20 releases that have shaped the last 25 years.


Apr 18 2006, 15:10

Here is a list of 20 essential releases from 1981 - 2006. It is not necessarily my top 20 of all time, that would have meant a repetition of artists,and been much harder to compile.
It is therefore an overview that tries to reflect a range of influence.

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN - Heaven Up Here
THE SMITHS - The Smiths
SPACEMEN 3 - The Perfect Prescription
PUBLIC ENEMY - Fear of a Black Planet
JULIAN COPE - Peggy Suicide
STONE ROSES - Stone Roses
POLYGON WINDOW - Surfing On Sinewaves
RELOAD - Short Stories
JOY DIVISION - Les Bains Douches
NO U TURN - Torque
NEW ORDER - Technique
UZIQ - Bluff Limbo
ROBERT HOOD - Internal Empire
AUTECHRE - Incanabula


  • automagic

    Summing up 25 years of music in 20 albums is a tremendous task! There's some stuff in this list i've never heard of. I might investigate! oh wait.. where are the Pixies?? and.. hey! Autechre?!? IDM isn't dead already?

    Apr 18 2006, 15:22
  • Spaceman-T

    Yep ...and no Prince, no sonic Youth, No.....well I did limit myself to 20 ! Thanks for checkin it out Automagic. Cheers - T

    Apr 18 2006, 15:29
  • MDMaster

    No Public Image Limited? They were more influential than Joy Division ever were (except for that recent batch of clones, of course).

    Apr 18 2006, 15:46
  • Spaceman-T

    As i said I did limit it to 20...but feel ridiculous now for leaving off the DK's fresh fruit for rotting veg Damn! Drrrug me!

    Apr 18 2006, 15:51
  • automagic

    should i feel really very very guilty if i tell you that it's the first time i ever hear about Public Image Limited?

    Apr 18 2006, 16:00
  • MDMaster

    Yes, I actually realized PiL influence recently, but it's hard not to acknowledge it; not only on the new wave and post punk scenes, but also on several indie rock bands. I'd name the Rapture, for example.

    Apr 18 2006, 18:50
  • randyf3

    At least you mentioned Spacemen 3.

    Apr 18 2006, 22:25
  • NFord17

    Les Bains Douche is better or more influential than Closer? Please.

    Apr 19 2006, 8:02
  • Spaceman-T

    I'm not saying that Les bain Douche as a records per se is better or more influential than Closer. Closer was released in 1980 which is outside my chart timeline. But that aside the interesting thing for me is that Les bain Douche shows a side of Joy Division where Martin Hanett ( Producer ) is not present. It shows them as a full on visceral rock n' roll band of incredible energy and power.

    Apr 19 2006, 9:55
  • TehEmoPhag

    Thats a damn eclectic list...

    Apr 21 2006, 21:29
  • nplanet

    I recently got peggy suicide and I just dont get what the fuss is about. It just sounds kind of bland to me.

    Apr 25 2006, 22:06
  • Spaceman-T

    Considering the kind of rock music that was about in the early 90's it was seen as a return to roots album which also embraced rave culture. It also took a political stand against Thatcherism while the rest of the rock community was apathetic.I'm surprised you found it bland, but at the end of the day that may well not be your thing. T

    Apr 26 2006, 14:56
  • pobwall

    Who needs the pixies, I thik for a bit about them, yes who needs them. They are not Husker Du, and for the innovation argument, Big Black did far more. I agree with cope deffo, if more people had taken it on, the sound of feedback progressive punk of s*m*a*s*h circa 94, would have gone down well. Also gvsb 93 and 94, for the post riock/stoner rock two bassist efforts. But each to their own. I agree with what you say to the one who called it balnd, grrr, dirty filley (ps i am drinking to get drunkle, whilst listening to Fried x)

    Mag 9 2006, 23:37
  • SixShooterSam

    I wouldn't say Surfin on Sinewaves would be rdj's most influential album. and I'd put Board of Canada before Autechre.

    Mag 25 2006, 3:14
  • TehEmoPhag

    I reckon Leftfield's [i]Leftism[/i] Album is one of the most genre defining of the 90's... Or atleast post '96... Same year as DJ Shadow's Endtroducing album too... Fun year.

    Mag 25 2006, 5:48
  • SixShooterSam

    to be honest almost all those albums on the list are pretty shitty IMO.

    Mag 27 2006, 5:14
  • Spaceman-T

    This was the first non compilation on WARP's artificial Intelligence series. A pioneering series that tried to take techno - beyond the dance. Previously techno had been confined to either club orientated tracks or ambient type albums. Surfing on Sinewaves contained a selection of styles and tempo, but worked as a listen at home album. Maybe it did'nt have that much influence stateside , but on its release in the UK 1992, it had a massive impact on the techno community.

    Giu 5 2006, 11:31
  • parchlife

    cool ass obscure band? PiL?

    Giu 7 2006, 17:37
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