• Weekend Tour

    Mar 19 2008, 4:17

    We've just returned from our weekend tour with The Cargo Cult Revival. It was a great weekend. We played a show in Hartford,CT , Rhinebeck, NY , and Northampton, MA. This weekend was full of surprises. The first came in Hartford. We should up and found that the equipment we expected to be there was in fact not there. We had to borrow equipment from several other bands. Please check out Di Omega, they helped us out and they rock.

    Our second surprise came in Rhinebeck, NY. We were playing at the Firebird Lounge. The owner of the club had expressed her concern about how loud the music was during Cargo Cult's set. We never figured that our music could be louder than theirs. Despite our lower volume the owner walked up to us mid-set and paid us $173 to stop playing. She claimed we were way too loud, and that our music was causing rough behavior. Personally, we thought this was awesome.

    Our third day in Northampton was great. We had great sushi, good beer, and a great show.