Eclectic Coconuts: The Odd Bunch


Ago 20 2005, 23:46

Well, it's hard to have a 'bunch' of just one person. Almost as hard as it is to have a gaggle of one, or a flock of one. As it stands this is the scoop here.

I have pretty eclectic tastes in music. I know I'm not alone in this. So I figured I'd make a group that I could live with. And hopefully a group that others could live with too. I'm new around these here parts and thought I'd take a gander.

So if you too have a penchant for the 'mixed bag' of an eclectic music lover, come on in. The water's warm.




  • nokillnopeep


    Ago 21 2005, 2:38
  • Marisoleta

    Sounds just about right, to me.

    Ago 22 2005, 5:16
  • acervantesv

    I love the idea. All the music made with the heart and soul is good music.

    Gen 8 2009, 23:23
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