• Yngwie is coming to Australia!!!

    Ago 4 2006, 4:53

    Yngwie Malmsteen is doing three concerts in Australia this year, November 14-16. He last visited us in 1999, even though I was a big fan then I didn't know he visited.

    It's $79 each which aint cheap I guess. Robert Cray/Buddy Guy were cheaper than that but I guess their ego is not as big :P

    I hope he doesn't cancel cos enough tickets don't sell... I'm keeping an eye on ticket sales by adding tickets to my cart at the Ticketet website and seeing which seats I get (then cancelling of course). They're not selling real fast... but its still 3 months away.
  • Buddy Guy and Robert Cray Concert

    Apr 20 2006, 6:21

    Last Night, my wife and I saw Buddy Guy and Robert Cray perform at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney.

    Robert Cray was first, he performed songs from two of his albums, Heavy Picks: The Robert Cray Band Collection and Twenty. I was in tears to his music, it really spoke to me and I could see he felt every note he played.

    My wife found Robert Cray quite boring. He didn't interact with the audience much, and he pretty much just played his songs as they are recorded on his CDs, even that is no mean feat though as his playing was elegant. A beautiful clean tone with loads of feeling.

    Buddy Guy was completely different. These two guys are like chalk and cheese. Buddy played songs from Bring 'Em In and Buddy's Baddest: The Best Of Buddy Guy. Buddy really had fun, interacting with the audience, getting us to sing along, playing really quiet then howling with feeling. Buddy walked among the audience while playing a lead break. He payed homage to many musicians including, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton and even some Jimmy Hendrix.

    My Wife, although not a fan of the blues or Guitar playing in general, commented that Buddy Guy was definetly the best entertainer she had ever seen. I agree with this opinion, while I was crying to Robert's music, I couldn't wipe the grin from my face while Buddy played. He was loads of fun.

    This was definetly one of the best experiences of my life, and if either of them ever return to Australia, I will definetly go to see them.