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Giu 3 2009, 23:10

Top 15 bands - first heard, fell in love with, favourites

"Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, your favorite album and your current favorite song."

Well, here we go:

1. Aphex Twin
First heard: Windowlicker
Fell in love with: Xtal
Favorite album: Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Current favorite song: Fenix Funk 5

2. Tool
First heard: The Pot
Fell in love with: Forty Six & 2
Favorite album: Lateralus
Current favorite song: Third Eye (live)

3. Metallica
First heard: Master of Puppets
Fell in love with: Ride the Lightning
Favorite album: Ride the Lightning
Current favorite song: Metal Militia

4. Pantera
First heard: Cowboys from Hell
Fell in love with: Cemetary Gates
Favorite album: Far Beyond Driven
Current favorite song: Shedding Skin

5. Lamb of God
First heard: Redneck
Fell in love with: Ruin
Favorite album: As the Palaces Burn
Current favorite song: Vigil

6. The Smiths
First heard: Panic
Fell in love with: I Want the One I Can't Have
Favorite album: Meat Is Murder
Current favorite song: Handsome Devil

7. Autechre
First heard: Dael
Fell in love with: Clipper
Favorite album: Tri Repetae
Current favorite song: Eggshell

8. Radiohead
First heard: Karma Police
Fell in love with: Climbing Up the Walls
Favorite album: OK Computer
Current favorite song: Sit Down, Stand Up

9. Slayer
First heard: Angel of Death
Fell in love with: Angel of Death
Favorite album: Reign in Blood
Current favorite song: Seasons In The Abyss

10. System of a Down
First heard: Chop Suey
Fell in love with: Prison Song
Favorite album: Toxicity
Current favorite song: Chic 'N' Stu

11. Down
First heard: Three Suns and One Star
Fell in love with: Stone the Crow
Favorite album: NOLA
Current favorite song: Ghosts Along the Mississippi

12. AFX
First heard: Steppingfilter 101
Fell in love with: Lisbon Acid
Favorite album: Analord 08
Current favorite song: W32.Deadcode.A

13. Rage Against the Machine
First heard: Wake Up
Fell in love with: Testify
Favorite album: Rage Against the Machine
Current favorite song: War Within a Breath

14. DevilDriver
First heard: Hold Back The Day
Fell in love with: End Of The Line
Favorite album: Fury of the Makers Hand
Current favorite song: The Axe Shall Fall

15. Sepultura
First heard: Refuse/Resist
Fell in love with: Refuse/Resist
Favorite album: Chaos Ad
Current favorite song: Beneath the Remains


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