• Radio Goethe 8/17/07 - KMFDM

    Ago 21 2007, 15:51

    Go download and listen if you are interested in hearing Kapt'n K discuss the new album "Tohuvabohu". It's worth listening to if you are a KMFDM fan at all.

    Ago 21 2007, 14:30

    KMFDM - Tohuvabohu
    My pre-order arrived yesterday. I've only gotten to listen to it once so far so I can't go too deep into a review.

    Superpower - Typical goofy KMFDM song. There is always one on their albums, think:
    Feed Our Fame

    Tohuvabohu - It's full of clichés. The song is classic KMFDM but the lyrics are kinda hollow. I'm guessing this was done on purpose. I need to find out if Tohuvabohu actually means something and thus may explain the lyrics. (edit: It basically means "chaos".) The song has really grown on it. I still think the lyrics are kinda weak for KMFDM but the music itself is really catchy and hard not to want to crank up loud and jam to.

    Saft und Kraft - If Kapt' K and early 80's Metalica mashed together...here you go. It's like 80's speed metal with a KMFDM twist. Classic yet fresh.

    Looking For Strange - This song is really growing on me and might be the best song on the album.
  • More new CDs!

    Ago 15 2007, 14:26

    My Birthday is Monday and I got some new CDs for my birthday. All were desired and on my Amazon wishlist, but one in particular I am excited about:

    Assemblage23 - META
    I've listened to the sample tastes on Amazon and liked it and I've really liked all of Tom Shear's other stuff. So far I like it a lot. Storm left me wanting a bit, but Meta so far is very good.

    I also received...
    AC/DC - Highway to Hell
    How can you not love classic AC/DC? Rockin' stuff!

    Billy Idol - Greatest Hits
    Guilty pleasure time here. I love Billy's style. I'm no where near as cool as him but damn I wish!
  • 80's Day

    Ago 14 2007, 19:38

    I decided today I'm listening to all 80's music. It's been fun so far. Lots of great stuff. I may do 90's tomorrow.
  • New (sort of) CDs

    Ago 6 2007, 14:13

    I've added three new CDs to my music list. Well actually they are not new, just new to me. I got them at the used CD store.

    Republica- Republica: I actually had some of the tracks from this CD from allofmp3.com but I thought I should actually own the CD. It's so very much 90s music. I kinda wish that sound would have stuck around and evolved into the mainstream.

    Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood: I used to own this album on cassette way back in the day. Some of the songs still rock. Some kinda suck. Such was late 80's hard rock.

    Offspring - Smash: Another album I used to own on cassette. I love Bad habit. Good rocking punk, fun stuff.

    My birthday is just around the corner. I'm hoping that I'll get some NEW CDs then. Here's to hoping!
  • Podcasts

    Lug 16 2007, 13:37

    I've been listening to mostly podcasts and watching the occasional video podcasts too. It cuts down on my music listening but...well whatever.

    I use Juice to get my podcasts, because iTunes kept f'ing up my stuff, so I stopped using it.

    Here are my subscriptions:
    Around Comics - Yes I'm a comic book geek.
    Buzz Out Loud from CNET - Daily Tech News
    Cranky Geeks - A bitchy look at tech news (video).
    Diggnation - I listen to the audio but still awesome.
    DL.TV - Tech video cast. Think TechTV, but smaller.
    Marketwatch Take On Tech - NPR tech show on the days market info. Usually pretty short.
    PixelPerfect with Bert Monroy - Video podcast with great tips on using Photoshop and Illustrator.
    Science Friday - Another NPR podcast about...SCIENCE.
    The Totally Rad Show - Video podcast and freaking awesome. They talk about games, movies, tv, anything totally rad. Alex, Jeff and Dan can come hang out at my house any time. Cool dudes.
    This Week in Tech - TWIT. A little dry sometimes but still worth listening to for all you old TechTV fans.

    So much of my listening time is eaten up by this stuff. But music is still there for me.
  • Vacation

    Mag 17 2007, 15:08

    I was on vacation for a week and I have a lot of pod-casts to catch up. I'm sure my weekly numbers will be all out of whack for another week or so.
  • Top 10 of 2006

    Gen 1 2007, 15:01

    Here is my top ten most listened to artists/groups list for 2006:
    1 KMFDM
    2 Nine Inch Nails
    3 Assemblage 23
    4 VNV Nation
    5 Nirvana
    6 Depeche Mode
    7 Funker Vogt
    8 Duran Duran
    9 Portishead
    10 Delerium

    I look at this list and I'm not terribly surprised. One note of interest is that I listen to my music mostly in a random fashion, occasionally skipping music I'm not interested in at that moment. So the artists with the most music in my collection will get high marks. Pretty much every artist listed here falls in that category.
  • Some new CDs

    Dic 27 2006, 14:21

    Christmas gave me four new (to me) CDs.
    Back In Black
    Solutions For A Small Planet
    Progressive History X

    Quite a variety of music really.

    ACDC - I've been wanting Back in Black for a long time. There are some really great songs on there. Classics. Any true rock and roll fan has to have Back in Black in their collection!

    Haujobb - I've not heard this album yet but I'm sure i've heard some of the songs. I'm a fan of their other albums so I'm hoping this one will be enjoyable also, though I'm sure it'll be different since it's an older album.

    Fluke - I have Rissotto and enjoy it a great deal. I also like Puppy. This will have some of their older stuff and I'm anxious to give it a listen. I'm not sure I need another mix of Atom Bomb though. I like the song but it was a pretty big when it came out and it's kind been played out for me.

    Finally, Living Colour. Great band but really in my mind a one hit wonder. I love Cult of Personality but I recognize their importance as a band. People, even today, expect black men (and women) to make R&B or Rap albums. Living Colour broke that stereotype in a very good way. We could use more bands like them.
  • Overall Top Tracks

    Dic 20 2006, 18:30

    I've been looking at my top tracks and realizing how poor of a representative list it really is for me. I often listen to my music in a random fashion and only rarely do I listen to a song over and over.

    Also I listen to CDs in my car. Those aren't tracked and are often the tracks that are listened to over and over again. Of course driving music, for me at least, tends to be more aggressive and fast paced. I like certain mellow music like Enya or Delerium, but not when I'm driving. Then I want KMFDM, Funker Vogt, The Prodigy, etc.

    Just as an FYI I've been listening the hell out of:
    Feed Our Fame