Priest Feast Sheffield setlist


Feb 15 2009, 14:51


  • whitey25

    Yeah I was let down by Testament a little but it was still awesome to see them. I'm quite surprised about how long the set list for Judas Priest was, shame I only knew the hit songs lol.

    Feb 15 2009, 15:51
  • FlamingCactus

    This was an amazing gig. Megadeth and Priest were intense.

    Feb 15 2009, 17:04
  • McMartin06

    Awesome gig. I must say Priest Impressed me the most too. My neck still aches :-D

    Feb 15 2009, 20:47
  • JimBeamBoy

    Great set list, missed T'ment, got there just as 'deth hit the stage, my fave out the lot... i mean Mechanix :D!!! and J.Priest was very good. Crowd was dead as hell, or at least where i was at the front left.

    Feb 15 2009, 21:40
  • P0l4r1s

    Damn... there's no Tornado of Souls in Megadeth setlist!!! I'm going to see them 10th March... hope they'll play ToS!!!! BTW, Practice What you Preach & Mechanix \m/

    Feb 16 2009, 21:24
  • shningong_

    megadeth where amazing, stands out as one of the best performances iv ever seen

    Apr 19 2009, 21:26
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