• My Top 50 CD's of 2009

    Gen 12 2010, 20:00

    Here are my top 50 CD's of 2009 in a countdown order....

    50. Blessthefall - Witness
    49. U2 - No Line On The Horizon
    48. Lily Allen - It's Not Me It's You
    47. Paramore - Brand New Eyes
    46. Sick Puppies - Tri-Polar
    45. Rihanna - Rated R
    44. Cinema Bizarre - Toyz
    43. Owl City - Ocean Eyes
    42. Young Love - One Of Us
    41. Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown
    40. Starsailor - All The Plans
    39. Lady Sovereign - Jigsaw
    38. The Avett Brothers - I And Love And You
    37. The Gossip - Music For Men
    36. Tegan & Sara - Sainthood
    35. Dope Stars Inc. - 21st Century Slave
    34. Hot Chelle Rae - Lovesick Electric
    33. The Horrors - Primary Colours
    32. OneRepublic - Waking Up
    31. Mika - The Boy Who Knew Too Much
    30. Tokio Hotel - Humanoid
    29. David Gray - Draw The Line
    28. Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D.
    27. Taking Back Sunday - New Again
    26. Johnny Reid - Dance With Me
    25. Cobra Starship - Hot Mess
    24. Chevelle - Sci-Fi Crimes
    23. Shakira - She Wolf
    22. Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment
    21. Smile Empty Soul - Consciousness
    20. Asher Roth - Asleep In The Bread Aisle
    19. Three Days Grace - Life Starts Now
    18. Collective Soul - Collective Soul (Rabbit)
    17. Acres of Lions - Working
    16. Lights - The Listening
    15. The Used - Artwork
    14. And Then There Were None - Who Speaks For Planet Earth?
    13. Leona Lewis - Echo
    12. Bif Naked - The Promise
    11. AFI - Crash Love
    10. Lovehatehero - America Underwater
    9. White Lies - To Lose My Life
    8. Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (Delux Edition)
    7. Dashboard Confessional - Alter The Ending
    6. Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony
    5. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Lonely Road
    4. Blue October - Approaching Normal
    3. Fallbrooke - Fallbrooke
    2. Marianas Trench - Masterpiece Theatre

    and the best cd of 2009

    1. 30 Seconds to Mars - This Is War

    If you missed my Top 50 CD's of 2008 last year click the following link http://www.last.fm/user/Stec/journal/2009/02/05/2gjy8y_my_top_50_cd%27s_of_2008! :)
  • My Top 50 CD's of 2008!

    Feb 5 2009, 5:05

    Here are my top 50 CD's of 2008 in a countdown order....

    50 - 3OH!3 - Want
    49 - Fireflight - Unbreakable
    48 - Griffin House - Flying Upside Down
    47 - Does It Offend You, Yeah? - You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into
    46 - Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide
    45 - David Usher - Wake Up And Say Goodbye
    44 - Kanye West - 808s and Heartbreak
    43 - Lights - Lights
    42 - Alanis Morissette - Flavors Of Entanglement
    41 - Guillemots - Red
    40 - The All-American Rejects - When The World Comes Down
    39 - PlayRadioPlay! - Texas
    38 - Racoon - Before You Leave
    37 - Disturbed - Indestructible
    36 - Jesse McCartney - Departure
    35 - Elliot Minor - Elliot Minor
    34 - Simple Plan - Simple Plan
    33 - Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell
    32 - The Medic Droid - Whats Your Medium
    31 - Fall Out Boy - Folie A Deux
    30 - The Vines - Melodia
    29 - Neil Diamond - Home Before Dark
    28 - Secondhand Serenade - A Twist In My Story
    27 - Robyn - Robyn
    26 - The Maine - Can't Stop, Won't Stop
    25 - David Cook - David Cook
    24 - The Offspring - Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace
    23 - Pink - Funhouse
    22 - Madonna - Hard Candy
    21 - Coldplay - Viva la Vida or Death and All
    20 - Hawthorne Heights - Fragile Future
    19 - Feeder - Silent Cry
    18 - Disco Ensemble - Magic Recoveries
    17 - Duffy - Rockferry
    16 - Innerpartysystem - Innerpartysystem
    15 - O.A.R. - All Sides
    14 - Rise Against - Appeal To Reason
    13 - Katy Perry - One Of The Boys
    12 - The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing
    11 - Shiny Toy Guns - Season Of Poison
    10 - Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded
    9 - Akon - Freedom
    8 - Beyoncé - I Am... Sasha Fierce
    7 - Judas Priest - Nostradamus
    6 - In This Moment - The Dream
    5 - Thriving Ivory - Thriving Ivory
    4 - Kings of Leon - Only By The Night
    3 - James Blunt - All The Lost Souls
    2 - Tickle Me Pink - Madeline

    and the best cd of 2008

    1 - The Classic Crime - The Silver Cord

    Also my top 5 Soundtracks/Compilations for 2008

    5 - Juno Awards 2008
    4 - Nightmare Revisited
    3 - Goa Trance Vol. 8
    2 - Warped Tour 2008 Compilation
    1 - Twilight Soundtrack
  • Best Bands / Worst Bands

    Giu 14 2008, 18:33

    Best Bands/Artists

    **not to be confused with current favourite flavour of the moment bands I mean BEST of the BEST bands/artists period** Also my lists are in no particular order....

    The Beatles
    30 Seconds to Mars
    Breaking Benjamin
    The Killers
    David Bowie
    Blue Rodeo
    Bob Marley and the Wailers
    Kings of Leon
    Judas Priest
    Johnny Cash
    Linkin Park
    Collective Soul
    Sarah McLachlan
    Neil Diamond
    Damien Rice
    James Blunt
    Public Enemy
    Pink Floyd
    Dwight Yoakam
    The Mavericks
    Garth Brooks
    Led Zeppelin
    Blue October
    The Rolling Stones
    Taking Back Sunday
    Alanis Morissette
    Jimmy Eat World
    Michael Jackson (70's/80's)

    Worst Bands/Artists

    The Smashing Pumpkins
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    The Spice Girls
    Kevin Federline
    Ja Rule
    Skinny Puppy
    Crazy Frog
    Paris Hilton
    Bob Dylan
    Michael Jackson (90's and on)

    Now I just know this will cause some controversy which is always fun & interesting so speak up what's your favourite & worst lists!? Also if your gonna attack my tastes that's fine, I expect it from some but at least try to be mature about it if not your only showing to everyone the person you really are! PeAcE

    Gen 14 2008, 21:05

    DO NOT GO TO www.shareaza.com


    I am 100% serious DO NOT INSTALL that and if you have get it off your computer and run every single virus scan and spyware scan you can!!!

    Shareaza.com has been hijacked by scammers tricking people into thinking that the site is the same old legit site and that they posted a new version of Shareaza called V.4 but THAT IS NOT SHAREAZA just a pile of spyware infest crap that has the potential to do serious damage to your computer!

    See this link --> http://www.shareazasecurity.be/forum/viewforum.php?f=46
    which is the official section of the real Shareaza forum to get caught up as to what went down and what is happening to rectify things!

    Also this link --> http://torrentfreak.com/shareazacom-hijacked-and-turned-into-a-scam-site-071224/
    is a great link for a quick explanation of what happened with an ongoing discussion and I have quoted one paragraph below from the main entry.

    Shareaza.com, the home of the hugely popular Shareaza multi-network sharing application, has been hijacked by scammers. Unsuspected visitors to the site will be completely unaware that they will be tricked into downloading something that isn’t Shareaza at all, but subscription-based malware infected software instead.

    It is strongly advised that any Shareaza users download the REAL latest version which is V. ASAP at their new official website on Sourceforge http://shareaza.sourceforge.net/

  • Idiots on LastFM.....

    Ott 30 2007, 17:37

    A small list of people on LastFM that I call idiots...

    * Spammers (self explanatory....it's just annoying)

    * People That Turn Shoutboxes Into Hateboxes (If you hate a band so much why do you spend ALL your LastFM time on the bands shoutbox that you hate the most to post how much you hate them and jump on any positive comment the band gets then? IDIOTS)

    * Anti-Genre Folks (Small minority of people that think they are the bible of music authority and genres and try to shove their false crap facts on the fans when they are clearly going against the massive tide)

    * Emo Deniers (People emo is now in it's 3rd generation some say 4th.....the genre like many others has evolved, why some of you constantly insist on denying this is like denying the holocaust ever happened)

    * Band Hater Based on Band Looks (Tokio Hotel is a perfect example. Shoutbox is flooded with hate comments simply because of the bands image...grow up there are more important things in life to worry about! Jeez just about ever 80's rock band had guys that looked like girls how did you ever survive then....oh yeah you were not even born yet.)

    * Gay (Nothing wrong with being gay, I'm proudly gay myself. What I mean is idiots using the word as a negative term or worse yet a hate term...example "Man that band is so fucking gay I wish their gay tour bus would just crash and they all die" yes I heard this on a shoutbox before, funny no one in the band was actually gay if you don't like the band fine but please don't use gay to stand in for negative words)

    * Closed Minded People (People that refuse to accept change such as how the Emo genre has evolved into what it is today. People that only listen to one genre of music and say everything else sucks. People that think their favourite band is god and there is no other band out there past, present or in the future that will ever be better. People that will not try anything new.)

    * Racists, Sexists & Homophobes (Your a fucking sad & pathetic bunch of lowlifes usually posting your crap in the shoutboxes....were all ONE PEOPLE no matter what our subtle differences are so deal with it or shoot yourself in the head if it disgusts you that much!)

    * One Band on Repeat Play 24/7 (These idiots do this to usually be a top listener or simply to alter the music charts.....thats just LAME and called cheating.)

    * Tag System Abusers (These people often think they are being funny but ruin the tag system when they label for example System of a Down as "Female Vocalists" then get all their buddys to do the same thing, then someone clicks to listen to the "Female Vocalists" tag and all of a sudden get a shit load of bands that surprise surprise have not a single female in the band well so many tags are abused it's not even funny)

    I will probably think of more...feel free to agree or disagree with me and please add your own annoying shit that you see on LastFM!
  • My Mainstreamness!

    Apr 26 2007, 1:40

    Last.fm-Mainstream-O-Meter result
    Stec's top 30 artists:
    • 1 - 30 Seconds to Mars: 23% mainstream
    • 2 - James Blunt: 37% mainstream
    • 3 - Marianas Trench: 0% mainstream
    • 4 - Blue October: 8% mainstream
    • 5 - Starsailor: 12% mainstream
    • 6 - Shiny Toy Guns: 7% mainstream
    • 7 - Breaking Benjamin: 18% mainstream
    • 8 - Madonna: 59% mainstream
    • 9 - My Chemical Romance: 55% mainstream
    • 10 - Kings of Leon: 24% mainstream
    • 11 - A.D.D: 0% mainstream
    • 12 - The Beatles: 101% mainstream
    • 13 - The All-American Rejects: 34% mainstream
    • 14 - Dwight Yoakam: 2% mainstream
    • 15 - Good Charlotte: 29% mainstream
    • 16 - Senses Fail: 18% mainstream
    • 17 - KoЯn: 47% mainstream
    • 18 - Eminem: 52% mainstream
    • 19 - The Postal Service: 65% mainstream
    • 20 - Neil Diamond: 8% mainstream
    • 21 - The Killers: 81% mainstream
    • 22 - Hellogoodbye: 19% mainstream
    • 23 - Tokio Hotel: 2% mainstream
    • 24 - Mobile: 1% mainstream
    • 25 - Evanescence: 55% mainstream
    • 26 - Damien Rice: 40% mainstream
    • 27 - Sarah McLachlan: 30% mainstream
    • 28 - Limp Bizkit: 36% mainstream
    • 29 - Staind: 26% mainstream
    • 30 - Mika: 13% mainstream

    Stec is 28.31 % mainstream

  • Emo Music - What Is An Emo Band In Your Opinion?

    Feb 20 2007, 3:57

    Ok this is NOT about whether you like emo music or not.....

    What I would like to know is what bands do you consider fit into the emo genre? The reason I bring this up is because on here on LastFM there seems to be arguments on every single shoutbox of bands that are emo or often considered emo and it never ends and I have been involved in some of these arguments defending why a certain band is emo...it's like a tag war on here!

    The other stupid argument I hear that pisses me off is well "My Chemical Romance or All American Rejects for example can't be emo because they are mainstream" WTF!? People emo has changed and evolved and the entire genre has become mainstream whether you like to admit it or not. It's exactly like Grunge did when bands like Nirvana & Pearl Jam made it big and brought grunge into the mainstream and for a while no one wanted to admit it was mainstream.

    Now many bands in my list are not strictly just emo but fall in multiple genres like Alternative Rock, Powerpop, Happy Emo, Hard Rock, Punk, Screamo or they changed their direction more towards the emo scene since earlier cd's while others are strictly pure emo, so bands I consider emo or heavily emo influenced are (and this is not a full list)....

    Taking Back Sunday
    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    My Chemical Romance
    The Academy Is...
    Cute is What We Aim For
    Young Love
    Madina Lake
    Escape The Fate
    Too Sorry For Apologies
    This Providence
    Boys Like Girls
    The Scene Aesthetic
    Backseat Goodbye
    Plain White T's
    City Sleeps
    The Bled
    Envy On The Coast
    Enter Shikari
    Four Year Strong
    Therefore I Am
    Pierce The Veil
    From First to Last
    The Rasmus
    Matchbook Romance
    Emo Side Project
    Circle Takes the Square
    City of Caterpillar
    The Spill Canvas
    Hollywood Undead
    Last Conservative
    Smile Empty Soul
    Death Cab for Cutie
    Motion City Soundtrack
    Something Corporate
    The Get Up Kids
    Saves the Day
    Armor for Sleep
    Rise Against
    Bullet for My Valentine
    A Day Away
    Breaking Benjamin
    Coheed and Cambria
    The Fall of Troy
    Kill Hannah
    Scary Kids Scaring Kids
    Alkaline Trio
    The Legion of Doom
    Blue October
    Marianas Trench
    Tokio Hotel
    Hidden in Plain View
    The Early November
    Boys Night Out
    Circa Survive
    Billy Talent
    Social Code
    Armchair Cynics
    Senses Fail
    Quick And The Dead
    The Postal Service
    Panic! At the Disco
    No Use for a Name
    Home Town Hero
    Hawthorne Heights
    Fall Out Boy
    Drive By
    Dashboard Confessional
    Cherry Monroe
    Box Car Racer
    The Starting Line
    Bowling for Soup
    Equals Conquest
    The Rapture
    Cobra Starship
    Shiny Toy Guns
    The Used
    Good Charlotte
    Brand New
    The Ataris
    Angels & Airwaves
    The All-American Rejects
    30 Seconds to Mars
    The Fray
    Funeral for a Friend

    .....to name a few!

    Now I love ALL music as you can see looking at my charts but I have been really into emo bands for the last year or so and keep discovering many new ones on here thanks to people using the tag system properly but all those bands IMO are emo or "transcend into the emo genre" pretty strongly to qualify at least from a multi genre standpoint. Your thoughts?

    And because emo is such a big umbrella tag I break things down into Emo, Happy Emo & New Emo to make it a little easier on me when tagging rather than lumping them all under just emo when many of these bands have different styles but again mainly are emo.
  • Completely Addicted to LastFM!!!

    Gen 8 2007, 3:03

    Yep I can say without a doubt that over the last couple months I have become completely addicted to Last FM! Made some cool new friends and got a lot of my longtime friends on here but most importantly I have discovered so much new music I never knew existed or thought of giving a chance before! Man I thought I knew music before but boy was I wrong never before have I seen a site that helps you discover so much music from around the world. This is what "Mercora" should have been but it's too bad.....because this has the music element in spades as well as one hell of an amazing community with the right tools needed to prosper, grow and stay interested in!

    I have been a member on here since June 1 of 2005 but just last summer of 2006 did I really start getting into this when I completely gave up on Mercora and to this day I still discover new parts of this site...hell I only discovered how great the dashboard is to use last month and how easy it makes to keep track of everything rofl! (:oP

    I only got my paid subscription when I discovered I had $5usd sitting in my PayPal but I will be sure to set aside like $10 to keep me going as a paid member for a bit next month because I really like the new features you get as a paid subscriber!! $10 will be tight but it's worth it, it just means I eat bologne instead of ham sandwiches next month hahaha!

    Thanks Last FM for a truly great music tool & community!

  • Canadian Tagging & More Music Tagging!

    Gen 5 2007, 23:03

    Ok I went on a mad tagging spree last night since I could not sleep and I tagged a shitload of Canadian bands/artists so if anyone is interested in hearing some Canadian music or just seeing what bands are actually Canadian click my "Canadian" tag!

    I also been tagging other stuff mainly concentrating on emo, industrial, gay (and gay friendly artists), indie & my fav artists plenty more tagging to come....
  • Superman Last FM Charts! CHECK IT OUT

    Dic 25 2006, 0:00

    OK I made 3 Last FM charts with a Superman theme but keep in mind these are my first attempts so they are nothing too special as I have to figure out how to make text more noticeable yet but I think they are ok and if you like them please feel free to use them as it would make me very happy!

    Link to my charts I have made are HERE

    My fav chart I made is this one which I have proudly up on My Space which also is Superman themed so it fits in perfectly!

    Oh just realized I'm a blog virgin no more on here...POPS...the champagne hehe!

    Merry Christmas or Happy Festivus to all my friends! w00t <3