• The Music of 2009

    Dic 8 2009, 5:32

    With the end of the year nearly at hand, it is time to look back at the albums of the past year and somehow decide what my favorites were. Taking into consideration play stats and other random variables, I have made a list of my top albums of '09. I had a hard time remembering which bands even released albums this year so I am trusting Last.fm has all of that info in order and did not miss anything. Really, if I did this another day it is very likely that my list would have changed; mostly it is dependent on my current mood. So enjoy looking over the list. I also welcome feedback; what are some of your favorite albums of the past year that I may have missed? I am always on the lookout for new music!

    15. Family Force 5 - Dance Or Die With A Vengeance

    Released 19/5/2009
    Played 46 times
    This is a fun album which I have enjoyed listening to. A great companion to the vanilla Dance or Die!

    14. Thrice - Beggars

    Released 11/8/2009
    Played 21 times
    In all honesty I have probably not given Thrice's new album the amount of play time that it deserves; hopefully I will in the future. Still, Thrice is great and I have liked this album so far.

    13. Sherwood - Qu

    Released 13/10/2009
    Played 43 times
    I'm fairly new to Sherwood myself and I have been listening to this one and there older one interchangeably. I think they are both good.

    12. mewithoutYou - It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright

    Released 19/5/2009
    Played 38 times
    It's mewithoutYou. 'nuff said.

    11. Relient K - Forget & Not Slow Down

    Released 5/10/2009
    Played 53 times
    This one is still fairly new. I've always had a soft spot for Relient K, and I really enjoy this album.

    10. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - III

    Released 23/6/2009
    Played 60 times
    I was hooked on Maylene's third album the first time I heard it. I had someone tell me that they did not like this album, but I told them to wait because it would grow on them. Not long after, the person came and told me that I was right.

    9. Alexisonfire - Old Crows / Young Cardinals

    Released 23/6/2009
    Played 35 times
    Newest Alexisonfire. Love Dallas Green's vocals.

    8. fun. - Aim and Ignite

    Released 25/8/2009
    Played 52 times
    This is another really fun ;P album. An interesting sound, but a catchy sound.

    7. Silversun Pickups - Swoon

    Released 14/4/2009
    Played 54 times
    I am also new to the Silversun Pickups which is too bad because I only really started getting into them right after they did a show here. Would have liked to have gone.

    6. Red - Innocence & Instinct

    Released 10/2/2009
    Played 51 times
    In my opinion, this album is better than Red's first album.

    5. Sleeping at Last - Storyboards

    Released 15/9/2009
    Played 60 times
    Once again this is a group that is new to me. Absolutely loving them so far. Great for doing homework along to, and for any other times when I am mellowing out.

    4. Owl City - Ocean Eyes

    Released 28/7/2009
    Played 78 times
    Owl City's major release. Some repetition from older albums but nevertheless I like their sound. Perhaps a little high on my top list of '09, but I am putting them here because of the larger amount of plays.

    3. Chevelle - Sci-Fi Crimes

    Released 31/8/2009
    Played 84 times
    Again, the higher play count has resulted in a high spot on my list for Chevelle. Don't get me wrong, this is a decent album.

    2. Paramore - Brand New Eyes

    Released 25/9/2009
    Played 132 times
    Probably my favorite Paramore album and definitely got a lot of plays on my computer so they land at number two.

    1. As Cities Burn - Hell Or High Water

    Released 21/4/2009
    Played 150 times
    I gave top spot to the album of 2009 that got the most plays according to my Last.fm charts. I love As Cities Burn and I definitely loved this album. A unique group in my opinion. Always been impressed with what they have done especially lyrically.

    Honourable mentions
    - The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots Above and Branches Below
    - Deas Vail - Birds & Cages
    - The Fray - The Fray

    So that's it, that's what I have for 2009. Looking forward to all the new music that will come in 2010.

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  • MP3 Player Suggestions

    Ago 21 2008, 0:05

    Recently I have been considering purchasing a new MP3 player as my old one has aged considerably and is just not what it used to be.

    So I am interested as to what MP3 players others use or what other people would suggest that I purchase. I would also be interested in hearing what you like and dislike about whatever MP3 player you suggest.

    Replies would be appreciated.
  • Only A Little More...

    Nov 11 2007, 7:00

    ...Until I reach 10,000 plays. I'm taking suggestions for what song deserves the high honor of being #10,000. Respond quickly with whatever you think is worthy!


    Looks like they have been having some problems with the total play counts dropping. Sounds like they found the problem and will be fixing it soon. My total tracks played is somewhere around 9970ish, not 9737.
  • The Question Deluxe

    Dic 4 2006, 20:53

    Ok you people need to really check out Emery's The Question Deluxe edition. The bonus tracks are very well done.

    Seriously, do it now!!

    Right now.

    The Acoustic versions are very nice.

    K, bye

  • Underoath Canadian Tour

    Set 24 2006, 4:36

    Ok so I had the wonderful privilege to check out Underoath and company when they recently came rolling through town. It was a good time. Here's how it went down.

    He Is Legend was up first. They did a pretty cool set, but people were not into them as much as the other bands but I attribute this to the fact that they were first up. They did a bunch of new stuff from their upcoming cd. From what I had listened to before on purevolume and what they played at the show, it sounds like it will be a pretty darn good record.

    Moneen played the next set. By this time the crowd was settled in and pretty into the show. I dont care much for Moneen, but they did a pretty good job. The lead singer was pretty psycho. Tim McTague even did some guitar for one of their songs.

    Third on the agenda was Silverstein I have to admit that I don't really listen to these guys so I was pretty unfamiliar with their stuff, but they did an awesome job and the crowd seemed to enjoy them.

    And then it all came down to Underoath. I had started making my way through the mosh during Silverstein so that when UO rolled around I was right by the front. They pretty much rocked! They played the majority of their newest album and quite a few off of Chasing Safety. It was a good time. And to cap it all of I caught one of Aaoron's drumsticks. That was pretty cool.

    So I guess that is kind of the rundown of the show. Right now I'm listening to Norma Jean's newest and it sounds pretty good. Waking Ashland has also been playing a little as well as pretty much whatever comes up on random. Well I suppose that closes this most recent journal entry. Keep listenin'.

  • Entry #1

    Set 23 2005, 16:55

    First journal entry. Yay! So I got a new CD yesterday because I had a couple of gift certificates to burn. I ended up getting the new Number One Gun CD: Promises For The Imperfect. It's not too bad.

    I've actually beeen listening to the album How The Lonely Keep by Terminal a lot recently. It is very good, at least it is to me.

    Let's see... Other stuff that has gotten a lot of playing time recently is As Cities Burn new disc. It's very good. And of course I listen to a bunch of others too, here and there.

    In other news, went to see Underoath last sunday. Wow, it was super intense. Got to hear some new stuff by them that sounded really great. Looking forward to their new album coming out sometime next spring. Also, they are re-releasing Their Only Chasing Safety right aways with some bonus songs and a DVD. So that's something else to check out.

    Tata for now,