Some of my vinyl collection


Mar 27 2010, 6:07

I've recently got back into collecting vinyl and took a bunch of pics for one of the forums I post at. Figured I might post it here as well cos you just never know ;-)

Negură Bunget - 'N Crugu Bradului :

Nile - Annihilation of the Wicked, side 4 etching:

Nile - Ithyphallic:

Sabbat - History Of A Time To Come:

Sabbat - Dreamweaver:


Agalloch - Wolves of Timberline (11/1000)

Agalloch - From Which of This Oak

Agalloch - Pale Folklore, signed by John Haughm

Agalloch - The Mantle, signed by John Haughm

Agalloch - Ashes Against the Grain, signed by John Haughm

Amesoeurs - self titled, Die Hard ltd to 111 on gold:

Burzum - Belus, ltd 2000(?) on white:

A Forest of Stars - The Corpse of Rebirth:

Alice in Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue on clear:

Alice in Chains - My Jar of Flies LP - it's pretty beaten up and there's a lot of noise, but it is awesome, and that side 2 blue etching is totally kick ass!

My Anaal Nathrakh collection:

Behexen - By the Blessing of Satan pic disc:

Averse Sefira - Advent Parallax. This is a really sweet package on 45rpm platters:

Gris - Il était une forêt..., Die Hard #60/111 on Gold: It comes with awesome etching on side 4, 2 stickers, a patch and an awesome full-size 12 page art booklet:

Summoning - Oath Bound pic LPs. Awesome!

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - f#a#?. Ordered this just recently, had no idea I was going to get one of the original 1997 LPs with the picture glued on the front!

Immortal - Sons of Northern Darkness:

Morgion - Amoug Majestic Ruin:

Mörker - Höstmakter:

Vader - Necropolis:

Wolves in the Throne Room - Diadem Of 12 Stars:

Mournful Congregation - The June Frost:

Solitude Aeturnus - Adagio:

Solitude Aeturnus - Alone:

That should do for a while! More to come at a later date :-)


  • goreaper

    Wow, impressive collection!

    Mar 27 2010, 17:33
  • Omega_Switch22B

    Goddamn, you've got some excellent vinyls here. Your Agalloch collection is to die for.

    Mar 28 2010, 22:42
  • LSDawson

    I got a hardon seeing John Haughm with a sword. I am now inspired to get From Which of This Oak on vinyl.

    Mar 30 2010, 2:17
  • Spudford

    GAH! Webspace has died! I'll get em back soon!

    Apr 1 2010, 5:42
  • Days_of_Prayer


    Apr 4 2010, 12:32
  • julieelisabeth

    fukkin lucky bastard ;o)

    Apr 10 2010, 14:33
  • P_cell

    Really nice stuff :D

    Apr 11 2010, 17:55
  • TandeP

    Nice! Got some of them myself.

    Apr 11 2010, 20:36
  • dormice

    Anaal Nathrakh on vinyl :O

    Apr 15 2010, 9:30
  • BIRI123

    Really awesome collection man!

    Apr 15 2010, 12:40
  • sinimportancia


    Apr 7 2011, 14:42
  • Xe4ro

    Some Nice Vinyls. Some of the i would want for my coll. others maybe not ;). I really like it when they think about the production and try to get a matching colour with the Vinyl and Cover.

    Gen 27 2013, 19:25
  • Spudford

    yeah same mate. You see a lot of releases that have colour vinyl just to be cool/make money, but nothing beats a record that has a colour scheme like the album cover

    Gen 27 2013, 21:38
  • TTRmetal

    beautiful collection.

    Mag 18 2013, 7:27
  • MrBengo

    omg, that The Mantle, rare as fuck.

    Feb 18 2014, 18:40
  • Spudford

    it cost me a pretty penny indeed ;)

    Feb 19 2014, 5:59
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