K's Choice back on stage ;) Paris, Bataclan - 28/04/2010


Mag 2 2010, 0:45

Mer. 28 avr. – K's Choice
I was waiting for this moment for 8 years...since the last time (and the first in fact) I saw them Live in St Renan, a small city near Brest, in January 2002.
It was unforgetable ! Small venue, good crowd, excellent atmosphere, a band more than great ! One of my all time favourite gig for sure...even if there are many gigs I consider as my favourite ^^ LOL ! Well it depends on the tenderness I have for the band ;)
I knew K's Choice was special to me...It reminds me my teenage years ! "Not an Addict" has always been a song that I feel the need to listen to...I never feel bored with it even if it is not my favourite song from them...Well I don't know if I clearly have one favourite song by K's Choice. My favourite album is
Almost Happy, that's for sure !
It makes me feel soooo alive !!! When I listen to it I sometime feel the tears coming up...sometimes I smile and cry at the same time...many feelings running at the same time !!! It's weird but it's clearly me ^^
I knew this band was special to me...I've always known about that even if I can't tell about all the reasons...I don't think I know them all ! I wouldn't say K's Choice is my favourite band because there are many other bands and artists that I love but I feel so much respect for Sarah, Gert and the band !
The other day they gave us so much...the set was perfect. So was the sound quality ! They had so much energy to give us and that's what they've done...Sarah jumped off the stage right into the audience at the end of Not an Addict to crowdsurf ^^ Amazing !

Here is the setlist of the show :
1- Hide
2- Perfect
3- Believe
4- Echo Mountain
5- Another Year
6- When I Lay Beside You
7- Come Live The Life
8- Come Over Here
9- 16
10- Butterflies Instead
11- I Will Carry You
12- Not an Addict
13- Put It Out For Good
14- Killing Dragons
15- Cocoon Crash
16- If This Isn't Right
17- If You're Not Scared
18- Say A Prayer
19- Too Many Happy Faces
20- Everything for Free
Encore 2:
21- God In My Bed

Ending the show with God In My Bed was just THE perfect choice !!! This Live version is sooo epic, so strong, so GREAT !!! I just closed my eyes and felt goosebumps all over my skin...Absolutely amazing !!!
Thank you guys for that evening and everything...as I've said before, I've always known you were special to me but I didn't expect to be so touched !!! It made me feel so fine to see you on stage, to see you smiling to the crowd during the whole show, to hear sarah's voice which is like velvet to my ears ^^ I would have loved to hear more songs from Almost Happy like Somewhere, Tired or Shadowman for example but well I know "you can't always get what you want" lol !
It's so cool to see a band so generous and with so much respect for their audience...Many other bands should do so ;)

xoxo Love xoxo


  • urbanomad

    Thanks for this. I didn't know K's Choice before now. I will definitely get to know it better!

    Mag 2 2010, 18:55
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