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Giu 17 2008, 2:01

The last time I made a journal entry was back in late 2007 when I stumbled upon Delta Goodrem's Delta, and it has been quite as long since I have come across a discovery that I have been such enthused about. Lights is a Candian songstress whose sound is essentially pop, but tweaks in indie and synth influences. Her self-titled EP has been released to iTunes and includes some of the best pop tracks in years.

Check out her EP on iTunes! Or preview her tracks on her myspace.

What I am currently listening to:

11. Katy Perry - One of the Boys
10. Ashlee Simpson - Bittersweet World
*Hot Tracks - Boys& No Time for Tears
9. Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro
*Hot Tracks - 21st Century Life & Pocket
8. Madonna - Hard Candy
*Hot Tracks - Beat Goes On (feat. Kanye West), Dance 2night & Spanish Lesson
7. Danity Kane - Welcome to the Dollhouse
*Hot Track - Sucka for Love
6. Usher - Here I Stand
*Hot Tracks - Moving Mountains & Trading Places
5. Madonna - I'm Breathless
*Hot Tracks - He's a Man & Vogue
4. Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814
*Hot Track - State of the World
3. Mary J. Blige - Growing Pains
*Hot Tracks - Grown Woman & Come To Me Peace
2. Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell
*Hot Track - Just Can't Get Enough
1. Donna Summer - Bad Girls
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