Why I'm Not Scrobbling


Dic 22 2009, 3:23

Yes, it may appear that I am not active here anymore. I'm posting a lot to the forums, and my scrobbling appears to have stopped. About the only way you know that I am around is that I've been posting journal entries.

Well, I am still around... The forums are just a matter of how much time I have. The scrobbling is a different matter: a technical issue at the moment...

Currently I am scrobbling to my Libre.fm account. This isn't out of snobbery or anything like that, it's a matter of I slowly trying to work my way into becoming part of that project as I see a good possibility for it to offer a different alternative to Last.fm. I can honestly foresee both projects having their own space on the internet for different reasons.

I also recently changed music players. After having struggled with finding a good one, I have settled on XMMS2 as my player of choice. It's wonderful Media Library, and choice of front ends have made it ideal for maintaining my 70K+ track library.

Unfortunately, the downside of this is that XMMS2's scrobbler plugin only supports a single end-point at this time. So, I've currently configured it for Libre.fm, as I mentioned above. Eventually, I hope to have some time to get a better scrobbling plugin that will allow multiple end points so I can scrobble to Libre.fm, Last.fm, Jamendo, and anywhere else that looks to be beneficial and supports the scrobbling API.


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