ege (, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway)
Støgg (, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway)
LidoLido & Arni (LidoLido) (, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway)
Ruptured Veins (, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway)
Friday Night Riot (postish , Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
Shorty G (, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
Olav Brennsæter (/, Lund, Rogaland, Norway)
Ane Iselin Brogeland (, Lund, Rogaland, Norway)
Ruben og Greger (, Strand, Rogaland, Norway)
Bears banD (, Time, Rogaland, Norway)
Pain of Elohim (now FallofMedusa) (, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)

UKM - Ungdommens kulturmønstring.. A competition for youth. Tickets were 150NOK for two days, and I'm pretty sure the reason we went was When Sin Fails and Pain of Elohim.. This was the finals for my county, and the concert was split in three different concerts, but I only think I went on 2 of them.. I was disappointed in When Sin Fails, as they only had one vocalist this day (see the video). Also, I don't think I liked Perfect Crime very much at the time, but in 2008 I would love them. Malin Winther was btw a girl from my school, and 2 years later she is now far into the Norwegian X-factor competition with Shackles. [nov-09]

When Sin Fails:

Pain of Elohim:

(Added at a later point from a journal I discovered I had written):
Video of all entries here.

Saturday 17:00
Well, short version: It was not that good.. Too much pop and too much bad stuff.

Sunday 11:00
This sucked.. But, as usual, Pain of Elohim played really good. They got through to the final in Trondheim.

Sunday 14:00
I would rather eat a donkey than go to that show.

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13 May 2007 (Concert, Metropolis, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
Alert The Audience
Arise Of Judgement (now xStormtrooperx)
Real Heroes Die
Arise Of Judgement
Common Cause
On own terms
Go It Alone

At this time, the hardcore scene in Stavanger was actually pretty okay. They booked these big names (including Justice, which I did not catch), and made it last a whole day (for 120 NOK). Review from a journal I wrote the day after:

"I met up in my Dimmu Borgir hoodie as usual, and I was ready for some beautiful music.. but..:

It started with Alert The Audience.. well, what could you expect from a newly started band? To tell the truth, this sucked.. I did not like the vocals.. [nov-2009: I would later like this type of vocals]

Second band was Unbreakable, they were much better this time.. but I can't say it made me headbang :p
I'm not sure about the order of the bands, but what the hell:

xArise of Judgementx was good, as usual. Br00tal vocals! Not much to say about that..

On own terms: This would've been much better if the audience (including me) would have been more willing. But they were good, nothing negative about them..

Common Cause was teh shit.. bad vocals.. (I'm not even sure if it was Common Cause, but what the heck :p)

Real Heroes Die... This was REALLY good! Beautiful breakdowns, beautiful riffs and br00tal sound=d Really headbangable=p

Verse.. These American guys was what I expected, melodic hardcore.. it's not really my style, but they were great on stage.

Justice: I left the building before they played :( I had a train to catch.. I had looked forward to this band, after what I've heard on myspace..

Conclusion: It was worth the money

Quote one of the American bands
I'm gonna be that annoying guy again, and say "please move forward towards the stage""

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16th May 2007 (Concert, Sandvedparken, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
Patricks (, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
The Jukes (, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
Vivian Sørmeland (, Osen/Oslo, Norway)

16th May is the semi-official drinking day in Norway, because on 17th May you don't have to work (National day), but all the drunken idiots would not be allowed to ruin the concert for me! Well, Patricks started the show, and there were even some pyro effects, but the sound was way too loud and the speakers were "clipping". I didn't recognize any of the songs I had heard on Myspace, but my conclusion after the set was "OK".

The Jukes, which I had looked forward to, had better sound, but I didn't exactly "wowowoowo" to it. Also, the audience (including me, -JannE-, Kavringen and Teresa H.]) was extremely passive.

There was some kind of rap group performing between The Jukes and Vivian, that was obviously so bad that I didn't add it to the list here. (I'm writing this in Dec 2009)

Well, Vivian Sørmeland is/was a former IDOL performer, that did not even win.. that should say enough about the musicality of this.


The Jukes (with Kavringen in the front ^^):

The Jukes:

The rap guys. I think they were called Gutta Boys:

Gutta Boys:

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18 May 2007 (Concert, Gand kirke, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)


14 June 2007 (AMPFest (day 1), Folken, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
Skyggegjemsel (now Uburen)
When sin Fails


12 July 2007 (Kaperdagene, Sentrum, Farsund)
Jan Egil Omland


25 July 2007 (VG Lista topp 20, Festplassen, Bergen)
Sondre Lerche
Kristian Valen
Alejandro Fuentes
Tone Damli Aaberge
Lene Alexandra
Trond-Viggo Torgersen
el Axel
Christian Ingebrigtsen


7 August 2007 (Concert, Metropolis, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
When sin Fails
Krang's Android Body
Arise Of Judgement (now xStormtrooperx)


24 August 2007 (Concert, L54, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
Pain of Elohim (now FallofMedusa)


6 September 2007 (Concert, L54 Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
Skyggegjemsel (now Uburen)


7 September 2007 (Concert, Metropolis, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
On own terms
Raging Fugitives


13 September 2007 (Concert, Metropolis, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
Killing Butterflies
Pound For Pound


28 September 2007 (Eventyrnatt, Sentrum, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)


2 November 2007 (Concert, Lura bydelshus, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
Mordi (now Sly Dr. Bloom)


16 November 2007 (Concert, Gand kirke, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)


23 November 2007 (Concert, L54, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
Pain of Elohim (now FallofMedusa)
Death Edge (now The Violent Pineapple Syndrome)


6 December 2007 (Skeiene juleball, Skeiene ungdomsskole, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)


19 December 2007 (Lurahammaren juleball, Lurahammaren ungdomsskole, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway)
JC & Co
All Messed Up


20 December 2007 (Cheap Shot Youth Festival (day 1), Metropolis, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
Black Friday '29


21 December 2007 (Cheap Shot Youth Festival (day 2), Metropolis, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
Raging Fugitives
Dead Reprise



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