Listening to fully streamable albums in your client


Ago 29 2008, 13:01

After the site update it is no longer possible to listen to fully streamable albums
using the client, as the lastfm:// links that used to be in the album pages have disappeared.

It seems that it is a known regression and the staff is working to fix it.

Meanwhile, you can get the lastfm:// URL using this little shell script:

Hope it helps !!
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  • Cladonio

    Thanks, this is just what I needed.

    Ago 31 2008, 11:21
  • Sugar_Kane

    Another alternative is this GreaseMonkey script:

    Ago 31 2008, 14:21
  • Cladonio

    I just noticed that the script doesn't work if there are parentheses in the album (or track) title, I get: bash: syntax error near unexpected token `(' It's no big deal, all I had to do was insert \ before and after the parentheses in the URL, like on file names \(\ etc. Or another solution is to replace ( with %28 and ) with %29. The second solution might be better because it can be applied to brackets as well using their codes. But I suppose it's possible for the script to do that as well? Here's an example that causes the error: 藤本卓也 (Fujimoto Takuya) -1996- 相棒

    Set 27 2008, 19:10
  • Sugar_Kane

    It's not a problem in the script, actually. It is the shell which is complaining. Type the URL between quotes and problem solved: ./ "http://some/url/"

    Set 27 2008, 20:51
  • Cladonio

    Ok, thanks.

    Set 27 2008, 21:59
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