Bruce: 4/04/08 Sacramento, CA


Mag 6 2008, 7:01

April 4, 2008
Sacramento, California
ARCO Arena

All right, so I take a bus from Springfield to St. Louis, MO. I fly from there to Orange County. I had booked that flight before I knew I would attend Sacramento as well. I’m there for about two hours before flying to Sacramento where my friend Morgan picks me up. We were going to spend the wait before the lottery together, but she had to work at the last minute! Off to In n Out which we scarf down in the parking lot of Arco. Nice guy tells us where wristbands are being given out and while saying good bye to Morgan Greg and Lizzy show up. I get my ticket and get my wristband. Meet some cool people while hanging out. Finally meet Pauline, Andrew (officially), and so many others. You all know who you are! The community that Bruce brings together is quite amazing really. I cherish it. Ok, so lotto time I’m all lined up, the number is called, and I’m in. I end up second row in front of Stevie behind two pretty cool boys. They aren’t big fans but they seem to enjoy the music and get a lot of attention throughout the night.

Spirit in the Night won the radio contest, and has Charlie (!!) and Max open the show we all hear the beginning of the song. I was quite surprised. Ever since seeing the Hartford video all I can think is I wish I could see So Young and In Love open a show, but Spirit in the Night was in the same vein and quite a shock. I love this song regardless, but this night was extra special. One of those openers that makes me say I would be happy even if the band left after that. Anyway, Pauline was lucky enough to be in front of Bruce as he sat down on the stage and then nearly slid off the stage into her arms! Why wasn’t I in front? Nah, very happy for her. Bruce was clearly in a grand mood.
Radio Nowhere was great per usual and works well going right into No Surrender which is always dead on and great. Lonesome Day is just hot! The band is really pumped and on for this show. Gypsy Biker was really good. Magic was haunting, and I’ll have to say again I really like Soozie’s vocals on this.

Tour premiere of Murder Inc.!!! I nearly jump out of my shoes! I got the tour premiere of Lost in the Flood in Cincinnati and now Murder Inc. in Sacramento. This song is tied as one of my favorites, so I was psyched to hear it. It was amazing and all I expected. I’ve never heard it live before, obviously, but it was one of the best versions I’ve ever heard. Maybe I’m biased. Reason should have been next. I really missed hearing it especially if it came after Murder Inc. I can only imagine how fantastic that would have been. Although Candy’s Room is killer. I can’t complain I suppose.
Because The Night follows and is easily my favorite version I’ve heard live. Seriously Nils just goes off with the most astounding BTN solo, and he throws in a little riff that blows all other BTN solos away. I don’t know why he hasn’t sounded like this since, but it is as if one night he just wanted to vary the solo. I’m glad he did!

I might be getting tired of She’s The One, but I still enjoy it. Livin’ In The Future is a lot of fun and great as always and the same can be said for The Promised Land. Sherry Darling next and it continues to be fun as always. It’s funny that some of these “fun” songs might not rank as high on my list of favorite songs, but I would sometimes rather hear them live. Nothing like hearing either a barn burner of a song (i.e. Murder Inc.) or a fun song (i.e. Sherry Darling) live. It really sets the mood and allows people to just lose themselves in the songs.

Around this time Bruce spots the sign Lizzy and I bought because she had written “Clarence for President” on it. She was on the other side of the stage from me, so I didn’t recognize it was our sign at first. The sign spends the rest of the night onstage. We joke that Bruce owes us $4 for the sign. Backstreets comes next as a request it seems, and is one of the best versions I’ve heard. Afterwards we get the usual Devil’s, The Rising, Last to Die, Long Walk Home, and Badlands. As always let me praise Last To Die here. During Badlands I thought Stevie was pointing at the boys in front of me since I assumed every band member was looking at them when looking in my direction. We know kids get the love. Then Stevie points at me though and mouths “No, no. You!” and points at me. Ok, so I’ve been following him around and he notices! :D
Girls In Their Summer Clothes opens the encore…unfortunately. I like it, but I’m just not so sure about hearing it live. A sign asking for Rosalita is seen, and the band go running into it. A lot of fun with great interaction between Bruce and Stevie. Without a moment to breathe BTR starts next and then Ramrod. I mean Sacramento is seriously loved by Bruce. One can tell with his demeanor and this setlist. The night closes with American Land, and as that drum beat starts up I’m sad the show is over but thrilled to hear AL.

My first Bruce show ever was in Sacramento, and it was tremendous. This did not change that. Another tremendous show.

Spirit In The Night
Radio Nowhere
No Surrender
Lonesome Day
Gypsy Biker
Murder Incorporated (Tour Premiere)
Candy's Room
Because The Night
She's The One
Livin' In The Future
The Promised Land
Sherry Darling
Devil's Arcade
The Rising
Last To Die
Long Walk Home

Girls In Their Summer Clothes
Born To Run
American Land
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  • LJ65

    So many of your thoughts about the show echo mine. I was really looking forward to Reason To Believe again but hard to complain with my first ever Candy's Room. I am a big fan of Last To Die as well and while I like Girls, it just doesn't work for the first encore song for me. I wish I could tell you what it is about Sac that brings out the best in Bruce because until 03 he hadn't played here in over 25 years. I was just behind the pit in Sac ( right next to the guy with the Held Up Without A Gun sign ) and again the next night in San Jose and I will never do seats for a Bruce show again unless I am with my wife since she can't stand for that long.

    Mag 15 2008, 16:23
  • SmilinSkullRing

    Glad you have the same thoughts about Reason. The song is great already, but this new version is astounding. Last to Die is one of Bruce's best songs ever. I hope people notice that 20 years from now. I was at San Jose and both Anaheim shows. I need to post those reviews I suppose. Yeah, unless there is a really good reason to miss GA, and you would have one, then I can't understand wanting a seat. Although it's good some people do or the pit would be insane. lol

    Mag 15 2008, 18:23
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